As we enter 2020 the Club Board has continued our Sustaining Member Program, originally introduced in July 2019.  This option is provided for those that are willing and able to support the club as a Sustaining Member.  Sustaining members are encouraged to bring prospective members to Monday lunch.  RESERVED Guest Passes to cover guest meals will be logged on the weekly sign up sheet as part of each member's Sustaining Membership.  Sustaining members voluntarily pay fees in addition to their ordinary dues.  The guest pass program was designed to introduce more individuals to Rotary on a regular basis and pays for the lunch of that guest.    Contact Scott today to sign up!  Fees detailed in read more.
                  Type of                       Percentage                                  Total                      Guest
                Sustaining                      of Regular                                 per Six                     passes
              Membership                 Dues and Fees                         Months                  per Half
                     Gold                                 100%                                   $300                          12
                     Silver                                 50%                                    $150                            6
                     Bronze                              25%                                    $  75                            3