Posted by Violet Meek


I spent time last week interviewing high school seniors for our Service Above Self Scholarships. All Columbus High School students must document 120 hours of community service over their time in High School.  I suppose some of the students we met may have gotten started just to check off one more graduation box.  But somehow, these young people caught fire and went beyond the requirements.   I wish you could have seen their faces as they talked about what they had done.  They were excited --They glowed.    One of them even asked us as Rotarians how we got started in Service and what it meant to us.


They are good students.  They had checked out our website.


As I listened to them, and listened to my colleagues on the team, I realized again something we all know but sometimes lose sight of.  Real service only works when we see others as real people not just members of a group. Not just as one of those people. Service happens when we see people as fellow sojourners on our travel together through our days here on earth.  


Well, we’ve lived a bit longer those young people.  The years have brought a few dings and dark spots on our excitement – on our glowing.  We have learned how very hard it is to see through other eyes, to accept differences, to care without conditions.  But those young people didn’t find themselves in service because it was a requirement.  They served because of who they are as human beings. I like to think that we do too. But this I know.  We will not find our way out of these dark and divisive times until we are willing to accept the cost as well as the joy of moving beyond self to service.


Let us pray,

Source of every good thought, help us to meet difference with a willingness to learn, help us to meet change with flexibility, help us to meet our brothers and sisters as family, as your creation.  Keep our arms and our hearts strong and our vision clear as we move to serve for the living of these days.  Amen