Even after a few years of sending emails about First Friday, Jim Bishop finds he's still learning new things. One item is not everyone knows he is emailing them about a Rotary event, so watch for that in the subject line. There are three events that should occur nearly every month, First Friday, Second Thursday (new) and the Spotlight Raffle.

We held First Friday at Copious last week and the attendance was great. This Thursday, March 9, Anish Doshi will host the brand new Second Thursday at MCL in Kingsdale Shopping Center. If you came Friday, of course you can go Thursday. Second Thursday will repeat monthly. Any questions? Reach out to Anish Doshi <Anish.Doshi@yourstatebank.com>.
Spotlight Raffle:
If you would like to promote yourself or your cause, talk to Jim Bishop or Doug Gouty about being the Spotlight Sponsor. Thank you.