Yes.  We mailed everyone a paper copy dues statement.  Yes.  This was intentional.

With the Club Board's April approval of the new dues structure it was determined to reach everyone where our message may have been missed, moved to spam, etc.  Future reminders regarding this invoice will be sent with a QuickBooks payment option.

All dues are based upon $600 per year and billed semi-annually.  (Other billing options can be arranged.) This figure includes drinks and desserts for those not selecting the prepaid lunch option.  Previously this amount was $712. 

A Pre-Paid lunch option is available to every member and includes a discount. 

An R85 discount applies progressively until one receives a 30% discount on Dues which is nearly identical to the R85 price today.     

For those under 40 a 5% discount is applied to your dues for every year under 40 with a maximum 50% discount.  This decreases each year until you reach 40 and was designed to be a gradual increase to our base membership amount.
Rotar E members receive a 50% discount which is the same discount as current pricing.
Discounts that apply are based upon one's birthday and Rotary tenure. 
A final option is provided for those that are willing and able to support the club as a sustaining member.  Sustaining members are encouraged to bring prospective members to Monday lunch and will receive Guest Passes as part of their Sustaining Membership.  Sustaining members voluntarily pay fees in addition to their ordinary dues.  The guest pass program was designed to introduce more individuals to Rotary on a regular basis and pays for the lunch of that guest.      
There will be an annual 2% increase to the base dues each July as approved by the Club Board in 2015 or until the Club Board alters that policy.