Have you made your pledge or contribution to “The Next 100” annual campaign?  Many Rotarians have.  To date 153 Rotarians have contributed over $50,000 toward the effort.  Pledges exceed $55,000.  Contributions to our annual campaign are tax deductible! 
Payments can be made onlinie on our website, at Monday's lunch or by mailing your contribution to the office.   
This year your contribution of
   $   365 would pay for the Easter Seals Graduation,
   $   500 would maintain Maps painted on school playgrounds,
   $1,000 would pay for 1 disaster relief Shelterbox, 
   $1,500 would pay for the Colerain Christmas party and other activities and,
   $3,000 would pay for food at CARE Outreach in Vinton County.
Although we generally do not direct your funds to specific projects, this does give you an idea of how your contribution helps.  In order to continue these programs, as well as many of our other charitable efforts, it is essential that the annual campaign is successful.