Under the leadership of PDG Steve Sandbo 18 months ago our District supported sending 2 used fire trucks to Guatemala that were donated to two volunteer fire departments in the Western Highland that had no fire equipment whatsoever. This past November,Steve and 8 Rotarians visited and met with the two volunteer fire departments in Guatemala and saw first hand how the trucks have saved lives in Guatemala. It was very touching.

We are now outfitting firetruck ROTARY III.   We could use your help.  The truck is in need of any and all types of used fire gear including:

  • Fire Hose
  • Fire Nozzles
  • Valves, fans
  • Pick Poles, shovels, axes, etc.
  • Fire Helmets, Pants and Jackets - anything

We will take anything and what might be below standards in the US or beyond its useful life, will work fine down in Guatemala. I would appreciate you checking with your club members to see if they have any contacts with your local fire departments who would be willing to donate the items above.

Please feel free to contact Steve at 614-570-2527 or SSandbo@aol.com.
We will be glad to pick up any old used fire gear/equipment from them.