We are happy to introduce to you two new opportunities to engage with fellow members, friends and associates.  Starting next week ROTARY NIGHTS & THIRD THURSAYS will appear on our regular schedule.  Each offer a unique way to join others outside of our Monday meetings.

With our First Fridays on hiatus until we identify a new lunch spot, you might want to check these out.  It's also a great low key way to introduce someone to Columbus Rotary.  Join us if you are inclined.

ROTARY NITES - Meeting twice a month for fellowship, programs, and service, this group offers folks the chance to meet in in the evenings after work.  
Hosted by Don Jones
May 14 - 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
The GOAT at LC RiverSouth
219 S High, 43215

THIRD THURSDAYS - Meeting once a month for networking and fellowship
Hosted by Carl Faehnle
May 16 - 7:30 AM
OSU Golf Course Restaurant
3605 Tremont Road, 43221