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Live from Germany thanks to Zoom.  

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Recently, 6690 Rotarians should  have received an email detailing a PHF District 6690 matching points program.  There message; "We’re excited to announce that we are once again conducting a February Matching Points Campaign to increase your points towards your next Paul Harris Fellow recognition or to donate them to another individual.  The District will match your contributions to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund (SHARE) or Polio Fund through February 28th with up to 1,000 points (on a one-point-for-each-one-dollar basis). 

Here’s How it Works"


Teamwork - Columbus Rotary and the Windsor STEM Academy

Posted by David Pritchard
The Columbus Rotary club is engaged in helping students and families of the Windsor STEM Academy, a Columbus public school, in several areas - food for a school families' pantry/clothing donations; reading to students; and installing a washer and dryer in the school for use by student families. This article discusses just the food and clothing drive.  A later one will report on the other projects.

Seen here - Geron Tate, Windsor STEM Academy Assistant Principal has been invaluable in coordinating the Rotary food donations
Teamwork - Columbus Rotary and the Windsor STEM Academy David Pritchard 2021-02-01 05:00:00Z 0


Posted by Jackie Cooper
A tribute to Anish was compiled by several Rotarians at the request of his Temple, Jain Center of Central Ohio and was shared with their members in a newsletter dedicated to Anish. This is a fitting memorial to someone who truly exemplified Rotary, and even in passing, has shared the Rotary spirit with a broader audience. To see the Jain Center newsletter about Anish and his involvement and dedication to the Temple, click here.  The Rotary compilation can be viewed in READ MORE.  
He will be missed by all.
Tribute creative layout by Sheryl Lazenby, www.smartdogdesign.com / www.chalkstix.org
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Welcome New Members

Welcome to New Members

Denise Robinson, CEO

David Koenig
Bright Governance Consulting and the DCRO Institute
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Posted by Ann Ralston

We had the biggest applicant pool for our 6 Phoenix scholarships EVER!  By adding a few changes to our process – paper brochures in Financial Aid offices and an online application form – we nearly tripled our applicant pool.  In total 58 students applied.   This list represented all the major colleges/universities in Franklin County (our target) and a more diverse list of academic pursuits. 


    CONGRATULATIONS PHOENIX SCHOLARS Ann Ralston 2020-07-27 04:00:00Z 0


    Who did you invite today?
    Help us reach our goal of 1 new member a week throughout the year!
    Total active membership = 243    New members since July 1 = 24

    (24) Paul Webber
    5/3rd Bank
    Former Member

    (23) Emily Chapman

    Ohio Bar Association
    Proposed by her father (1)

    (22) Amanda Eastman

    Northwestern Mutual
    Proposed by her father (1)

    (21) Greg Schenk

    The Schenk Company
    proposed by Ken Ackerman (1)

    See "Read More" for all our new members.  

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    Columbus Rotary Nights

    We are moving to Wednesdays, starting September 25th. We will still meet at the Goat at 5:30 unless otherwise specified. This meeting will serve as our Fall Kick Off and we’ll talk about what we have planned for the Fall and Winter. Current and prospective members are welcome as well as guests! We hope you can join us!
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    Do you know Columbus Rotary is involved with the NEVER FORGOTTEN article in The Columbus Dispatch, 9.11.19 edition?  We administer these Shirley Brooks-Jones  created scholarships through a partnership with the Columbus Foundation who needed an international partner to be able to fund scholarships outside of the US.  Read the article here.    
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    Posted by Dana Vogelmeier

    Fellow Rotarians bringing guests:
    Rotary clubs everywhere are having a retention problem. We lose 1/3 of our new members in the first year and another 1/3 in the second year. We believe that if we dedicate some time and attention to these folks we won't lose them. We think part of it is the welcoming and on-boarding they experience when they come to Rotary. We are tackling different components of this in different ways.
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    In May, the Club Board created an Angel Fund to help fellow members pay their dues at challenging times.  The Board felt that they would rather create this type of fund to help Rotarians that are making an impact upon the Club, rather than terminate them for lack of payment. 

    If you would like to contribute to the fund, contact Scott Brown at 614-221-3127.  Donors are able to direct their funds to a particular member if they choose.  
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    Fishing Fellowship

    Woods and Water Committee has another opportunity for fellowship! Join us for a day of fishing on May 31 at Briarwood Club near Bellefontaine (a 45 min drive from Dublin) Fly-fish the trout streams, or “regular” fishing is available from a boat and banks of couple of designated streams (BYO equipment).  Never tried fly-fishing? A few rods and reels available; lessons and guidance provided. Pay for the fish you keep (cleaned, ready to cook). Arrive around 11-ish. Bring your own lunch, snacks and beverages for a day’s end gathering at the gazebo at about 4:30. Contact Jackie Cooper for details, questions, and RSVP. 614.329.1894
    P.S. A little birdie tells us there WILL BE FISH!)
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    Terry Davis announces dates for Spring Trip to Rafiki

    Our spring trip to Rafiki in Kenya, East Africa will take place March 5 through March 14, 2019. Our Rotary Club has been supporting Rafiki for a decade, and some of you have actually visited, but most of you have only heard about it. Now could be the time for you to go. This is one of the great services of Rotary and a wonderful example of our global impact.
    Here is what we have planned so far:
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    Posted by John Mariotti

    Coming August 27: A real star!

    Our speaker next week needs little introduction. Here’s why:

    He’s a Buckeye through and through. 

    He was a 1000 yard rusher when he played an entire season, and had over 2000 career yards although his second season as a starter was limited by an injury. 

    He was co-captain on the 1977 Buckeye football team, 

    He was named All-Big Ten first-team.

    He earned Academic All-American honors in 1977.

    His passing career as a running back playing for Woody Hayes was Perfect. 1 for 1!

    Warning—He’s also an excellent golfer!

    You’ve heard him on Best Buckeye Coverage —610WTVN both pre-and post-game. Now do you know who’s coming August 27?

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    Welcome to the new Rotary year! 

    Pouring for a Purpose at Ohio Brew Week (July 15th - 21st) is just three weeks away on the bricks of Athens, Ohio! 

    All Clubs and Rotarians in District 6690 have the wonderful opportunity to serve beer on Saturday, July 21st. Not only will each volunteer experience fun & fellowship, but you can also purchase a unique Rotarian designed t-shirt for $15. All proceeds go to PolioPlus! 

    We will be pouring from Noon until Midnight.  Shifts are 3 hour increments.  Attendees will wear wristbands or have tokens for beer.  ID's will be checked by others.  
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    Building A Company in America

    Posted by John Mariotti
    Rotary Hosts Honda Executive Speakers Historic 2-week Event
    Columbus Rotary members and guests will hear from two senior Honda of America executives—one retired COO and the current COO. In a rare sequence of two consecutive Monday meetings, April 23 and 30, Rotarians will learn never before heard insights into Honda’s 35-year growth from a small Japanese motorcycle maker to one of the US and the world’s leading automakers.
    The first historic speech will be by Shige Yoshida, retired Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer of Honda of America Manufacturing, at the April 23 Rotary meeting. Yoshida will describe, for the first time in a public speech, Honda’s plans and its path in the late 1970’s, leading to auto production in 1982, a decade of successful growth, until his retirement.  Enabled by Honda’s unique, and environmentally friendly CVCC engine, first the Civic and later the Accord became successful cars in the USA.
    The second speech, on April 30, will feature Tom Shoupe, the current Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer of Honda of America Manufacturing, who will pick up the story after Yoshida’s retirement. Shoup will describe the past twenty years of the Honda success story in Ohio, and a preview of Honda’s future plans and direction.
    Yoshida was instrumental in the selection and development of the Honda Marysville plant, the second auto plant in East Liberty and the Honda engine plant in Anna, the largest auto engine manufacturing plant of its kind. The Honda story provides timely lessons about bringing flexible manufacturing to the USA, using world-class technology and American workers to build highly regarded vehicles. The 2018 Honda Accord was named Car of the Year. Yoshida has been described as “the most influential automaker executive of the past 50 years.
    These two distinguished speakers, will describe how a small Japanese company came to the USA (without big financial incentives), and built a successful cross-cultural relationship with American workers, as part of a strategy to be a “self-reliant” North American motor vehicle company” manufacturing in the market where products would be sold.
    Honda has grown to employs well over 10,000 Americans in its Ohio manufacturing plants. Many suppliers employ American workers, make world-class automobile parts and surround the Honda facilities. A remarkable success story, Honda provides lessons about how their growth led to development of auto manufacturing in the USA.
                The Columbus Rotary Club (www.columbusrotary.org) is the largest Rotary club in the area, the 38th club founded of 38,000 Rotary Clubs worldwide, and has 300 members. It is actively welcoming new members and donors/sponsors to support programs and scholarships. Meetings are held at noon on Mondays at the Boat House Restaurant in Confluence Park.
    For Guest Reservations Contact: Scott Brown, Executive Director, Columbus Rotary, 950 Michigan Ave.., Columbus, OH 43215. Phone: 614.221.3127 
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    Corvette Raffle 2018

    Share this with your network by clicking on the "buy your tickets here" link. 
    Under the Pay section you will see icons for Twitter, Facebook and others.
    Click an icon to share with your friends!

    Columbus Rotary Club Chevy 2018 Raffle

    Choose the 2018 Corvette Stingray coupe of YOUR choice based upon Club specifications at any Central Ohio Chevy Dealer and your prize includes Ohio and Franklin County Sales Tax. Winner may use that equivalent value as a credit against the purchase any other Chevrolet Automobile. Columbus Rotary reserves the right to convert winning prize to a 50/50 percent raffle based upon the total number of tickets sold.
    $100.00 per ticket or 3 tickets for $250
    1,500 total to be sold

    Buy your ticket(s) here
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    Does the tune "I've got you Babe" by Sonny & Cher keep running through your head this time of year?  Or are you passionate about Punxsutawney Phil and Buckeye Chuck?  Yes?

    In celebration of Groundhog Day, please join President Paul at the Gateway Film Center on February 2 for a trip in the "Way Back Machine" to watch Groundhog Day (1993).  

    Meet around 6:30 in the cafe - and let Paul know you are planning to attend.
    7:00 PM Showing
    $10.5 per Adult (Tickets available online)

    1550 North High Street
    Columbus, Ohio 43201
    YOU ARE INVITED 2018-02-01 05:00:00Z 0


    Congratulations to Bill Corbitt who was elected at the Board's December meeting to serve a s President in 2020-21.  Bill will take a seat "in the chairs" starting in July 2018 as the Vice President.  The following year he will serve as President Elect.  
    Bill has an impressive Rotary resume, serving at the Club and District level in New York and on the same levels here in Columbus.  
    COLUMBUS ROTARY PRESIDENT 2020-21 2018-01-11 05:00:00Z 0


    Congratulations to our 2017 Rotarian of the Year Teddy Damron.  
    Upon accepting the award Teddy said, "I saw the previous winners and thought, if I am ever to win that award I need to do more for the Club."  The list of Teddy's contributions is hardly short, yet he wanted to do more.  There in lies one reason his name is now on a trophy.  

    Teddy was more humbled that the Club gave wife Lori, and fellow Rotarian, a standing ovation for finishing her radiation treatments.      
    CONGRATULATIONS 2018-01-03 05:00:00Z 0


    On Monday, November 20 we will start our own Buckeye Week in preparation for The Game!
    Our meeting will start at NOON with special guest Buckeye Blend; an OSU themed Barbershop Quartet.  Arrive Early, wear your gear, or your team colors and enjoy the fun!
    GET YOUR BUCKEYE ON 2017-11-16 05:00:00Z 0
    HALLOWEEN HIJINX  2017-11-02 04:00:00Z 0


    - to those who participated in the Columbus Foundation's BIG GIVE earlier this month.  Our Club Foundation received 81 transactions totaling $33,349.89, including bonus pool funds, during The Big Give!   If you've yet to let Executive Director Scott Brown know that you donated, please do so. 
    THE BIG GIVE SUCESS Scott Brown 2017-11-02 04:00:00Z 0

    WORLD POLIO DAY - October 24

    One Day. One Focus: Ending Polio

    24 October

    Get ready for Rotary International's 5th annual World Polio Day event, co-hosted with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. RI will stream live from Gates Foundation headquarters in Seattle, Washington to bring together more than 50,000 viewers around the world. Join them as global health experts and celebrities share our progress on the road to polio eradication.

    WORLD POLIO DAY - October 24 2017-10-18 04:00:00Z 0

    The 4 Way Test - A history

    On September 25 President Paul gave this brief History of the 4 Way Test

    The 4-Way Test has been a part of Rotary for over 70 years, but much has been forgotten about this jewel.  Let us learn more about it.
    The author of the 4-Way Test is Herbert J. Taylor.  He was a member of the Chicago Rotary Club and a prosperous businessman.  Interestingly, Herb originally wrote the test, not for Rotary, but for a troubled business that he had taken over.
    Let’s go back to 1932, Herb was asked to take over management of a nearly-bankrupt cookware manufacturer called Club Aluminum Company of Chicago.  The company owed $400,000 more than its total assets and was barely afloat.
    Herb agreed, however, to take on the challenge.   He resigned from his current position, taking an 80% pay-cut, and invested thousands of dollars of much needed capital into the company to cover operating expenses. 
    Looking for a way to turn around the culture of the company, Herb searched for a means to inspire his employees to build a better connection with customers. 
    Herb first wrote a statement of the things employees “should think, say or do” in their business dealings.  That first go round was about 100 words and it was too long. He continued to write, reducing it to seven points, but it was still too long.  Finally, he reduced the Test to the four searching questions that comprise it today.
    And so, as originally title, “The Four-Way Test of the things we think, say or do” was born:
    1. Is it the TRUTH?
    2. Is it FAIR to all Concerned?
    3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?
    4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
    The 4 Way Test - A history 2017-09-26 04:00:00Z 0
    Columbus Rotary Nominee Zach Cooper named RI International Peace Fellow for 2017-2018 2017-09-06 04:00:00Z 0

    NEW & OLD

    We have moved.  Please update your records, including any automated banking records to our new address. 
    Columbus Rotary
    950 Michigan Avenue
    Columbus, Ohio 43215

    Our phone number will stay the same, though we will not maintain our fax number.  
    NEW & OLD 2017-09-06 04:00:00Z 0


    It is great that so many Club members are using the Club Runner app on their phones to access our membership directory.  As a reminder, we are continually updating personal information of members.  You may need to refresh your directory periodically to keep up with the changes and new members being added.  To do this simply swipe down on the screen when you open the app.  This will then allow you to have the most current info that we have in the office.  
    APP REFRESH 2017-09-06 04:00:00Z 0


    Past President Tricia has been doing a lot of time in Troy, Ohio lately.  On one of her recent make up meetings at the Troy Rotary Club, she had the opportunity to meet the niece of Cap Ingalls.  Carol Baer is the daughter of former Columbus Rotarian, Dr. Bill Ingalls and the niece of one of our Club’s co-founders, Cap Ingalls, for whom our Foundation’s permanent endowment is named.  Carol is a Rotarian in the Troy Club.  She sends her greetings to the Columbus Rotary. 
    A RUN IN WITH CAP INGALLS FAMILY 2017-08-16 04:00:00Z 0


    Once again, Columbus Rotary has made a significant impact with its 2017 scholarship program.  Although the Scholarship Committee’s selection and awards process was successfully completed this past May, the work continues to assure each scholarship recipient’s postsecondary institution receives and records funds designated for that individual.
    It is not an easy task, and that task falls to our Executive Director Scott Brown.  This year, 38 collegiate scholarships were awarded, thanks to the generosity of our Club membership and the Club’s scholarship partners, the Osteopathic Heritage Foundation and the Arnold Sports Festival.  Thirty-eight is a BIG number, especially when you consider the need to coordinate each scholarship award with the financial aid offices of (up to) 38 institutions.  Executive Director Scott does this admirably and with little fanfare. 
    ROTARY SCHOLARSHIP UPDATE Steve Sundre 2017-08-09 04:00:00Z 0


    Water Well Update
    Here are a few images of the first of 3 wells in Oromia, Ethiopia.  Progress is good!

    WATER WELL IN ETHIOPIA 2017-08-09 04:00:00Z 0


    PE Calloway Robertson announced Monday that the Club offices would be moving by the end of August.  After 7 years at its current location the Club Board chose to relocate in a cost saving move.  Thanks to Rotarian Chip Chapman, the new offices will be located at 950 Michigan Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215, in his building.  Rotarian Rob Erney is to be thanked for offering space as well.  

    As we gear up to move we need to thank Rotarian Lori Damron who's helping scan older minutes in an effort to reduce the paper that we have on hand, as well as box up some history for the move!    
    OFFICE MOVE 2017-08-09 04:00:00Z 0


    Last Chance Duffers!

    We are fortunate to have several members whom are also members at the OSU Golf Course.  These Rotarians will be hosting an outing on August 23 at the OSU Gray Course.  If you would like to play, contact CALLOWAY ROBERTSON.  Sign up is on a first come, first served basis.  We have 28 slots.  

    Place: Ohio State Golf Club
    Course: Gray
    Date: Wednesday, August 23rd
    Tee times 1:06-2:30 pm
    19th hole at the pub on our own

    GOLF FELLOWSHIP at OSU Carl Faehnle 2017-08-09 04:00:00Z 0


    The Club honored 5 Rotarians with our annual Exemplary Service Awards.  

    Exemplary Service Awards are granted to Columbus Rotarians who have gone above and beyond in following our motto of “Service Above Self.”  Prior selection for an Award does not preclude an individual from receiving the award again.  Exemplary Service Award winners receive a special pin and certificate.  A $250 donation will also be made to the Columbus Rotary Foundation Cap Ingalls Endowment Fund in their name. 

    The Awardees are:
    AMANDA BOWEN - Youth Service

    BOB LASH - Club Service

    TIM MAGHIE - Community Service 

    Two awardees were unable to attend and will receive their recognition in a few weeks.  

    JACKIE COOPER - International Service
    JOHN MARIOTTI - Vocational Service
    EXEMPLARY SERVICE AWARDS 2017-08-02 04:00:00Z 0


    Columbus Rotary – Presidential Inaugural Speech – June 26, 2017
    By: Paul E. Blevins, President 2017-18
    (Without Introductions & Thanks)
    1. The Heart and Role of Rotary
    It is quite remarkable that Columbus Rotary has conducted this presidential transition for over a century.  There aren’t many institutions that can say that and it stands as a testament to the value of Rotary that so many have worked to continue it this long.  Ralph Westfall knew of it when he was sworn in as our Club’s first president in 1912 and I know it today. 

    Nevertheless, we stand in a changing world.  Some cultural commentators have questioned the value of civic groups when internet platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, can create and lead even larger groups of people to service.  Similarly, Rotary is challenged in a world where speed and efficiency reign supreme.  What will ensure that Columbus Rotary meets these challenges and thrives for another century? 

    The future will require change, but let us not stray too far from what Rotary was founded for.  Let’s not forget Paul Harris’s hopes and aspirations when he founded Rotary in 1905, because I believe they are exactly what differentiates Rotary from other groups and what will take us into the next century.

    I submit to you that “friendship” was at the core of the founding of Rotary and that its future is founded on the same thing.  Even in a 21st Century where a person can reach thousands, if not millions of people, with a post from their mobile phone, there is a need (an even greater need than in the past, I believe) for the personal and regular interaction of friends at a Rotary meeting or event.  


    In observance of Independence Day, Columbus Rotary will not meet Monday, July 3, 2017.
    NO MEETING 2017-06-27 04:00:00Z 0


    Thanks Zach Elrod and Teddy Damron for arranging the Picnic on the Patio last night.  Folks were around until 10 PM.  We were so busy with grilling sausage, chicken and flank steak; sharing rotary stories and beverages; and enjoying the weather that we forgot to take pictures.  The photo below is a good representation our evening.
    THANKS 2017-06-22 04:00:00Z 0


    Thanks to those who showed up to clean up the Franklinton Youth Park on Saturday, June 17.  Volunteers cleaned up a fence line and oiled gloves for the kids.  

    FRANKLINTON YOUTH PARK CLEAN UP 2017-06-22 04:00:00Z 0
    DERBY DAY SOIREE 2017 2017-05-31 04:00:00Z 0


    CONGRATULATIONS to Mark Buchele of Westerville.  Mark is the winner of the 2017 Columbus Rotary Corvette Raffle.  Mark was awarded 50% of the raffle proceeds at the Club's weekly meeting on May 22,2017.  Mark in turn made a donation to the Columbus Rotary Foundation.  
    CORVETTE RAFFLE WINNER 2017 2017-05-31 04:00:00Z 0
    10TV COVERS SERVICE ABOVE SELF FAIR 2017-05-18 04:00:00Z 0


    Our recent Service Above Self High School Fair held at Valley Dale Ballroom received some great press.  As of this writing Columbus Rotary's event was featured in the Columbus Dispatch Metro section, above the fold, and on the Columbus City School's Facebook page.  Mayor Ginther and Superintendent Good were on hand to hear from the students as well as snap some pics with them.  
    It certainly was a good day.  

    See the article here: COLUMBUS DISPATCH

    Many people came together to make this all happen and will be thanked publicly in the future.  
    SAS FAIR MAKES THE NEWS 2017-05-10 04:00:00Z 0
    BACK IN THE SADDLE 2017-05-04 04:00:00Z 0


    Check out this video about the upcoming District Conference by Governor Steve Sandbo
    Join the FUN!
    DISTRICT CONFERENCE 2017-04-05 04:00:00Z 0


    Even after a few years of sending emails about First Friday, Jim Bishop finds he's still learning new things. One item is not everyone knows he is emailing them about a Rotary event, so watch for that in the subject line. There are three events that should occur nearly every month, First Friday, Second Thursday (new) and the Spotlight Raffle.

    We held First Friday at Copious last week and the attendance was great. This Thursday, March 9, Anish Doshi will host the brand new Second Thursday at MCL in Kingsdale Shopping Center. If you came Friday, of course you can go Thursday. Second Thursday will repeat monthly. Any questions? Reach out to Anish Doshi <Anish.Doshi@yourstatebank.com>.
    Spotlight Raffle:
    If you would like to promote yourself or your cause, talk to Jim Bishop or Doug Gouty about being the Spotlight Sponsor. Thank you.
    SECOND THURSDAY - ROTARY NETWORKING Jim Bishop 2017-03-07 05:00:00Z 0


    Posted by Jim Bishop
    What is First Friday - First Friday is a social networking lunch hosted by your Rotary club for members, their friends and guests. There is limited time to network at our normal weekly meeting; however, at First Friday we encourage you to share your business cards and invite you to give your elevator pitch to everyone who is there. (Some people ride longer elevators than others, we try to keep them brief) Please bring someone, it is a great way to introduce them to Rotary. Anyone is welcome, your associate, client, indeed anyone at all. The more the merrier.
    FIRST FRIDAYS - ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY Jim Bishop 2017-02-01 05:00:00Z 0


    Dana Charlton was named the Columbus Rotary Rotarian of the Year for 2016.  Dana has been highly involved in the club since she joined in 2008.  President Jack's comments are included and can be read by clicking "more"
    ROTARIAN OF THE YEAR NAMED 2017-02-01 05:00:00Z 0


    At its January 18, 2017 meeting the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of Columbus selected John O'Meara as the Vice President Nominee.
    John has been a member of the Club since October 1988.  During that time he has served on numerous committees including the community service committee, woods & water committee and the obstacle course committee.  John has been on the Club Board for three years.  He will join the Executive Committee in July serving as Vice President and than President Elect.  He will serve as Columbus Rotary President July 2019-2020.
    VICE PRESIDENT NOMINEE NAMED 2017-02-01 05:00:00Z 0
    BOARD DIRECTOR NOMINEES 2017-02-01 05:00:00Z 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    We often hear about Rotary activities and events outside of our own club.  Columbus Rotary is just one of 59 fellow Rotary clubs in SE Ohio District 6690.  Each spring the District hoists a meeting called "District Assembly".   This is an excellent way for newer Rotarians to engage in club and district activities furthering their understanding of Rotary.  

    DISTRICT ASSEMBLY - BEYOND OUR CLUB Scott Brown 2017-02-01 05:00:00Z 0


    This new feature will provide answers to common questions important to everyone in the Club.

    MEMBERSHIP MOMENT 2017-01-18 05:00:00Z 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    I am writing to you today to make one last plea for your assistance in Columbus Rotary's Annual Campaign.  Each year we rely upon this campaign as the bedrock for all of the service projects, activities and scholarships that are planned for the next Rotary year.  

    We've yet to reach our goal of $70,000 this year and that is because just over half of our members have provided support to the campaign.  As a Rotarian, supporting us with your time is just as important as supporting us with your treasure.  I am asking that you join me in making a donation that will help a student, build a baseball diamond, empower women in Africa, to name but a few of our projects.  

    As we end the year, please consider helping others who are less fortunate.  Every dollar counts and no donation is either too large nor too small.  

    To join me and your other friends in Columbus Rotary you can,
    - Donate online at www.columbusrotary.org on the right side of the page, 
    - Swipe your card at our Dec 19 meeting, or
    - Email Scott with your intent to participate.   

    With your help we can continue our 104 years of service to Central Ohio and our International partners.  


    ANNUAL SERVICES CAMPAIGN Scott Brown 2016-12-14 05:00:00Z 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    It’s Columbus Rotary Day at the Zoo on Sunday December 4, 2016
    This event will replace our normal Monday meeting at the Boat House.

    You must sign up via the SIGN UP GENIUS link here.  

    Gates open at 10am and close at 9pm
    Wildlights begins about dusk

    You are welcome to visit the Zoo at any time that day. 

    Our meeting will be in the Activity Center just to the left of the lake.  Doors open at 4:30pm.  Meal at 6pm.     

    ROTARY DAY at the COLUMBUS ZOO Scott Brown 2016-11-30 05:00:00Z 0
    RI CONVENTION 2017 2016-11-16 05:00:00Z 0



    Register by clicking here: http://ipdforum-columbusrotary.eventbrite.com

    CALL or EMAIL Scott Brown with your attendance if unable to or unsure how to access the link.

    Columbus Rotary is proud to host the Israel Public Diplomacy Forum for a talk and discussion:

    FEATURING Prof. Eytan Gilboa, Conservative Education, Middle East Scholar and Commentator

    "Geo-political Transformations in the Middle East: Causes, Developments and Consequences"

    5:30PM - 7:30PM
    NOVEMBER 28TH 2016

    Guests $25
    Club Member Pricing
    PrePaid Lunch upcharge $5
    Prepaid Meeting Fees upcharge $14
    Member Pay at the Door $20

    Register: http://ipdforum-columbusrotary.eventbrite.com

    There will NOT be a noon meeting that day!

    Veterans Day Recognition

    At this week's Club meeting we will recognize and have a special presentation for Veterans in the Club as well as those whom we mentor.  Club veterans are invited and encouraged to sit at the front of the room.

    The Flag will be presented by a local high school ROTC group as well.  
    Veterans Day Recognition 2016-10-26 04:00:00Z 0
    WE WANT TO SWIPE YOUR CASH 2016-10-26 04:00:00Z 0


     On August 10, 2016 we delivered 140 backpacks to Franklin County Children Services for their foster program.  We received the following email from FCCS.

    "We were able to give out the backpacks on Saturday and they were a HUGE hit!  The kids loved them and were so proud to have them.  Thank you so much!!"

    Thanks to everyone that made this first time project such a success.


    GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL! 2016-08-24 04:00:00Z 0


    UPDATE! 140 and counting GOAL!!!!!

    - New Member Amanda Bowen introduced a new Community Service initiative; Backpacks for Foster Children recently at Rotary.  Typically children in the foster program are given trash bags as they move throughout the system.  As you can imagine, their self worth is associated with these trash bags.

    August 8, was the final day we collected backpacks and funds for this program. 

    Our goal was to collect 100 backpack. For more information contact Amanda at bowenae@yahoo.com.  

    BACKPACKS FOR FOSTER CHILDREN 2016-08-10 04:00:00Z 0


    Thanks to all whom have taken the opportunity to volunteer to assist at a Monday meeting.  Please look over the upcoming vacancies if you would like to help us out.  If you choose not to, or can't, no worries.  

    New member Evan DuBro introduced the office to Sign Up Genius, which has greatly assisted in this process.

    IT'S TIME TO VOLUNTEER 2016-07-27 04:00:00Z 0


    Free to Smile Schedule for 2016-2017
    Patzun, Guatemala Cleft Mission – August 27-September 4, 2016
    Ethiopia Cleft Mission – September 24-October 2, 2016
    Zimbabwe Cleft Mission – November 4-November 12, 2016
    Patzun, Guatemala Cleft & Dental Mission – January 14- January 22, 2017
    Please contact Steve Weiler if you would like to participate in the above mission(s) in any way including:
    •         Make smile bags (this is collecting donated items to be  taken on the missions). Draw string bags,  tooth brushes, soap, wash cloths, hand mirrors, toys, stuffed animals, coloring books, crayons, bubbles etc.
    •         Make contact with in-country rotary clubs so we can engage with them when we are in their vicinity.
    •         Go on a mission: take photos and help the mission set up, screen patients, and serve as hands on volunteer. 

    FREE TO SMILE TRAVEL ITINERARY 2016-07-13 04:00:00Z 0


    Have you had trouble opening the Club Website on your phone or tablet?  That has changed.  Take a look at your next opportunity, but not while you drive!  Our website is now responsive to mobile platforms.  This will allow you access to our website, news and committee information on your mobile devices; allowing you to interface with the club faster when needed.

    CHECK IT OUT 2016-07-13 04:00:00Z 0


    Posted by Jack Graf
    On June 27, now Past President Tricia turned the gavel and leadership of the club over to President Jack Graf.  President Jack's remarks to the club are included here.  If you missed this event, you will want to spend a minute or two reading the following remarks.  They outline our plans for this year and the future.  
    Thank You and
    I will be so much more grateful if you do that at the end of my presentation today.
    It is a great gift that Columbus Rotary allows each incoming President to present 3 Paul Harris Fellowships at the Changing of the Guard. There have been no criteria given, no guidance offered and no pattern expected from the Club.  Therefore, I am able to follow my heart and my conscience with these presentations.
    First, to my long suffering wife of many years who never receives the credit from ME that she deserves, who has over the years supported me through my involvement in civic and industry associations and without whom I could not function, I present Kay Marie Graf with today’s first and therefore the most meaningful Paul Harris Fellowship.
    Second, to my daughter who without any coaching or prodding from anyone in the family including my Rotarian Father and after graduation from Denison and while beginning her teaching career at Hilliard Davidson undertook to coordinate a nascent Rotary InterACT High School Club. To me, that demonstrates her soul; so to Kate Graf Victor I present a Paul Harris Fellowship.

    Third, for every Columbus Rotarian in this room and those who will be joining us during this term, I will reserve a Paul Harris Fellowship as an acknowledgement of exemplary performance in some endeavor or contest for something which the Club chooses to do in this year, JUST like we did in March Madness during President Tricia’s term. This third one’s for you.
    PRESIDENT JACK GRAF Jack Graf 2016-07-07 04:00:00Z 0


    During its April meeting, the Board of Directors voted on increases to lunch pricing which will take effect for our new Rotary year, July 1, 2016 and is reflected in your recent invoice. 
    It has been five years since lunch prices were increased, and of course over that time, costs have gone up. Under our current contract with the Boat House, lunch fees increase 5% each year.  Since September of 2015, the Club has absorbed a slight loss on lunches, charging our members less per meal than what we are paying.  We are sure you understand this is not a sustainable policy.
    Those of you who choose to pre-pay lunch, will see only a minor increase of $12.50 per half – or 50 cents a meal.  At that rate, the Club is still slightly subsidizing the per meal cost.  But we feel it is important to offer this incentive, as it provides us with fiscal predictability and stability, making it easier for us to project and manage operational expenses.  
    The lunch upgrade fee at the door, for those choosing not to pre-pay, will increase to $12.00 starting with our July 11th meeting. 
    LUNCH FEE INCREASES 2016-06-22 04:00:00Z 0

    Rafiki Tour Informational Meeting

    Posted by Terry Davis


    You are invited to learn more about an educational mission trip to the Rafiki Children's Center in Kikuyu Town,Kenya in March  2017. A 3-day safari to the Maasai  Mara included in the  package. Come talk to others who have been there and get answers to your questions. Itinerary details and costs will be shared.   Please join us and invite with others who may have interest.

    Monday, June 27, 7 pm
    First Community Church
    1320 Cambridge Boulevard
    QUESTIONS? CONNIE  HIEATT:  614 804.2264
    TERRY DAVIS:   614 487. 7216
    Rafiki Tour Informational Meeting Terry Davis 2016-06-22 04:00:00Z 0


    Polio Fundraiser
    Fun & Fellowship Event
    We still have room for you on Saturday, June 25th at 2 p.m. at the McConnell Art Center in Worthington for a fundraiser to benefit End Polio Now.  “Dances of India” will showcase several styles of dance from classical to folk to Bollywood. The students of Nalanda School of Dance, under the direction of Past President CK Satyapria’s wife, Indira, are generously donating their time, hard work and graceful artistry to make this cultural experience possible for our club members and guests.   
    Proceeds will benefit Rotary’s End Polio Now initiative. Tickets are available at the link below or through our website.  If you cannot attend, donations to Polio Plus can be made through a  button on our website.
    Dances of India Event Details: 
    Saturday, June 25 / 2 – 4 pm
    McConnell Art Center
    777 Evening Street, Worthington
    Following the program, there will be a Fun & Fellowship dinner hosted (Dutch treat) at TADKA Restaurant, one of the most popular Indian restaurants in the city.  TADKA offers a variety of Indian, as well as Chinese and Thai cuisines. We are looking forward to trying lots of new flavors and experiences with a little guidance from our Indian friends.  Even if you can’t make the dance event, please join us for fun and fellowship at the restaurant starting at 4:30 p.m.
    Fun & Fellowship Dinner Details:
    Saturday, May 25 / 4:30 - ???
    TADKA Indian Restaurant
    3535 W Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus
    (Dinner is Separate Checks)
    DANCES OF INDIA 2016-06-22 04:00:00Z 0


    David Schoedinger provided the invocation at our June 6 Rotary meeting.  It was his 50th Anniversary with the Club.  He joined 06/06/1966 during the last month of Ray Mason, Jr’s Presidency.  George Snodgrass took over as President the next month.
    David was proposed by his father John.  He is the 4th generation of his family in the club which started in 1912 with charter member F.O. Schoedinger, his Great, Great Uncle. 
    At the time the Club met at the Deshler Hotel, moved to the Neil House, spent a few years at the Masonic Temple (Athenaeum) and then moved for 31 years to the Hyatt Regency, before our relocation to the Boat House. 

    In the early years it was very difficult to make up a Rotary meeting.  Before the Westerville Club was formed, one had to drive to Chillicothe or Circleville to attend a meeting as a make up for missing Columbus Rotary.  It wasn’t until 1972 when the Whitehall Bexley and Upper Arlington Clubs were formed that keeping perfect attendance became a bit easier.  
    50 YEARS IN ROTARY 2016-06-08 04:00:00Z 0
    ROTARACT LEADERSHIP THROUGH SERVICE Tom Carlisi 2016-05-11 04:00:00Z 0
    Derby Day pictures 2016-05-11 04:00:00Z 0


    Adopt A School partners
    FROM ALEX THANOS, 7th Grade Chair

    Just wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you for the invitation for our kids to attend the Rotary Luncheon this week. The kids had a blast and they came back to school excited to share their experience. The kids really enjoyed hearing from the OSU Head Wrestling Coach Tom Ryan and said his message about changing your mindset and Service Above Self really resonated with them. 

    KIPPster​ sat at a different table and several people came up to ​our team member who attended with the boys​ after to say ​how​ impressed ​they were with our kids​'​ ability to talk about school and college as well as their manners. 

    After the discussion​ the boys asked to meet Coach Ryan​.​ One of our KIPPsters, Paris, was super sweet and told him that he appreciated hearing his story and that he is now ​
    also interested in wrestling.
    KIPP STUDENTS JOIN LUNCH Alex Thanos 2016-04-19 04:00:00Z 0


    The CRNext Committee has planned a Prospective Member Event for March 22, 2016.  We will meet at Brothers Drake Meadery from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM for a tour, talk and full flight tasting. The bar is located at 26 E. Fifth Ave, Columbus, Oh 43201.

    Reservations are required and Rotarians are welcome to attend only if they have a prospective member(s) accompanying them.  Sign up will take place on-line at http://bit.ly/RotaryNight.  Space is limited to the first 40 to sign up.  Guest names are required with each registration.  
    ROTARY RECRUITMENT NIGHT 2016-03-09 05:00:00Z 0


    Help celebrate the upcoming Olympics with our own local version!Image

    Columbus Rotary has sponsored and hosted the Homeless Family Foundation Olympics for a number of years. This is an opportunity for the children served by the Foundation to spend a morning at the Dowd Center competing at games and other skills.

    The time has come to host the games again and we are in need of VOLUNTEERS. The event will be held
    at the Foundation’s N. Grubb Street location on Sat., March 5, 2016 from 11 AM to 3 PM. This year, more than 40 kids are expected, ranging in age from 6 -14.

    All volunteers are welcome and NEEDED! Please contact
    David Zid (runziddy@gmail.com) or the club office to get involved.
    HOMELESS FAMILY FOUNDATION OLYMPICS Scott Brown 2016-02-24 05:00:00Z 0


    Posted by Tricia Strahler
    Make this Your Perfect Year!

    This week we honored those Rotarians who achieved either Perfect Attendance and/or 52 Touchpoints in the Rotary Year 2014-15.  At the weekly meeting 23 members received their special Rotary lapel pin indicating the number of years they have achieved perfect attendance, while three members received certificates for earning at least 52 Touchpoints.  This included recognition for Bill Blaine who received his pin for 40 years of perfect attendance.
    DOUBLE CREDIT FOR ATTENDANCE & ENGAGEMENT Tricia Strahler 2016-01-25 05:00:00Z 0


    Posted by Tim Maghie
    The much awaited and anticipated 2015 Dictionary Project is upon us. I am sure everyone is tingling with excitement, as always.

    We have already started to deliver the dictionaries to the students!  Now is the time to get yours out to the schools.  If you didn't sign up but would like to ride along with someone, call Scott Brown.  
    This year we are trying to get ALL schools delivered between October 5th and 16th. A two week window is an effort to not miss any students that switch schools.
    Please let Tim Maghie know when you've delivered dictionaries this year, your efforts are much appreciated.
    Looking forward to another successful year.
    THE DICTIONARY PROJECT Tim Maghie 2015-09-28 00:00:00Z 0

    District 6690 Annual Conference

    All Rotarians are invited to attend the District 6690 Annual Conference in October.  This is a chance to learn more about Rotary, meet other Rotarians from around SE Ohio and have fun.  Save the date and call the Club office to register. 


    Service Project – Driven Foundation
    David Fey – Preservation of Historical Parks
    Frank Bullock – Presentation on William Tecumseh Sherman
    Floyd Lancia – Polio Plus Update
    David Uhl – Project Search and Discover You

    PLEASE NOTE:  The 2016-17 District Grants Training will take place from 9:15 – 11:30

    Ohio University – Lancaster
    1570 Granville Pike   Lancaster

    District 6690 Annual Conference 2015-09-17 00:00:00Z 0






    Contact: Michelle Kloempken, +1 866-976-8279, 

    EVANSTON, Ill. (24 July 2015) — Today marks one year since the last case of polio in Nigeria, the only remaining polio-endemic country in Africa. This achievement – the longest period has gone without a case of the paralyzing disease – could signal the world will soon see a polio-free Africa, a significant global health milestone.

    Rotary has been a leader in the fight to eradicate polio since 1985, when it launched the first global initiative to immunize the world's children against polio: its flagship PolioPlus program. The organization has donated more than $1.4 billion to end polio.

    Nigeria's last polio case occurred on July 24, 2014, in southern Kano state, and the continent of Africa has not seen a polio case since August 11, 2014. The World Health Organization (WHO) may soon remove Nigeria from the list of polio endemic countries. When Nigeria and every country in Africa go three years without a case of polio, WHO will certify the region as polio-free. Most recently, WHO declared India and its  polio-free in 2014.

    Experts caution that while today marks a noteworthy milestone, the world cannot take its sights off polio. The next two years will be critical to ensuring Nigeria remains on-track and prevent a resurgence of the disease. The support of donors, governments and partners is needed more than ever to ensure high-quality polio campaigns.

    Last month, Rotary announced US$19 million in grants for continued polio eradication activities in Africa, including nearly $10 million for Nigeria. Over the past thirty years, the organization has given $688.5 million for polio eradication throughout Africa, and $207.4 million for Nigeria.

    "Rotary's 1.2 million members around the world – including the 6,890 in Nigeria – have played an important role in this progress. Rotary has worked with partners to successfully pioneer unique and innovative solutions to the challenges facing polio eradication in Nigeria," said Dr. Tunji Funsho, Rotary's National PolioPlus Committee chair for Nigeria. "However, it is too soon to celebrate. The world needs to keep polio eradication a high priority to ensure the disease does not return within our borders."

    Beyond Nigeria, only Pakistan and Afghanistan remain polio-endemic. According to experts, Pakistan will prove the biggest challenge to global eradication efforts, with the country accounting for nearly 90% of the world's cases in 2014. However, there has been recent progress in Pakistan, with the country reporting a nearly 70% reduction in cases in the first half of 2015 compared to the same time in 2014.


    POLIO PLUS NEWS 2015-08-05 00:00:00Z 0


    ​Monday, August 10, 2015

    "Race in America"
    County Auditor Clarence Mingo

    Auditor Clarence Mingo's life and career have been about service to his country and his community.

    A veteran of the United States Army, Clarence answered the call of service and served honorably with the coalition forces that liberated Kuwait during the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

    Upon his return, Clarence attended The Ohio State University where he earned his undergraduate and law degree in a little more than five years. Clarence then re-focused his commitment to service to his community as an attorney in private practice, helping to protect those citizens most in need. Franklin County courts frequently appointed Clarence to serve as a Guardian ad Litem (child advocate), representing the interests of children in abuse, neglect and divorce cases.

    He also serviced the Legal Aid Society of Columbus' Neighborhood Service's project. In this capacity, Clarence was one of three attorneys who represented indigent county residents with legal issues involving housing, public benefits, bankruptcy, expungements, civil protective orders, and custody matters. He also fought for funding in an effort to expand and further develop the project's reach and influence on the indigent population in Franklin County.

    In 2007, the late Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, Thomas J. Moyer, appointed Clarence as a commissioner in the Ohio Court of Claims. Clarence served as one of seven commissioners with statewide appellate jurisdiction in victims of crime cases.

    In 2009, Clarence was appointed as Franklin County Auditor. In both 2010 and 2014, Franklin County voters awarded Clarence a full four-year term. As Auditor, Clarence ensures that Franklin County residents are offered the best public service in fiscal, real estate and consumer protection. He understands the importance of maintaining a modern office with capable staff and the latest technology to compliment their effort.

    Clarence is committed to seeking new and innovative ways to expand the services of the Auditor's office to each resident of Franklin County. A strong fiscal conservative, Clarence will look for ways to streamline county government and always put the interests of taxpayers first.

    Join Leaders - Exchange Ideas - Take Action

    Join us Monday's at Noon at:
    The Boat House at Confluence Park
    679 W. Spring
    Columbus, Ohio 43215

    AUGUST 10 MEETING Scott Brown 2015-08-05 00:00:00Z 0



    We still have seats available for our Red White and BOOM party at the Boat House this Friday and we'd like to see you there.  Consider joining your friends and fellow Rotarians from several other clubs as we celebrate Independence Day.  We even invited our friends from the Columbus Kiwanis.  

    Food, Music, Fun, Air Conditioning, Roof and Bathrooms are all included in the cost.  The event will proceed rain or shine.  

    Sales will be ending at noon Wednesday so call for your tickets now or order on the website TODAY!

    Call me if you have any questions!

    $65 per person
    $20 children (4-12)
    Under 4 free

    ROTARY RED, WHITE AND BOOM! Zuni Corkerton 2015-06-30 00:00:00Z 0
    Service Above Self Fair VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Bill Matthews 2015-04-15 00:00:00Z 0
    Derby Day Soiree 2015 2015-04-06 00:00:00Z 0

    Service Above Self College Scholarships

    Columbus Rotary is once again sponsoring Service Above Self college scholarships for students in the Columbus City Schools.  Interviews of candidates for the awards is scheduled to take place on the mornings of March 31 and April 1, 2015 (and possibly April 2) at the various high schools. We will need help with these interviews; teams of three or four Rotarians visit three high schools and conduct 30 -40 minute interviews with the candidates in a single morning.

    Please contact Galen Graham (ggraham@devry.edu) if you are available either of those mornings and can help do the interviews.  We will provide the application packets and interview questions prior to the high school visits.   We hope you can participate!
    Service Above Self College Scholarships 2015-03-19 00:00:00Z 0


    Posted by Jim Tornes

    THIS SATURDAY!  Join Jim Tornes and other Rotarians, Family and friends on June 6, 2015 as we take a trip down the Big Darby Creek.  Everyone is welcome. 

    ROTARY RIVER TRIP Jim Tornes 2015-03-11 00:00:00Z 0

    Enterprise Academy starts 48th year

    Posted by Myron Goldsmith
    "There's no limit to what free men and free women in a free market with free enterprise can accomplish when people are free to follow their dream." This quote from Jack Kemp, former American politician, embodies the mission of Rotary's Enterprise Academy, which is to introduce select high school students to the challenges and opportunities of our free enterprise system and equip them with the knowledge necessary to become successful. While doing this, Enterprise Academy provides students with a chance to explore the business world and interact with current entrepreneurs.

    Enterprise Academy originated in 1967 with Columbus Rotary. The new program was created with the intention of informing and educating students in the ways and benefits of free enterprise. The very first Camp Enterprise, as it was called at the time, was held at the Jeffrey Manufacturing Co. Foreman's Club with twenty-two students from Columbus high schools. The seminar lasted three days with the help of twenty-two Rotarians and nine other business leaders. The selected students sat in on various panels about free enterprise, such as, "How I Started A Business" and "A Philosophy of Management."

    Furthermore, students develop ethical business practices through various fun and creative activities that spark their imagination. What makes Enterprise Academy special is that students are faced with real business decisions that they and their partners must make with the help of other business leaders at the seminar. This hands-on participation is what makes Enterprise Academy so appealing to students.  They have a chance to form their own opinions about business practices while learning in the process.
    After the first year, Camp Enterprise grew exponentially as more and more Rotary clubs began to hear about the extraordinary program. In only its second year, Camp Enterprise had received a District Significant Achievement Award and the George Washington Honor Medal Award for the Columbus Rotary's economic programs offered through Camp Enterprise.
    Nelson French, Rotarian and entrepreneur, helped lay down the foundation for Camp Enterprise in 1968. As a Past President and Past District Governor, French brought his knowledge of business and America's free enterprise system to assist in organizing many Camp Enterprise retreats, which is why many consider French a "Founding Father" of Camp Enterprise.
    "We look for students with leadership when we select the participants for Camp Enterprise," said French.  "The students see it as an honor to be selected because of the prestige that comes with being selected."
    While it may have started with Columbus Rotary, Enterprise Academy has expanded to Rotary clubs around the country. Nelson French and others promoted the successful program to different Rotary Clubs everywhere and the idea caught on.  "Today we have Enterprise Academy in Milwaukee, Cleveland, Kansas City and even Toronto," French added.
    Enterprise Academy has spread throughout the nation. From San Diego to Tulsa, Rotary Clubs all over are adopting Enterprise Academy and continuing to build the future leaders of America. San Jose’s Rotary Club has a version of Enterprise Academy of their own that serves plenty of students.
    John Kennett, Executive Director of the Rotary Club of San Jose, provided some information about their “leadership conference.”  “We held our first program in 1984 and had 47 students representing all 25 high schools in San Jose,” Kennett mentioned.  “I was proud to be one of the founding members of our committee and was an active member and speaker at the camp for about 10 years.”
    The Rotary Club of San Jose decided to rebrand the conference from “Enterprise Camp” to “Enterprise Leadership Conference” in order to continue recruiting the best students.  “We currently partner with two smaller Rotary Clubs and serve 96 students each year at Asilomar which is a conference center at the ocean quite close to Pebble Beach,” Kennett added.
    The students who attend the Enterprise Leadership Conference have shown great innovation and initiative in recent years.  “Just as the groups have gone from poster boards to PowerPoint for their presentations, 7 of the 12 groups last year developed smart phone apps for their business and all 12 decided to use angel and VC funding rather than boot strap or use a bank.”
    With such great success, it’s no surprise that there are four total Enterprise programs in Kennett’s district alone.
    Enterprise Academy began with a small group of Rotarians, business leaders and students at Columbus Rotary Club and has since grown into one of Rotary International's most prestigious programs. This three day retreat inspires select high school with a talent for leadership to develop their skills and opens them up to the business world of America. With Enterprise Academy, students can become great entrepreneurs and contributors in society. As Paul Drucker, American management consultant and educator, said, "The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity."

    Enterprise Academy starts 48th year Myron Goldsmith 2015-03-04 00:00:00Z 0



    Columbus Rotary has sponsored and hosted the Homeless Family Foundation Dowd Center Olympics for a number of years.  This is an opportunity for the children served by the Foundation to spend a day at the Center competing at games and other skills. 
    The time has come to host the Olympics again and we are in need of VOLUNTEERS.  The event will be held at the Foundation’s 33 N. Grubb Street location on Sat., Mar. 7, 2015 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. This year, more than 75 kids are expected, ranging from ages 6-14 so we need a lot of help. 

    Bring your friends and family and join this great event.  If you can't be there the entire time that's OK.  We will fit you in when you are available.    

    All volunteers are welcome!  Contact David Zid (david@dzhealthworks.com) or the club office to get involved.

    HOMELESS FAMILIES FOUNDATION OLYMPICS Scott Brown 2015-02-25 00:00:00Z 0


    I am very happy to update you all on the Rotary Homeless Outreach Program. We had assembly night this past Friday and I am overjoyed to announce that we reached our goal of 100 care packages, with a total of 103. We had a great assembly line going and were able to build all the care packages within an hour!
    We have collected $334.00 towards this service opportunity, which will go towards the purchase of extra gloves, hand warmers, and documentation services from James Cline Studios; who will be riding along with us this week. Thank you to all of those who have donated, we could not have this without you.
    As a reminder, distribution is coming this Thursday beginning at 3:30 pm and going until 8:00 pm. Each distribution stop is about a half hour long, and you can choose to assist at as many or as few stops as you like. Lists of the distribution sites are available at the Rotary Office or by contacting Alexis Evans.
    A note on safety: this can be a volatile group of individuals, so for those of you who will be distributing make sure not to bring any cash, and keep all physical contact to passing out the care packages and handshakes only.
    If anyone has any last minute questions or donations, please contact Alexis Evans at 614-446-0784.
    ROTARY HOMELESS OUTREACH PROGRAM Alex Evans 2015-02-23 00:00:00Z 0


    As Rotary continues to grow and evolve in our second century of existence it is always helpful to look back at our beginning.  This is an excerpt from a Rotary.org article about "Rotary's Founder", Paul Harris.  

    In the fall of 1900, Paul P. Harris met fellow attorney Bob Frank for dinner on the north side of Chicago. They walked around the area, stopping at shops along the way. Harris was impressed that Frank was friendly with many of the shopkeepers.  
    Harris had not seen this kind of camaraderie among businessmen since moving to Chicago in 1896. He wondered if there was a way to channel it because it reminded him of growing up in Wallingford, Vermont. Harris eventually persuaded local businessmen to join him in a club for community and fellowship. His vision laid the foundation for Rotary.

    “The thought persisted that I was experiencing only what had happened to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of others in the great city … I was sure that there must be many other young men who had come from farms and small villages to establish themselves in Chicago ... Why not bring them together? If others were longing for fellowship as I was, something would come of it.”

    After setting up his law practice in Chicago, Harris gathered several business associates to discuss the idea of forming an organization for local professionals. On 23 February 1905 Harris, Gustavus Loehr, Silvester Schiele, and Hiram Shorey gathered at Loehr’s office in Room 711 of the Unity Building in downtown Chicago. This was the first Rotary club meeting.

    In February 1907, Harris was elected the third president of the Rotary Club of Chicago, a position he held until the fall of 1908. During his presidency, he formed the Executive Committee, later called the Ways and Means Committee, which met during lunch and was open to any member. The noon meeting was the foundation for Rotary's tradition of club luncheon meetings.  Toward the end of his club presidency, Harris worked to expand Rotary beyond Chicago. Some club members resisted, not wanting to take on the additional financial burden. But Harris persisted and by 1910 Rotary had expanded to several other major U.S. cities.

    Harris recognized the need to form an executive board of directors and a national association. In August 1910 Rotarians held their first national convention in Chicago, where the 16 existing clubs unified as the National Association of Rotary Clubs. The new association unanimously elected Harris as its president.

    At the end of his second term, Harris resigned, citing ill health and the demands of his professional practice and personal life. He was elected president emeritus by convention action, a title he held until his death.  In the mid-1920s Harris became actively involved in Rotary again, attending conventions and visiting clubs throughout the world.

    OUR FOUNDER 2015-01-27 00:00:00Z 0


    Thank you for organizing your team to ring the bell this season.
      Please pass on our thanks to your bell ringing group, we appreciate everyone’s time, energy and support!
    Your group raised $2,708.33 in kettle collections!!!!  The nightly breakdown is as follows:
    11/21     $622.92
    12/9       $682.78
    12/13     $1,402.63

    Donations from your kettle stay in Central Ohio and help people all year.  This year we are especially in need of funding to help families with basic needs and your team can be assured we efficiently use these donations to make an impact in our community.

    Hope you and your team have a blessed holiday and thank you again for the gift of time and support to help those in need.

    RED KETTLE THANKS 2014-12-23 00:00:00Z 0


    Posted on May 20, 2014

    Our fellow Rotarians and family need your thought and prayers.  Better yet, call them or visit them if you have a chance. 

    Former Rotarian Brian Blanchard is battling cancer.  He would appreciate cards from some of his buddies that are still in the Club. 
    5750 Bastille Place
    Columbus, Ohio 43213
    Dick Sims has returned to Columbus and is rehabbing at the Health Center at The Forum at Knightsbridge; room 732.   He is willing to receive visitors at The Forum and cards and letters are always good.  Afternoons are a better time for him.  His mornings are taken up with rehabilitation.    

    Former Rotarian Fred Stith is being honored by the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging as one of 15 winners of the Central Ohio Senior Citizen Hall of Fame.  The ceremony was on May 14.

    FAMILY OF ROTARY 2014-05-21 00:00:00Z 0


    Posted by Scott Brown on Aug 04, 2013

    As a Rotarian in good standing, you enjoy the many benefits that form the basis for our Club’s rich traditions including networking, service opportunities, fellowship, continuing education and community updates through our weekly programs.  As a Columbus Rotarian you are part of one of the most prestigious service organizations in the world. 

    As a business professional, I am sure you understand that non-profit organizations, such as ours, must operate in a fiscally responsible manner.  We base operational decisions on budget projections and financial obligations which must be met on a timely basis.  These include, among other items, a sizeable assessment by Rotary International of a portion of each member’s dues covering such expenses as the publication of the Rotarian magazine which you will continue to receive as part of your membership.

    Reminder letter will be mailed this week. 

    Please send your payment in ASAP or contact Scott at the club offices to arrange for payment. 


    HAVE YOU PAID YOUR DUES? Scott Brown 2013-08-05 00:00:00Z 0

    CHAMBERLAIN ROTARACT - "Thanks for your support."

    Posted by Danny Pierce on Jul 22, 2012
    On behalf of the Chamberlain College of Nursing Rotaract Club and the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, I would like to thank you for allowing us to sell candy at the Rotary Club meeting on July 23. We sold $172 in candy bars at the meeting. We currently have a food drive taking place for the Food Bank on our campus. We will be selling the balance of the candy bars on campus as well. We appreciate your support. Thanks and Best wishes, Sharon Lang, Rotaract Advisor.
    CHAMBERLAIN ROTARACT - "Thanks for your support." Danny Pierce 2012-07-23 00:00:00Z 0


    Posted by Scott Brown on Jun 17, 2012
    ImageIt was so good, I had to repeat it

    "The only ones among you who will be really happy
    are those who will have sought and found how to serve" 
    Albert Schweitzer
    QUOTE OF THE WEEK REPEAT Scott Brown 2012-06-18 00:00:00Z 0
    Rotary District Conference & Celebration Scott Brown 2012-04-26 00:00:00Z 0


    Posted by William Matthews on Feb 29, 2012

    Columbus Rotarians are invited to attend the seventh annual Rotary-sponsored Middle School "Service Above Self" Fair that will be held Wednesday, March 21, 12:00-1:45pm, with students from 24 Columbus City middle schools participating.  The theme of the projects is “How Can We Create a Better School Environment--Academically, Physically, and/or Socially?” 

    The event will begin with project displays followed by lunch and then student presentations at about 12:45pm.  At 1:45pm, immediately following the Fair, attending Rotarians will select three middle school projects that will be exhibited at the High School "Service Above Self" Fair on April 30.

    The event will be at the Transportation Building on the north campus of Fort Hayes Metropolitan Center in the Construction, Arts, & Auto-Technology Building, 600 Jack Gibbs Blvd. For directions and more information, please contact Don Goldbaum at dgoldbaum@handsoncentralohio.org.

    MIDDLE SCHOOL "SERVICE ABOVE SELF" FAIR William Matthews 2012-03-01 00:00:00Z 0


    Posted by Scott Brown on Feb 02, 2012

    Recently 2nd VP Steve Heiser and I returned from the Large Club Conference in Tulsa, OK where we met with more than 70 of our peers from across the country.  Two questions rose to the top of the membership discussions.  1) How do we treat our visitors? and 2) Do members see it as their responsibility to recruit new members?

    Focusing on the first question, I'd like to see everyone go out of their way to welcome visitors to club meetings.  They can be identified by their round stick on name tag.  Make them feel welcome and talk to them.  Don't ask them if they want to join, chances are several people already have and this may make us come off as pushy.  Be as friendly and warm as you are with each other.  

    Second, do you think it is your responsibility to recruit new members?  If your answer is yes, you are correct.  If you are not sure how to recruit someone the Membership Development Committee is here to help you and make the job easier.  Let me put it this way.  How long have you been in the club?  Do you know an up and coming professional in your line of work?  Have you asked anyone to come to lunch, a service project or fellowship event.  This is how you start the process of asking someone to join. 

    In the words of RI President Banerjee, "Rotarians are our best public relations tool."  Use this to your advantage and talk to people about our club.    
    The Membership Development Committee looks forward to hearing from you.

    MEMBERSHIP MINUTE Scott Brown 2012-02-03 00:00:00Z 0

    Please Share your GOOD NEWS with your Rotary Family

    Posted by Lena Lyons on Nov 13, 2011

    It is a Rotary tradition to honor our fellow Rotarians birthdays each week.  We also want to rejoice when one of our members receives GOOD NEWS, such as an award, the birth of a child, marriages or business success.  Conversely, we want to let you know WE CARE when our lives are not going so well.  We often miss knowing when a family member’s loved one has died, a member is sick or one is experiencing difficult challenges in their life. Forms will be available to you at each meeting. They are located on the hospitality table at the back of the room. Feel free to take some home.

    Mark & Jane Schieber are happy to report the birth of their first grandchild.  Ellis Jane Vitale was born on Nov. 4, 2011 to Nell-Morgan Schieber and Paul Vitale.  Congratulations grandpa and grandma Schieber. 

    Please Share your GOOD NEWS with your Rotary Family Lena Lyons 2011-11-14 00:00:00Z 0

    Thank You for Your Gift

    Posted by Lena Lyons on Nov 06, 2011
    At Monday's Columbus Rotary/Hyatt Regency blood drive, sponsored by our Health and Fitness subcommittee, fifteen Rotarians, fourteen from the Hyatt team, and two guests rolled up their sleeves to give the Gift of Life.  With thirty-one donors, this was our best drive ever!  We may never meet the people whose lives are saved with our donations, but all who donate at our drive and other places are making a real difference.    
    Thank You for Your Gift Lena Lyons 2011-11-07 00:00:00Z 0

    Thoughts and Prayers

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Bob Smith was hospitalized with an ulcer earlier this week at Riverside Methodist Hospital.
    Thoughts and Prayers Scott Brown 0

    Rotarian of the Year

    Posted by Scott Brown

    The Rotarian of the Year committee, chaired by former recipients JoAnne Schorsten '13 and Steve Weiler '14, is seeking nominations for candidates for our Club's most important Annual Award.  Nomination forms are available at our Monday meetings and by calling the Club office. 

    Purpose:  To recognize a member-in-good-standing of our club who, in the opinion of the membership, has made exceptional contributions to Columbus Rotary and the local community by participation in club activities (Club Service), participation throughout the community in service to others (Community Service), interest in and the promotion of international peace through understanding and goodwill (International Service), and promotion of the ideals of the Four-Way Test in his or her business or profession (Vocational Service) during the entire period of the nominee’s membership. 

    Eligibility:  Any member of the Columbus Rotary Club except current club officers, directors and immediate Past President’s.

    Deadline for Nominations:  Nov. 13.  (The announcement and presentation will be made at the Dec. 7 Luncheon.)

    Past ROY recipients include ; Gerald Converse-2011, Mike Schoedinger-2012, JoAnne Schorsten-2013 and Steve Weiler-2014.


    Rotarian of the Year Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    ImageColumbus Rotary began recognizing member participation in addition to attendance at weekly luncheons using a program called Touch Points. To date participation in events other than weekly meetings were recorded only when information was made available to the club office. This will not change, however, members can now record their participation easily by going to the website www.ColumbusRotary.org. Relatively, the Touch Points will be awarded to members as follows:

    •       1 touch point for attendance at weekly meetings, club socials, project/committee/Board/District/RI meetings, etc.
    •       2 touch points for being an active volunteer at a Rotary function, chair committee/meetings, etc.
    •       3 touch points for contributing at least $250 to Columbus Foundation or Paul Harris fellow, $100 to the RI foundation/Polio Plus or other fund raisers
    •       4 touch points for every new member you sponsor that joins the club and pays dues for at least one year

    For every Rotarian that achieves 52 touch points in a Rotary year, a “Perfect Participation” award will be made. This award will be added to our annual Perfect Attendance Awards. Recognition will be similar to the Perfect Attendance recognition.  

    The awarding of Touch Points will be on the honor system. Each member determines the number of TPs they are eligible for and submits this information to the club on the club website. Doug Gouty, First Vice President Tricia Strahler and Scott Brown have made entering this data easy on the club website. I am sure there will be issues and we will use this year to evaluate and change as needed. Please bear with us as we are going through this change.

    TOUCHPOINTS Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    ImageColumbus Rotary's oldest Past President Daniel Archibald Carmichael Jr., age 95, of Bexley, died peacefully July 31, 2014 at Mt. Carmel Medical Center. Dan was born in Washington, DC on October 24, 1918 to Tracy (Dunning) and Daniel Archibald Carmichael. Along with his parents, Dan is preceded in death by his wife Patricia. He is survived by children, Tracy (Michael) Rand of Sharon, CT, Dan III (Sally) Carmichael, of Cedarville, MI and Sally Merrick of Dublin; grandsons, Andrew Merrick, John (Lindsay) Merrick, David (Erin) Merrick and Cody (Teresa) Carmichael; and former son-in-law, Dennis Merrick. Graduate of Columbus Academy and Princeton University with honors. Architect for Dan Carmichael and Associates. Shortly after Pearl Harbor, Dan enlisted in the Naval Air Corps, where he achieved 13 aerial combat victories. After WWII, he was active in the Naval Reserves serving 2 tours as the commanding officer of a jet fighter squadron and also flying as a Navy acceptance test pilot. Retired at the rank of ImageCaptain and was the recipient of the Lone Sailor Award for distinguished service during and after his Navy career. He achieved numerous auto racing championships including the 1995 SCCA Formula Atlantic National Championship for which he received the President's Cup; the State Amateur Golfing Championship; State Senior Golfing championship (twice); and the City Senior Handball championship. Past President of the Athletic Club of Columbus, Columbus Rotary Club, Columbus Council of the Navy League, and Columbus Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Member of American Fighter Aces Association, Ohio Military Hall of Fame, Ohio Golf Hall of Fame, City of Columbus Hall of Fame, Columbus Academy Athletic Hall of Fame, and Broad Street Presbyterian Church. Contributions may be made to the Columbus Rotary Foundation in his memory.

    Carmichael Daniel Archibald Carmichael Jr., age 95, of Bexley, died peacefully July 31, 2014 at Mt. Carmel Medical Center. Dan was born in Washington, DC on October 24, 1918 to Tracy (Dunning) and Daniel Archibald Carmichael. Along with his parents, Dan is preceded in death by his wife Patricia. He is survived by children, Tracy (Michael) Rand of Sharon, CT, Dan III (Sally) Carmichael, of Cedarville, MI and Sally Merrick of Dublin; grandsons, Andrew Merrick, John (Lindsay) Merrick, David (Erin) Merrick and Cody (Teresa) Carmichael; and former son-in-law, Dennis Merrick. Graduate of Columbus Academy and Princeton University with honors. Architect for Dan Carmichael and Associates. Shortly after Pearl Harbor, Dan enlisted in the Naval Air Corps, where he achieved 13 aerial combat victories. After WWII, he was active in the Naval Reserves serving 2 tours as the commanding officer of a jet fighter squadron and also flying as a Navy acceptance test pilot. Retired at the rank of Captain and was the recipient of the Lone Sailor Award for distinguished service during and after his Navy career. He achieved numerous auto racing championships including the 1995 SCCA Formula Atlantic National Championship for which he received the President's Cup; the State Amateur Golfing Championship; State Senior Golfing championship (twice); and the City Senior Handball championship. Past President of the Athletic Club of Columbus, Columbus Rotary Club, Columbus Council of the Navy League, and Columbus Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Member of American Fighter Aces Association, Ohio Military Hall of Fame, Ohio Golf Hall of Fame, City of Columbus Hall of Fame, Columbus Academy Athletic Hall of Fame, and Broad Street Presbyterian Church. Family will receive friends 5-7 p.m. Thursday, August 7 at the SCHOEDINGER MIDTOWN CHAPEL, 229 East State St. Funeral service will be held at 11 a.m., Friday, August 8, 2014 at Broad Street Presbyterian Church, 760 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43215 with Rev. Ann Palmerton officiating. Interment will follow at Green Lawn Cemetery. Contributions may be made to the Capital Area Humane Society, 3015 Scioto Darby, Columbus, OH 43026, in his memory. - See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dispatch/obituary.aspx?n=daniel-archibald-carmichael&pid=171949786&fhid=8702#sthash.n7VgCOgF.dpuf

    Carmichael Daniel Archibald Carmichael Jr., age 95, of Bexley, died peacefully July 31, 2014 at Mt. Carmel Medical Center. Dan was born in Washington, DC on October 24, 1918 to Tracy (Dunning) and Daniel Archibald Carmichael. Along with his parents, Dan is preceded in death by his wife Patricia. He is survived by children, Tracy (Michael) Rand of Sharon, CT, Dan III (Sally) Carmichael, of Cedarville, MI and Sally Merrick of Dublin; grandsons, Andrew Merrick, John (Lindsay) Merrick, David (Erin) Merrick and Cody (Teresa) Carmichael; and former son-in-law, Dennis Merrick. Graduate of Columbus Academy and Princeton University with honors. Architect for Dan Carmichael and Associates. Shortly after Pearl Harbor, Dan enlisted in the Naval Air Corps, where he achieved 13 aerial combat victories. After WWII, he was active in the Naval Reserves serving 2 tours as the commanding officer of a jet fighter squadron and also flying as a Navy acceptance test pilot. Retired at the rank of Captain and was the recipient of the Lone Sailor Award for distinguished service during and after his Navy career. He achieved numerous auto racing championships including the 1995 SCCA Formula Atlantic National Championship for which he received the President's Cup; the State Amateur Golfing Championship; State Senior Golfing championship (twice); and the City Senior Handball championship. Past President of the Athletic Club of Columbus, Columbus Rotary Club, Columbus Council of the Navy League, and Columbus Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Member of American Fighter Aces Association, Ohio Military Hall of Fame, Ohio Golf Hall of Fame, City of Columbus Hall of Fame, Columbus Academy Athletic Hall of Fame, and Broad Street Presbyterian Church. Family will receive friends 5-7 p.m. Thursday, August 7 at the SCHOEDINGER MIDTOWN CHAPEL, 229 East State St. Funeral service will be held at 11 a.m., Friday, August 8, 2014 at Broad Street Presbyterian Church, 760 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43215 with Rev. Ann Palmerton officiating. Interment will follow at Green Lawn Cemetery. Contributions may be made to the Capital Area Humane Society, 3015 Scioto Darby, Columbus, OH 43026, in his memory. - See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dispatch/obituary.aspx?n=daniel-archibald-carmichael&pid=171949786&fhid=8702#sthash.n7VgCOgF.dpuf

    Carmichael Daniel Archibald Carmichael Jr., age 95, of Bexley, died peacefully July 31, 2014 at Mt. Carmel Medical Center. Dan was born in Washington, DC on October 24, 1918 to Tracy (Dunning) and Daniel Archibald Carmichael. Along with his parents, Dan is preceded in death by his wife Patricia. He is survived by children, Tracy (Michael) Rand of Sharon, CT, Dan III (Sally) Carmichael, of Cedarville, MI and Sally Merrick of Dublin; grandsons, Andrew Merrick, John (Lindsay) Merrick, David (Erin) Merrick and Cody (Teresa) Carmichael; and former son-in-law, Dennis Merrick. Graduate of Columbus Academy and Princeton University with honors. Architect for Dan Carmichael and Associates. Shortly after Pearl Harbor, Dan enlisted in the Naval Air Corps, where he achieved 13 aerial combat victories. After WWII, he was active in the Naval Reserves serving 2 tours as the commanding officer of a jet fighter squadron and also flying as a Navy acceptance test pilot. Retired at the rank of Captain and was the recipient of the Lone Sailor Award for distinguished service during and after his Navy career. He achieved numerous auto racing championships including the 1995 SCCA Formula Atlantic National Championship for which he received the President's Cup; the State Amateur Golfing Championship; State Senior Golfing championship (twice); and the City Senior Handball championship. Past President of the Athletic Club of Columbus, Columbus Rotary Club, Columbus Council of the Navy League, and Columbus Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Member of American Fighter Aces Association, Ohio Military Hall of Fame, Ohio Golf Hall of Fame, City of Columbus Hall of Fame, Columbus Academy Athletic Hall of Fame, and Broad Street Presbyterian Church. Family will receive friends 5-7 p.m. Thursday, August 7 at the SCHOEDINGER MIDTOWN CHAPEL, 229 East State St. Funeral service will be held at 11 a.m., Friday, August 8, 2014 at Broad Street Presbyterian Church, 760 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43215 with Rev. Ann Palmerton officiating. Interment will follow at Green Lawn Cemetery. Contributions may be made to the Capital Area Humane Society, 3015 Scioto Darby, Columbus, OH 43026, in his memory. - See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dispatch/obituary.aspx?n=daniel-archibald-carmichael&pid=171949786&fhid=8702#sthash.n7VgCOgF.dpuf


    Posted by T. Calloway Robertson

    Last Chance Duffers!

    We are fortunate to have several members whom are also members at the OSU Golf Course.  These Rotarians will be hosting an outing on July 29 (next Tuesday) at the OSU Gray Course.  If you would like to play, contact Calloway Robertson.  Sign up is on a first come, first served basis.  We have 16 signed up and are looking for 16 more.  

    We know that some of our golfers have considerable accomplishments recently.  Luke McCormick had a Hole in One at Wedgewood three weeks ago and Rick Studer has acquired a caddie.     Image

    Place: Ohio State Golf Club
    Course: Gray
    Date: Tuesday, July 29th
    Tee times 1:20-2:30 pm
    19th hole at the pub on our own

    Fees for guests: $44 greens fee to walk; cart rental $18

    GOLF AT OSU GRAY COURSE T. Calloway Robertson 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    It is with great pleasure that we announce this year's Exemplary Service Award winners.  Exemplary Service Awards are granted to Columbus Rotarians who have gone above and beyond in following our motto of “Service Above Self.” We talk a lot about that motto as Rotarians and it is an important value for Rotary Clubs across the world.  We have had many, many Columbus Rotarians whom have stepped up to be part of projects that represent our Five Avenues of Service over the years. 

    Guidelines for the award allow the selection committee, made up of former awardees, to present an award in any, all, or none of the Avenues of Service: Community Service, International Service, Vocational Service, Club Service and Youth Service.  Congratulations to all four. 

    Community Service     Club Service          Vocational Service       Youth Service
    Mark J. LaMonte         Dwight I. Hurd        James D. Bishop        Steven Sundre
    Image          Image   Image       Image



    Posted by Scott Brown

    The Other Rotary Boys of Summer caught some fish last week too on a return trip to Briarwood Sporting Club.  Calloway Robertson caught his first trout and Tim Norris caught yet another one. 
    Image  Image

    MORE BOYS OF SUMMER Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    Columbus Rotary's time honored Changing of the Guard ceremony will be held June 30, 2014 at our Monday meeting.  President Steve will hand off the gavel to President Elect CK Satyapriya.  All Columbus Rotary Past President's and Board members are encouraged to attend the event and will be recognized, as well as be seated at the front of the room.

    This is our history and our future all being presented at one time.  President Elect CK will provide his vision for the future and his theme for the year.  Plan to attend, you won't be sorry!

    CHANGING of the GUARD Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    Have you ever wondered about the experience our youth exchange students had while they were with us?  ImageOr perhaps wanted to get to know them a little better?  Here is your opportunity.  On Monday, June 2 our Roundtable starts at 11:15am.  We will eat together at the Roundtable and join the regular meeting at 12:30pm in time for the speaker.  Please plan on joining us for this uplifting program and get to know "our" students.  In addition, please invite some of your Rotary friends to the event.  It is important that the students feel we are in full support of their adventure.



    Posted by Scott Brown

    We are proud to report that the Derby Day Soiree netted more than $15,000 this year. 

    These funds will help to fund the committee projects in our upcoming 2014-15 Rotary Year.  

    DERBY DAY SUCCESS Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    Hill’s Market (Downtown) Charity Happy HourImage

    It’s Happy Hour and we need your help!  Hill's Market Downtown will donate a portion of all pizza sales for the entire day to the Columbus Rotary Foundation. There is seating inside and on the outside patio. We’ll have a celebrity bartender serving beer and wine and all tips go to our Columbus Rotary Foundation as well.

    This is going to be a great opportunity after work to help out Rotary, see some friends and have some fun. 
    Hill’s Market is open from 7am to 9pm. Please consider eating pizza at every meal that day. It’s for a good cause.

    When:  Monday, June 23rd 5 to 8 pm
    Where:  95 N. Grant Ave. Columbus, OH 43215

    IT'S HAPPY HOUR Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Michael Kehoe

    At our May 19 Rotary Meeting the Columbus Rotary Scholarship Committee awarded 9 Phoenix Scholarships worth $2,500 each.   

    We consider Phoenix Scholars to be non-traditional undergraduates who perhaps:
     + Did not qualify for scholarships following high school because of grades or college entrance exams, but who have demonstrated solid academic performance in their   undergraduate studies.
     + May not have chosen to pursue college immediately following high school.
     + Started college but did not complete their undergraduate degree.
     + Find themselves mid-career having to adjust their course due to personal, economic or industry shifts.

    Awardee; College; Major; Endower/Source

    Angela Beebe; OSU; Nursing; Osteopathic Hrtg. Fndtn,
    Mariana Cable; OSU; Animal Science; Bowers Family
    Elizabeth Connelly; Mt Carmel Sch Nursing; Nursing; Osteopathic Hrtg. Fndtn.
    Coady DiRutigliano; Ohio Dominican; Physician Ass’t; McCormick Family
    Bethany Fenske; Columbus State; Med Lab Tech; Osteopathic Hrtg. Fndtn.HF
    Jennifer Hoffman; Columbus State; Radiologic Tech; Osteopathic Hrtg. Fndtn.
    Jordan Jennewine; OSU; Medical Dietetics; Nadine & Keith Pierce
    Jeremy Wellbaum; DeVry; Elect Engineer Tech; Noton Fund
    Dietra Woodson; Chamberlain Col Nursing; Nursing; Fitzpatrick Family



    Posted by Scott Brown

    It's that time of year again.  The Woods & Water Committee has arranged for an Imageafternoon of fishing at Briarwood Sporting Club on May 9, 2014.  There are about 8 places left for those that want to join the fun and camaraderie next to the trout stream. 

    Show up between 11:00 and noon with your lunch.  Fish after that.  No cost to you unless you choose to keep the fish that you catch.    

    The Club is located at: 625 Township Road 184, Bellefontaine, OH 43311.

    Contact Dwight Hurd if you would like to attend. 




    Posted by Richard Ramsey
    ImageWant to flip some pancakes or clean some dishes?  The KIPP School Annual Pancake Day is Saturday, May 10 from 10am to 12pm. Our Adopt A School partner is looking for volunteers to help with the event.  It is being held at the present school location which is 1406 Myrtle Ave., Columbus, OH 43211.  Contact Rich Ramsey if you are interested.  Rich reports that we need two or three more hearty souls. 


    Posted by Scott Brown

    ImageThe eleventh annual Columbus Rotary High School “Service Above Self” Fair is Monday, May 5, 2014, with 21 Columbus City high schools participating. There will be approximately 60 projects exhibited in the Hyatt Regency Ballroom beginning at 11:00am and there will be presentations of a few exemplary projects during the luncheon meeting in the same room.  We will also be presenting several $2,500 scholarships and one $25,000 scholarship during the event. 

    Rotarians are encouraged to arrive at the Hyatt early to view the projects and talk to the students.  Student projects will be on display at 11:00 AM


    Again on MAY 5, ROTARY WILL meet at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at 350 N. High Street. 


    Posted by Scott Brown


    Columbus Rotary's Derby Day Soiree is this Saturday, May 3, 2014 and we are looking forward to your attendance.  Stop by any time between 4:00 and 9:00 PM for some food, fun and fellowship.  There will be live music from 4:30 until 6:00 when live coverage of the Derby starts. 

    You can still buy tickets for $40 a piece by calling the Rotary office at 221-3127 or buying them at the door. 

    You will also have the chance to bid on some fantastic auction items, all to benefit the Columbus Rotary Foundation.  Did we mention the food?  Kentucky Hot Browns, cash bar and mint juleps, cigar bar and more are awaiting your arrival. 

    Directions to 670 Harmon Avenue:
    Take exit 105 to Greenlawn Avenue from Route 71
    Turn west toward Greenlawn Cemetary
    Turn Right onto Harmon Avenue


    GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    ImageOn Monday April 7, 2014 12 Enterprise Academy students from Columbus Public high schools made their final presentations about their visits to Rotarian Businesses.  Many thanks to the Rotarians and staff at Advance Sign Group, Taft, Stettinius & Hollister and Columbus Rotary for taking time ove rthe past four weeks to teach these students about their businesses and operations. 


    Posted by Robert Lash
    More Items piling up at the Rotary office

      ImageBelow is a short sample of the more that 50 items secured for our Derby Day auction.  It looks like Auctioneer Rob Erney looks is going to have fun running the bidding for some of these items.  A great deal of thanks goes to all that donated or secured donations for this event.  Don't miss these and other items that you will have a chance to purchase at our May 3 Soiree.  It's not too late to get tickets and invite friends. 

    Auction items include:

    • Mac Worthington custom piece (above) secured by JoAnne Schorsten
    • Humidors and cigars from the CC&GC secured by Rheeta Wilson-Boutin
    • Argo & Lehne, various items from Dick Argo
    • Pontoon Boat Tour and Dinner on Buckeye Lake with Granger McKinney
    • Paper Daisy Flower Boutique arrangement
    • Tin Bakery cupcakes gift certificate
    • 6 Hours of Computer repair or IT work from Flaxom Solutions
    • Grand Caymen Condo use from Jackie Cooper and Dwight Hurd
    • Clippers Tickets and Tansky Club passes from Mike Schoedinger
    • Clippers tickets and golf gift bags from Taft Stettinius & Hollister, LLP secured by Jim Maniace
    • A Specialty Wine wrapped in a Mink bag from Scott Whitlock
    • $300 Garage Door Gift Certificate from Graf & Sons
    • $50 Gift Certificate from the Boat House
    • COSI passes from Deb Hackathorn
    • Franklin Co. Metro Park Lodge use Gift Certificate from John O'Meara
    • Dinner for 6 with the Satyapriya's
    • Dinner for 6 with JoAnne Schorsten
    • Various golf outings
    • A turkey, deer or snipe hunting trip from Jim Tornes
    • Wooden decoys from Tom Masterson


    Posted by Scott Brown

    Join the Rotary Road Trip to the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky Bluegrass Country   

      Image           Image        Image                                                                                                                                              

         Morning and Lunch                                   Mid-afternoon                       Afternoon             

    Join your fellow Rotarians and Guests on Saturday April 12, 2014.  Your leather seated motor coach will depart the Rotary Office, 1225 Dublin Road at 7:30am

    There are just a three seats left, so contact the office 221-3127 to sign up ASAP!



    Posted by Scott Brown
    Congratulations to Columbus Rotary's Veteran Mentoring Initiative upon helping The Ohio State University being named a Tillman Military Scholarship partner. (excerpt from OSU Press Release)
    Columbus, Ohio – Ohio State University has been selected by the Pat Tillman Foundation as a University Partner in its Tillman Military Scholars program. The program provides educational scholarships for veterans, active-duty service members and their spouses. As part of the Tillman Military Scholars program, Ohio State joins an elite network of institutions providing innovative support services to our nation’s veterans and their families.

    University Partners are chosen based on their ability to meet criteria that include a culture of support for veterans across the institution, specific support services for veterans and a significant military/veteran enrollment.

    In 2008, the Pat Tillman Foundation established the Tillman Military Scholars program to invest in military veterans and their spouses through educational scholarships - building a diverse community of leaders committed to service to others. Since its inception, 290 Tillman Military Scholars representing 34 states and attending 85 institutions nationwide have been awarded more than $4.6 million in scholarships to pursue degrees in medicine, law, business, government, education or the arts.

    Ohio State is one of four universities to be named a Tillman Military Scholar University Partner this year. Others include the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Indiana University and Georgetown University.

    The Tillman Military Scholars program will provide financial support to outstanding military and veteran students at our university,” said Ohio State interim president Joseph Alutto. “It is a distinct honor to receive national recognition for our efforts to create a supportive culture for our veteran and current military students. We are grateful to the Tillman Foundation for its generosity, leadership and support of this vital student population.”


    Posted by Scott Brown


    Something very sad happened on November 20th: Vid Saunders, a District 6690 past exchange student, died suddenly. Vid, who grew up in Westerville, was an outbound exchange student to the Philippines in 2012 to 2013. After he returned, Vid continued to be an active volunteer with youth exchange.

    The exchange students of District 6690, wanted to make something positive out of this tragedy.  They approached clubs to raise $3,000 to purchase three Shelterboxes in memory of Vid. Each Shelterbox contains basic survival gear for an extended family including tents, stoves, blankets, water purification systems and much more.

    Thanks to the support of our own International Committee and the generosity of other Rotarians and Clubs in the District we are happy to report that the Youth Exchange Students raised over $8,000 for their effort.  THANK YOU!



    SHELTER BOX Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    The Vocational Services and Leadership Development Committee is proud to announce that April 21 Imagehas been set aside for Vocational Lunches.  This is an opportunity to visit the workplaces of fellow Rotarians and get an up close and personal look at what they do.  There will be NO meeting at the Boat House that day. 

    Club members will have the chance to sign up for these lunches starting Monday, March 31.  Participating businesses include:

    1. Friendship Village of Dublin (Bob Bowers)
    2. Steptoe Johnson (Bill Lane)
    3. Graeter's -Bethel Road factory
    4. CTL Engineering (CK Satyapriya)
    5. Spark Space
    6. Ometek Metal Manufacturing Facility
    7. Chamberlain College of Nursing (Judith Kimchi Woods)
    8. Ranch of Opportunity in Washington Court House (Stephanie Osman)
    SIGN UP Monday or call the office with the location of your choice...but it's easier to sign up in person!




    Posted by Scott Brown
    ImageWe will welcome more friends from KIPP at our next meeting.  Please invite them to sit at your table and engage them in conversation.

    Recently our Adopt A School partner KIPP: Columbus asked for some assistance to purchase sweatshirts for their students.  The sweatshirts will act as part of the school uniform and additionally as a warm layer in the colder months.  You might have seen these blue sweatshirts when the students have visited our meetings or at the Colerain Christmas party (right). 
    ADOPT A SCHOOL Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown


    This year there was a bit of of twist to helping the Salvation Army ring bells during the holidays.  Rather than ring a day or two downtown, we accepted an offer from the Salvation Army to ring bells before several Columbus Blue Jackets games.  In three nights we were able to raise $3,026 in the red kettles.  

    Thanks to JoAnne Schorsten,
    Tracy Najera, Tom Masterson, Mike Rankin, John O’Meara, Diane Lease, Jay Kegley, John Easton, Andy Doehrel, John Deal, Johannes Bornmueller and their family members for helping out this year


    OSU coaching project

    Posted by Scott Brown

    An opportunity arose in 2012 for Columbus Rotary, Ohio to mentor students at The Ohio State University.  The difference in this mentoring program is that all of the students are military veterans.

    The project engages the University's Office of Military and Veteran Services to get the word out to their Veteran Students and arrange for an on-campus lunch.  Columbus Rotarians conduct two lunch sessions, one for 10 MBA students and one for 10 upper-class undergraduates.  Each lunch has one to three Rotarian presenters who give a ten to twenty minute presentation after the Rotarian and Students have met and dined together. Image

    The real results come when the Veteran Students are able to network within their vocational area of interest by meeting successful Rotarians and non-Rotarians; oftentimes, resulting in internships, part-time jobs, permanent jobs and perhaps most important, learning how to adapt to the civilian work environment.

    The experience can best be summed up in the words of one of the first students through the program.   “This was the first group of gentlemen who had no hidden agenda.  Their interests were pure and genuine.  I often feel like veterans are treated like wounded zoo animals, a display that is photographed for the local paper and website, or just a photo-op / check-in-the-box for an organization, but the Rotarians seemed to genuinely just want to befriend us and help us succeed.”

    OSU coaching project Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown


    Franklin County Metro Parks
    1069 West Main St.

    Westerville, OH 43081

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                   Contact:  Peg Hanley hanley@metroparks.net
    October 16, 2013                                              614.895.6365  313.2065

    Obstacle course opens at Scioto Audubon Metro Park

    After months of planning, designing and constructing, the Columbus Rotary Obstacle Course at Scioto Audubon Metro Park will open to the public on Saturday, October 26. Representatives from Columbus Rotary, Metro Parks, Ohio State University ROTC and other young professional groups will compete in a Challenge Team Run following the grand opening ceremony that begins at 10 am.

    The free course features nine challenging obstacles and a half-mile trail designed to meet the recreational and competitive needs of youth 14 and older and active adults. The stations include: a tire run and flip, a tunnel crawl, a cargo climb, a balance beam, a belly crawl, monkey bars, an over/under, a climbing wall, and a log run.

    Columbus Rotary secured more than $100,000 dollars in donations and in-kind services for the project and several members along with representatives from other service clubs invested more than 300 hours of work on the design and construction of the course.

    “This project started in 2012 as one of many services projects celebrating Columbus Rotary’s Centennial Year,” said, Columbus Rotary President Steve Heiser. “Fellow Rotarians were enthusiastic and committed wholeheartedly to helping Metro Parks enhance the outdoor amenities at Scioto Audubon that ultimately contribute to the health and well-being of the Central Ohio community.

    Located just outside of downtown Columbus, the 122-acre Scioto Audubon Metro Park is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. The park features 3 miles of trails, a 2-acre dog park, frontage along the Scioto River for boating and fishing, various play structures for kids, the Grange Insurance Audubon Center and the a 35-foot high climbing wall, the largest free outdoor climbing wall in the country.

    “Thanks to the generosity of Columbus Rotary in taking leadership in the design and construction of the obstacle course and trail, active adults and teens now have another opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, challenge themselves while improving their health and, best of all, have a lot of fun,” said Metro Parks Executive Director John O’Meara.



    Posted by Scott Brown
    Help celebrate World Polio Day - October 24, 2013

    Watch Rotary International’s live stream event on October 24th 2013, 5:30 PM Central 6:30 PM Eastern. Details at http://www.endpolio.org/news/2013/09/11/world-polio-day-global-update

    Use Social media to advocate the importance of Polio Eradication: See the World Polio Day toolkit for graphics and post ideas for Facebook and Twitter.

    Wear your "End Polio Now” pins, or do a "Purple Pinkie” event or simply wear Purple on World Polio Day.

    WORLD POLIO DAY Scott Brown 0
    RECENT PICTURES Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    ImageThe Dictionaries are flying off the shelves and into the hands of third graders!  Fantastic.  When you deliver your dictionaries, don't forget to report that your job is complete, like new member Bill Wahoff (pictured here) did.

    This project was made possible by an endowment provided by Don and Nancy Kelley in honor of Don's friend and business partner, Columbus Rotarian Bob Weiler. Along with the dictionaries are stickers that will be placed on the inside front cover. They proudly display our Columbus Rotary Club logo and have a place for the kids to write their names. It is theirs to keep and for some it is the only book they own.




    Posted by John O'Meara

    THANKS for the hard work to those that helped on October 12 to get the ImageObstacle Course ready for it's grand opening.  Now we need your help for the fun stuff.

    We will need your help Saturday, October 26 in showing our support for this significant project, to run the course, and to time the event as well as reset the course for the next runners. Call John O'Meara (895-6202) or Scott Brown ASAP to volunteer (221-3127).

    It would also help if you posted something about this event on Facebook and other social media.  You can share the link from the Club's Facebook page to make it easier. 

    Though it seems the Course has come together pretty quickly, the original idea started during our Centennial Year, 2012.   Many hands have come together to pull this all together and we need to thank them all.  October 26 is our day to do just that.



    Posted by Scott Brown


    In the words of our Foundation Campaign Chair Violet Meek
    “Being Rotary” means,
    - To Give
    - To Help
    - To Act


    Congratulations Rotarians on achieving our fundraising goal for this Rotary Year.  Before we said goodbye to 2013, I am happy to report that we raised more than our goal of $70,000.  Two thirds of our membership helped to achieve this goal.  We will continue to accept pledges through the end of our fiscal year on June 30, 2014 if you missed out on donating in 2013. 




    DOWNTOWN BUSINESS EXPO (Rotary Trade Fair)

    Posted by James Bishop

    The Rotary Trade Fair is back and better than ever.  Image

    Renamed the DOWNTOWN BUSINESS EXPO, the event is shaping up to be a considerable gathering. This is your opportunity to show off your business to Rotarians and the downtown business community.  We will hold the event on January 22, 2014 at the Boat House at Confluence Park from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. 

    Tables are $225 a piece, these 8' tables are available to both Rotarians and non-Rotarians.  So, invite your friends and business associates to purchase a table.  The reason to invite non-Rotarians is to help attract non-Rotarians to the power of Columbus Rotary and all we stand for.  Club members have already made a good start at buying up our tables, promotional materials are available from the Club office.

    We are also inviting 20 non-profits who will not pay for their space (sponsoring them is $225 per table).  The agreement they are all making to participate is that they will advertise the Expo to their membership and marketing lists.  Because of this diverse marketing method to draw attendance, we are expecting strong attendance.

    Contact Jim Bishop or Scott Brown to sign up. 

    DOWNTOWN BUSINESS EXPO (Rotary Trade Fair) James Bishop 0

    Adopt A School

    Posted by Richard Ramsey
    The Adopt A School committee will be holding an organizational meeting this Monday after our Rotary meeting. ImageWe have met with Hannah Powell of the KIPP School and she is excited at the prospect of a partnership with Columbus Rotary. You may remember that Hannah spoke to Rotary a few months ago and many were energized by her work with inner city grade schoolers. Today KIPP is grades 5 thru 8, but will be expanding to all grades in the few years. We welcome anyone who is interested in helping with inner city grade school kids at a school that is working!
    Adopt A School Richard Ramsey 0

    Emily Chapman; a Youth Exchange Story

    Posted by Alvin Chapman

    Emily Chapman is the daughter of club member Chip and Rebecca Chapman.

    Emily is halfway through her six-week exchange in France. She’s been documenting her experience through a blog that Chip and Rebecca thought that club members would be interested in viewing it. We often don't get this much information regarding our exchange students, so this is a unique opportunity.  Emily's site is called Day By Day and you can access it at http://ryefrancetrip.tumblr.com/.

    Last weekend she was fortunate to tour the Normandy beaches, and next week she heads to Paris. Her photos and daily vignettes of her life there can give Rotarians a unique insight into how valuable and life-changing this program is. 

    Emily Chapman; a Youth Exchange Story Alvin Chapman 0


    Posted by Keith DeVoe
    On June 10 we celebrated John Mount's 95th birthday.  Advertised as OSU themed entertainment we wanted to surprise John with the OSU alumni pep band, a barbershop quartet and friends from OSU, Methodist Theologic School and ROTARY.  A video of the band can be found on our Face Book page.




    JOHN MOUNT CELEBRATION - More Pics Keith DeVoe 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    This is the tenth year that our club named outstanding Rotarians for each of the Five Avenues of Service: Community, International, Vocational, Youth and Club.

    Congratulations to Steve Weiler - International Service
    ,Image Dana Charlton - Community Service,Image

    Brian Dean - Club ServiceImage, Jim Salvino - Vocational Service


    Imageand Paul Blevins - Youth Service.  


    ShelterBox USA

    Posted by Scott Brown
    In 2012, ShelterBox became Rotary International's first project partner. Image
    This agreement enables both organizations to collaborate more closely to bring relief and temporary shelter to survivors of disasters worldwide. The project partnership will build on both groups strengths in responding to disasters all over the world.

    The fundraising efforts by Rotarians make up a significant proportion of donations received by ShelterBox. Alongside this, Rotary Clubs provide invaluable logistical support to field operations.

    Since 2010 Columbus Rotary has purchased 7 ShelterBox's that have been distributed in Pakistan (for flooding) and Sudan (for population migration).

    Recently, ShelterBox has responded to the Hurricane Sandy and Moore, Oklahoma tornado with blankets, clothing and other essential items.
    ShelterBox USA Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Steven Heiser

    Community Development for All People is pleased to announce that they will serve as a sponsor site for the Children Defense Fund Freedom Schools Program®CDF Freedom Schools® is a National, literacy-enrichment summer and after school program.  As a CDF Freedom Schools® site for the summer of 2013, CD4AP will serve 75 students at Lincoln Park Elementary, entering grades 1-9, free of charge to their families.  The participating students will have the opportunity to participate in an awesome summer experience.  This experience will last a total of eight weeks, from June 17th-August 9th , and CD4AP makes a commitment to continue to serve the families beyond the culmination of the program as well.

    One of the most uplifting components of the CDF Freedom Schools® program is Harambee!  Harambee! is a 30-minute morning celebration.   This time of informal sharing is used to energize and create a positive atmosphere at the beginning of each day at CDF Freedom Schools®.   The components of Harambee! are:

    - Read-Aloud: community guests are invited to read their favorite children’s book.
    - Motivational Song: “Something Inside So Strong”
    - Cheers/Chants

    - Recognition
    - Moment of Silence
    - Announcements

    The word Harambee is a Kiswahili word, meaning “let’s pull together.”  Based on that definition, Children’s Defense Fund suggests, and CD4AP is committed, to not only bring the scholars and staff of the CDF Freedom Schools® site together during Harambee!, but to also involve the scholars’ parents and community members in the affirming celebration.

    For these reasons, Community Development for All People invites you to experience Harambee! at the All People CDF Freedom Schools® program.  They would love to have you as a read-aloud guest this summer.  From June 17th- August 9th, Monday through Friday, Harambee! will take place at Lincoln Park Elementary from 8:30-9:00am.

    Please take a look at your schedule, and let them know when you are available to read to their scholars and experience the CDF Freedom Schools® movement.

    Please contact Dave Cofer at dcofer@4allpeople.net if you have any additional questions.



    Posted by Scott Brown
    Please consider sharing just 4 1/2 hours to be a judge at Invention Convention, supporting the young inventors (K-8) in your community?

    Thank you…to the teachers, business leaders and community members who have already signed up to judge at one of the upcoming Invention Convention regional competitions, but we need more judges.  We need YOU! 

    The excitement is building all over Ohio as students are preparing for the regional competition and are perfecting their ingenious and sometimes world-changing inventions. In preparation for the competition, we are looking for judges to help; speaking with the young inventors to learn about their invention as well as their journey through the invention process; evaluating the students and their inventions using the Invention Convention criteria/rubric. Here is a snapshot of judging commitment:
    1. TIME commitment: maximum of 4 ½ hours on event day. (10am - 2:30pm)
      • May 18th Columbus Regional – Columbus State Community College
    3. TRAINING/Preparation:  WE TRAIN YOU just before judging begins.
    4. We provide breakfast and lunch!
    Finally - THANK YOU - for sharing the BEST 4 ½ HOURS you will ever give....to our program, our young people, to the future of our community and its leaders.
    Use the links below to watch a short video, learn more about judging and to access the on-line sign up form:
    Columbus – May 18th http://www.just-think-inc.com/columbus/judge_invite.html
    To participate, please contact: 
    Juli Shively
    Educator Liaison & Program Operations
    JUST THINK, Inc. / Invention Convention


    Posted by Scott Brown

    Eighteen Columbus Public high school students successfully completed the Rotary Enterprise Academy. The students have been working with the Columbus Rotary and ImageOhio Dominican University’s business Professor Dr. John Grant, to learn about the free enterprise system. In February, the students were on Ohio Dominican’s campus for classroom sessions on business. In March, these students completed field experiences where they were hosted in teams by area businesses and Columbus Rotarians. During these company visits, the students studied company mission statements, organizational structures, marketing practices and other concepts discussed in the classroom sessions. 

    The final group presentations were delivered on Monday, March 25. In this session the students shared with the audience and the other student groups what they learned in their field experience. This session marked the completion of this year’s program and the students were awarded a Business elective credit from Ohio Dominican University. After the presentations, the students enjoyed dinner together.



    Posted by Paul Blevins

    The Rotary Youth Exchange Committee invites you to a "Roundtable" on June 3, 2013 at 11:30am where you can meet our 2012-2013 Inbound students.  These are the two students that Columbus Rotary sponsored this year in RI's international youth exchange program.

    Our two students will share some of their experiences from the past year and give a presentation on their time in Columbus.  Attendees will eat in the Roundtable room and join Rotary for the program at 12:30.  



    Posted by Scott Brown

    ImageOur signature event, The High School Service Above Self Fair, is on Monday, April 29.  We will meet at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in the Regency Ballroom on the third floor of the facility.  The hotel is located at 350 N. High Street.  Numerous parking options are available, including the garage under the Convention Center Food Court adjacent to Nationwide Boulevard.      

    Due to another function we will be unable to access the Ballroom as we are used to doing--through the main doors on the south side.  Please go to the second floor rather than the third floor and watch for signs and Hyatt staff.  They will direct you to the hallway on the north side of the Franklin room.  There you will find the Rotary check-in desk and stairs and an elevator leading up to the North Foyer where you can enter the Ballroom. 

    Student displays will be in place between 11:00 and 11:15 AM.  Please plan to arrive early to view the student's service project displays and speak with school representatives about their projects and experiences. We are expecting 350 students and guests this year. 


    Posted by Scott Brown
    12 Rotarians and guests took the opportunity to visit Watershed Distillery on April 25.   We had a great time.  Not only was the distilation process interesting, but way to get to know Watershed, their process and spirits!
    Image   Image


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Rotarians - we are all to be congratulated on our membership efforts of late.  As we move into May, I would like to remind you that our ImageRotary TEAM Membership Challenge will continue through June.  We started the year with 319 members and are gradually climbing back to that number, but we need everyone's efforts.  Our current total is 306

    If you have proposed someone and they have yet to pay their dues, making them a full fledged member, we need your help.  It's now that we need to assure our friends and prospects of our excitement upon them joining Rotary.  We have a new process developed by the Membership Committee to make these first few months easier and to help orient new members. 

    Remember that these new members have red ribbons on their name badges.  Please make it a point to introduce yourself. 

    Keep up the good work.  I can honestly say that I'd like to see a Sea of Red Ribbons on July 1, 2013!


    Posted by Scott Brown

    ImageThe Derby Day Soiree was a success and we thank those whom participated in its planning and the event itself.  By now we have had a chance to tally all of the income and expense items and are happy to report that the Soiree netted $15,752.56.  These funds have been added to others that the Foundation has available for the 2013-14 Service projects.  In total, $124,386 will be made available to committees for our projects and scholarship activities. 

    The sources used to arrive at this total are: 

    Fall 2012 Campaign:                    $  66,475
    Cap Ingalls Fund:                        $  30,305

    Special Events:                            $   4,822
    Bryan Noton Donation:                  $   7,084
    Derby Day Soiree:                       $  15,700



    Posted by Scott Brown
    On March 28 our second round of coaching OSU veteran students will be occurring at the Blackwell Hotel.  Rotarian Coaches will be working with MBA students at the Fisher College of Business.   There are a few opportunities to be involved with this program if you are interested.  Please contact Jim Salvino at jsalvino@columbus.rr.com if you would like to participate.

    This luncheon will be held at:
    The Blackwell Hotel
    Restaurant Building
    2110 Tuttle Park Place
    Room 230 Pfahl
    Valet parking or Parking Garage Available


    ENTERPRISE ACADEMY Final Presentations

    Posted by Stephen Jeney

    On Monday March 25, 18 Columbus Public high school students will make final presentations for the Rotary Enterprise Academy.  The students have been working with the Columbus Rotary and Ohio Dominican University business professor Dr. John Grant, to learn about the free enterprise system.  In February, the students were on Ohio Dominican’s campus for classroom sessions on business.  In March, these students completed field experiences where they were hosted in teams by area businesses and Columbus Rotarians.  During these company visits, the students studied company mission statements, organizational structures, marketing practices and other concepts discussed in the classroom sessions. 

    You are cordially invited to attend the group presentations being delivered on Monday at 4:30 in the Bishop Griffin Student Center rooms 258 and 259.  These rooms are on the second floor of the building on the west side.  In this session the students will share with the audience and the other student groups what they have learned in there field experience.  This session will mark the completion of this year’s program and the students will be awarded a Business Elective credit from Ohio Dominican University.  After the presentation, a dinner meal will be served around 6:00 in the adjacent conference room. 

    Please RSVP your attendance to Tiffany Pirwitz at pirwitzt@ohiodominican.edu, or (614)251-4274. We hope you will be able to join us for this event. 

    ENTERPRISE ACADEMY Final Presentations Stephen Jeney 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    President Elect Steve Heiser would like to invite you to his Leadership Retreat. 
    On April 6, 2013 Committee Leaders, Board Members and any other members interested in the inner workings of the Club are invited to attend the 2013 Leadership Retreat and Service Project.  The first portion of the day will focus on issues of membership, public image, signature service projects and finances & fund raising. 

    Please come for all or part of the event.   If you can't make the meeting come for the service.  Just let Scott Brown know if you plan to attend. 

    We will gather for our meeting and lunch from 8:30 AM to 12:30PM, after which we will work in the organization's community garden.

    The meeting will be held at Community Development for All People, located at 946 Parsons Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43206.  It is at the intersection of Parsons and Whittier. 


    Posted by Khisha Fallon

    ImageIn central Ohio, we know about the important work of the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. As a leader in the fight against hunger, they serve 20 counties and over 550 diverse agencies, from soup kitchens to food pantries.

    Early in 2012, the Mid-Ohio Foodbank opened a pantry of their own, to assist in meeting the increased need. Their Kroger Community Pantry operates at their Grove City location and is open 3 days each week. Hoping to serve 200 families a month, the pantry now serves more than 300 families a week. Much of the work done at the pantry is thanks to hundreds of volunteers who have served the pantry in its first year.

    On March 23, the pantry needs our assistance – with a Spring Cleaning Day! Columbus Rotarians, working with pantry volunteers, are needed to clean and organize shelves, refrigerators, produce coolers and inventory areas. Beginning at 1:30 p.m., we will help to ensure the pantry is in top shape, and enjoy fellowship through service.

    Please join us! This will be a great opportunity to make a difference.  Please sign up for this event by contacting Khisha Fallon.


    Middle School "Service Above Self" Fair

    Posted by William Matthews

    Columbus Rotarians are invited to attend the eighth annual Rotary-sponsored Middle School "Service Above Self" Fair that will be held Wednesday, March 27, 12:00-1:45pm, with students from 24 Columbus City middle schools participating.  The theme of the projects is “How Can We Create a Better School Environment--Academically, Physically, and/or Socially?” 

    ImageThe event will begin with project displays followed by lunch and then student presentations at about 12:45pm.  At 1:45pm, immediately following the Fair, attending Rotarians will select three middle school projects that will be exhibited at the High School "Service Above Self" Fair on April 29.

    The event will be at the Transportation Building on the north campus of Fort Hayes Metropolitan Center in the Construction, Arts, & Auto-Technology Building, 600 Jack Gibbs Blvd. For directions and more information, please contact Don Goldbaum at dgoldbaum@handsoncentralohio.org.
    Middle School "Service Above Self" Fair William Matthews 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    One of our signature events is the High School Service Above Self Fair.  This event celebrates community service projects performed by students in each Columbus City Schools High School.  Knowing that a picture is worth 1000 words, we wanted to share this video with you.  This year's Fair will be held April 29, 2013 from 11:00AM to 1:00PM in the Hyatt Regency Ballroom. 
    Click the logo for video. 


    Posted by William Matthews

    Service Above Self Scholarships:  Each year, the Club awards $2,500 scholarships to high school seniors in the Columbus City Schools who have demonstrated significant volunteer service during their high school careers. High schools participating in the Service Above Self Fair nominate outstanding seniors and Columbus Rotarians – serving on interview panels – select the recipients.  Nine awards are available this year.
    Interview teams will meet at various high schools throughout the district on March 20, 21 or 22.  If you can spare part of a morning or afternoon on one of these days to participate, you will find it a most enjoyable and rewarding experience.  For additional information or to volunteer, please contact Service Above Self Scholarship Chair Ron Kyser (rckyser@aol.com).   

    These scholarships will be awarded at our signature event; the High School Service Above Self Fair held at the Hyatt Regency on April 29, 2013.



    Posted by Scott Brown
    Let's be honest.  In any organization our size it is easily assumed that someone else will handle the membership recruitment and retention efforts.   What if everyone thinks that way?  Soon through attrition and inattention our Club is something less than it could be.  Like our country, we are approaching a "cliff" of our own.

    We need everyone's help to bolster our recruitment efforts.  Our membership is teetering around 300.  When is the last time you invited a friend, former member, client, business associate or family member to join you for lunch on Monday?  Just because we "built it" we shouldn't expect people to come if we don't ask them to.  We have some great speakers booked.  Just look at the left column of this newsletter to see who will be speaking to us. 

    We have had a number of guests and former members show interest in the club lately.  Thank you to everyone that invited them to attend and made them feel welcome at lunch.  Most of these people have left with a blue membership folder; available at the guest sign in. Trust me, I don't mind making more folders. 

    If you have any questions about the membership process, please call me (Scott) at the Club House today at 221-3127.  The Membership Committee is developing a number of pieces and initiatives to revitalize our recruitment and retention efforts, but they will need your help when all of it rolls out. 

    Our membership is a direct reflection of what and how much we can accomplish in Columbus.  Let's build upon what we have already done!



    Posted by Scott Brown

    At its December 19, 2012 Board meeting the Club Board elected Tricia Strahler to serve as Second Vice President starting July 1, 2013.  She will serve as President of the Club in 2015-16. Congratulations Tricia!

    Imageicia Strahler was appointed to the Club Board in 2011 to fill a partial term created by the election of an officer.  She is the owner of Sparkafire Communications.  Tricia was involved with Rotary before becoming a Rotarian in 2007.  She worked with a District Conference.  Since joining she has been Vice Chair of Rotaract, Co-Chair of the Derby Day Soiree, Promotions Chair and Co-Chair of the Euchre Committee.  She has served as a judge for the Service Above Self Fair and Phoenix scholarships, assisted with Flu Shots and the Dictionary Project.

    We are also happy to announce that on January 14, 2013 the Club elected three directors whose terms run from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2016.  A coin flip was eventually held at the Club Board meeting on January 16, 2013 to break a tie and finalize the three directors elect. 

     ImagePaul Blevins is an attorney and the head of operations for MDK Title Agency.  He joined Columbus Rotary in 2008 and has been active in the club.  Paul has been a member of the Youth Exchange Committee since joining Rotary and is now the Chairman of the committee.  For the past 5 years, he has been responsible for the club's booth at the International Festival.  In 2011, Paul led the club's Columbus Crew game event and fundraiser.  Prior to joining Columbus Rotary, Paul was a member of the Elyria Rotary Club from 1999-2007, where he served on the board of directors and was Chairman of the Scholarship Committee and the Public Relations Committee.

    ImageCalloway Robertson, CFP, is a Vice President and Senior Wealth Management Advisor at Fifth Third Private Bank and has been a member of Columbus Rotary for 18 years.  Calloway just concluded serving 9 years on our Foundation Board including two years as president.  He served on the Program Committee for many years including two years as Chair.  Calloway served as our first chair for our Membership Development Committee.  He also served as chair when The Rotary Ball returned in 1997.  Calloway has volunteered for many service projects in Rotary including Easter Seals, Homeless Family Foundation, Colerain School, Wheel Chair Marathon, school vaccinations and Dictionary Project.  Calloway is a Cap Ingalls Associate and recipient of Club Service-Exemplary Service Award in 2008.

    ImageJohn Stewart was appointed to the Club Board in 2012 to fill a partial term created by the election of an officer.  John is a co-owner of Stewart Corporations and its three divisions (TRANSInternational System, Inc., TriModal Service, Inc., and Global Transport Specialists), which provide trucking and other logistics services.  John has been a member of Columbus Rotary for over 11 years.  He has served Columbus Rotary as Chair of our International Service Committee for two years, twice as a host for a Group Study Exchange member (both from Brazil), as a worker on projects for the Homeless Families Foundation, as having been involved in our annual Colerain Christmas Party and as a helper in the immunization program at Medina Middle School.  He is currently the Disaster Relief Coordinator for our Club and is involved in our Centennial Project.  He is a multiple Paul Harris fellow.



    Posted by Scott Brown

    Does your committee have something to share or have an upcoming event?  How about some pictures from that last gathering?  Share the news with the Club Office and watch it magically appear in the newsletter. It will increase our knowledge of what you are doing and it will increase your volunteer turn out. 

    Upcoming Service Opportunities and Touch Points:
    Rotary Blood Drive
        May 6 at the Boat House at Confluence Park 10am to 2:45PM.
        Email Mike Rankin for a time slot mrankin@columbus.rr.com
        Walk ins encouraged
    Youth Exchange Committee
        Our 2013-14 Exchange student is from the Philippines. We are currently looking for families to host her for 3 months. She will be attending CSG, so she may live in any part of the city. Patricia is 16 years old and loves to draw.  Please contact Kathy Gatterdam 614-306-4912 for more information.



    Posted by John Stewart

    Recently we asked for your assistance with donations to help out victims of Hurricane Sandy.  You may be asking yourself why we started this effort now.  There are still people in need that were affected by Sandy.  This week I saw a news story about an ocean community that is still closed to its residents three months after the storm.  Of its 4700 homes, 4000 will be torn down.Image

    We were able to collect several boxes of items.  Thanks to John Stewart for organizing the drive for Rotary, Craig Hoyt for donating boxes, John Martin for making signs and ODW and the Logisitics Council for coordinating the entire effort. 



    Posted by Scott Brown

    April 28, 2014

    Please check the white Board for the location of your meeting.

    Phoenix Scholarship Interviews at 10:50 AM and 1:10 PM
    Make A Difference Scholarship Interview at 11:00 AM
    Leadership Development and Vocational Service at 1:15 PM
    at 1:15 PM
    Derby Day Planning Committee at 1:15 PM



    Posted by Scott Brown
    ImageEver wonder what your friends at Rotary are doing?  Feel a need to serve the community again?  Has your schedule cleared up a bit?  Pictured here are Ken Galloway, Jim Salvino, Bob Covert and Mark Schieber who gathered with 28 other Rotarians and family members at Colerain Elementary School to continue a 94 year old service project with the youth of Columbus City Schools.

    We are increasingly hearing from former members who want to rejoin the Club.  It's quite simple to get back into the swing of things at Columbus Rotary.  A former member just needs to start paying their dues and meal fees again.  That's it!  No Information Committee.  No New Member Classes.  We will ask for some updated contact information and a new picture, but that's about all.  Just start attending and pay your usual invoices.

    100% Attendance is a thing of the past as well.  Though we would like to see you as much as possible we would like you to attend as your schedule permits.  If you can't make lunch, perhaps a committee meeting, service or social event will fit.  Do what you can and we'll be happy.   

    We meet at the Boat House at Confluence Park now.   The entrance to the Park is near the intersection of Souder and Spring Streets, near the main Post Office.  The bell rings at 12:05 PM. 

    Come on back.  We'd love to have you join again. 
    HOW DO I RE-JOIN ROTARY? Scott Brown 0

    Rotarian of the Year

    Posted by Scott Brown

    ImageIn December the Club presented the 2012 Rotarian of the Year to Michael Schoedinger.  Mike has been an active and supportive member of our Club since he joined in 1992.  Very few Rotarians have worked as hard on membership as Mike has.  Not only has he nominated numerous individuals for membership in the club, he has also worked diligently to find ways to increase membership; including creating a corporate membership program long before Rotary International embraced the concept.  Mike was also the 2012 recipient of the Membership Development Award. 

    Mike has been an active member on many of the Clubs committees; program, participation, Service Above Self Awards, Promotion, Information, Wheelchair Marathon, Nominating, etc.  He is also a Cap Ingalls Associate and multiple Paul Harris Fellow. 

    Pictured here are his wife and daughter who surprised Mike at the award ceremony. 


    Rotarian of the Year Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    The ImageClub's OSU Intern, Brock DeLong, has been busy working on a new video to add to our collection and social media sites.  Check out Columbus Rotary - Who We Are on YouTube and share it with your friends.  Just click the You Tube button to watch.  You might want to look for us on FaceBook and LinkedIn too.  If you are unsure how to do this ask a high school/college student or call Scott at the office to discuss it further. 

    Help us spread the word about the good things we do at Columbus Rotary.   Share the video, post it to a social media site or add it to your email signature. 


    NEW CLUB VIDEO Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    Fourteen Columbus Rotarian Bell Ringers gathered over $1,000 on Wednesday and Thursday last week.  ImageFor a bit over 2 hours of ringing, we did a great job.  Thanks to head bell ringer JoAnne Schorsten and her team, Toni Ballentine, Bill Blaine, John Deal, John Easton, Steve Heiser, John O'Meara, Ed Overmeyer, Calloway Robertson, Mark Scheiber, John Stewart, Mary Vlahakis, Jim Wojta and Scott Brown.

    RING A BELL Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Michael Schoedinger

    We are excited to announce that we are bringing back some old traditions to Columbus Rotary this year.  In years past, we have had activities to help new members get to know our club and its members better.  When you have a club as big as ours, often it can be overwhelming to come to a meeting and not know anyone.  For those that joined between January 2011 and June 30, 2012 there will be a meeting on Monday, November 19 at 11am before our meeting.  We will gather in one of the meeting rooms at the Boat House (Confluence) before our regular meeting.  Please make an effort to get to Rotary that day.  If you can't make it contact Mike Schoedinger or Scott Brown.  

    NEW MEMBER CLASS Michael Schoedinger 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    Community Service Event for LifeCare Alliance

    The intent of this November outing is for seasoned Rotarians to work alongside new and potential members.  Instead of bringing a guest to lunch, show them how we serve the community.
    Saturday, November 10
    10 a.m. - 12 Noon
    LifeCare Alliance Headquarters
    1699 W. Mound Street
    Columbus, Ohio 43223

    Please dress comfortably - we will be working in the kitchen and warehouse.  Join us for lunch afterwards.

    Questions and RSVP's to Khisha Fallon at kjbfallon@earthlink.net


    UPCOMING EVENTS and Rotary TouchPoints (we are busy)

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Contact the Club office for more information on any of these events.
    Please join us and bring family and friends.

    Dec. 13 - Colerain Christmas gift wrapping at the school; 5:00 PM
                  DATE CHANGE

    Dec. 19 - The traditional Fellowship Luncheon HAS BEEN MOVED to a Wednesday evening gathering from 5:30 to 7:00PM.

    Dec. 19 - Kids N Kamp wrapping party will happen at 6:30 PM at the Boat House at Confluence Park.

    Dec. 21 - Colerain Christmas Party; 8:30 AM

    Dec. 24 & 31, 2012 - NO MEETINGS (Take a rest!)

    UPCOMING EVENTS and Rotary TouchPoints (we are busy) Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    Our Social Committee has arranged for a November 29, 2012 5:30 Dinner at the OSU Faculty Club and then a stroll over to the Wexner Center toImage see the Annie Leibovitz photographic exhibition she personally selected for the first worldwide showing.

    Rotarians and their guests are invited to attend.  Dinner and the museum are cash at the door.  Please sign up by November 21. 

    Come to the Wexner Center this fall to explore the work of photographer Annie Leibovitz in an exhibition that fills all our galleries. Leibovitz’s large and distinguished body of work encompasses some of the most well-known portraits of our time. She began her career as a photojournalist for Rolling Stone in 1970, while she was still a student at the San Francisco Art Institute. Her pictures have appeared regularly on magazine covers and in numerous publications ever since.



    Posted by Scott Brown
    A Membership Minute
    by PDG Brent Rosenthal
    Zone 30 Assistant Rotary Coordinator - Membership
    District 6690 Membership Chair

         Suppose a salesman comes to your door and asks you to buy the latest widget he is selling. So you ask him, “Why should I buy this? How will it benefit me? Why should I spend money on this instead of something else?” His response, “Well I don’t know how it will benefit you or if you would even need it. But it would sure help me make more money.” Your response? SLAM!
          Welcome to the wonderful world of Rotary recruiting! Because whether we realize it or not, 99% of Rotary clubs approach membership growth just like the self-centered (and probably starving) salesman. We talk about “recruitIng” members so we can grow. Our first (and often only) thought is club-centered. We don’t think of the customer – the member! And the primary thing she is thinking of is “what would I gain from joining Rotary?”
         The result? If we are successful in recruiting members, they seldom last long in Rotary. You have seen this and the numbers bear it out. Every year in North America 44,000 new Rotarians join. That’s a lot of people - enough to result in significant growth! But also every year 55,000 Rotarians quit! Why? Because these busy people feel the clubs aren’t giving them enough value to justify the time and money membership in Rotary requires.
          Sadly, we give hardly a thought to how we can attract people to Rotary by showing them the tremendous value that Rotary holds for them! Equally sadly, we too often don’t evaluate our clubs by asking the most important question: are we providing activities and services the current and future members want? Or do we cling to unpopular, tired programs and activities because “we’ve always done it that way”?
          A “recruiting” mindset focuses only on how the club will grow in numbers, and always produces only temporary results, with longer term attrition resulting in a smaller and weaker club. However, a focus on attracting members through a diverse menu of service, social, and professional development activities and programs results in the club gaining productive long term members who will gain from Rotary and in turn build a stronger club.
          When we ask someone to join Rotary, we are asking them to invest their time and money in Rotary instead of somewhere else. So they naturally ask (as you asked the widget salesman), “what’s in it for me? How will I benefit? And will I benefit more than if I invested that time and money elsewhere?” My friend PDG John Adams (D6740) has a great way to express membership growth as a formula: “Membership is gained and retained when the value of membership to the Rotarian is equal to or greater than the cost of membership."
          Let’s lose the recruiting mindset and focus instead on making our clubs attractive to “seasoned” members, newer members and potential members. You will be amazed not only at how your club grows, but how the energy and enthusiasm do as well. And that will in turn attract even more members!
    BANISH THE “R” WORD! Scott Brown 0

    October 15 Meeting

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Next Program

    Speaking to us will be Jim Foley.  Jim was selected to be the first President of Cristo Rey Columbus High School. He retired from Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP at the end of last year and began serving as President of Cristo Rey Columbus on January 1, 2012. Image
    Jim is a native Ohioan who has lived in Columbus since 1982. Jim practiced law for 29 years at Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP, where he was a partner. He taught law school as an adjunct professor at both Ohio State and Capital law schools. He has also written for and taught at numerous legal seminars. Prior to coming to Columbus, he was an attorney at the United States Department of Justice in Washington D.C. During his time at Vorys he was selected as a member of the U.S. News listing of the Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers Magazine’s selection of the leading lawyers in Ohio, and Columbus CEO’s Top Lawyers in Columbus.

    He and his wife Vicki are the proud parents of four children and grandparents of three.
    October 15 Meeting Scott Brown 0

    Columbus International Festival volunteers needed

    Posted by Scott Brown
    For many years, Columbus Rotary has been a participant in the Columbus International Festival at Veterans Memorial. This year, we will again be a sponsor of the festival and have a booth at the event to promote Columbus Rotary, RI and our Youth Exchange Programs.

    We’d like your help to staff the booth and promote Rotary. We have two hour shifts at the booth from the opening of the festival on Saturday, November 3rd, at 10am until 6pm on Sunday, November 4th. Each volunteer will receive a complimentary ticket for him or her and a guest.

    Shifts are filling up fast, so please email Paul Blevins, peblevins@gmail.com, to confirm a time.
    Columbus International Festival volunteers needed Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Teddy Damron
    ImagePumpkin chili and spiced cider are on the menu for our next Party on the Patio.  The Party will start at 6:25 PM (perhaps before) on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 on the Patio outside of the Rotary office; 1225 Dublin Road in the back of the building. 

    Bring your friends and family.  All are welcome.

    Have a special dish, a bag of ice or chips?  Bring that too and we'll add it to the feast.  See you there!
    PUMPKIN CHILI? Teddy Damron 0


    Posted by Tricia Strahler
    That's right, the Euchre group is reconvening this Fall.  Rotarians, friends and family will meet at the Boat House at Confluence Park in the restaurant area to play.  Food and beverage's will be available from the Boat House.  Attendees will be asked to contribute to a fund that provides a Christmas party for Colerain Elementary School and scholarship help. 

    Want to play?  Beware...this group has FUN!.  In the past there has been a trophy and a loner hat.   Sign up at lunch Monday or email Tricia Strahler to get on the list.  The first "meeting" is October 3, 2012 at 6:30 PM.   
    CARDS ANYONE? Tricia Strahler 0

    CARE Ministries - Vinton County

    Posted by Diane Lease
    ImageRay Bostic and Diane Lease would like to invite you to participate in a service project to help the CARE food pantry in Vinton County on Saturday, October 13th.  Time for departure will be provided in the near future.

    Ray met with the folks from CARE and they will be replacing their roof and working on some improvements to the building....If you've been there, you understand how important that is!  Ray also discussed how they are going to clean out the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building.  To help get the building ready, they need our help in preparing for the largest garage sale that Vinton County has seen and we need your help!

    Vinton County has the second highest percent of people living at 200% or below the Federal Poverty Level within the State of Ohio at 49.1%. The only County that is worse off than Vinton County is Morgan County with 51.1% of the people living in Morgan County who are living at 200% or below the Federal Poverty Level. The only difference between Vinton County and Morgan County is that Morgan County has a Rotary Club to help support those organizations who feed hungry families.

    To make things worse, they are having challenges in getting food.  Recently, they had only 400 canned food items to give 400 families.  Our Club continues to have the unique opportunity to make a huge impact on a community in need and just like in October, we are going to reach out to the other area Rotary Clubs as well as Cap Square and Dublin AM.

    With Columbus Rotary, we can achieve anything!  I'll look forward to hearing from you!
    Diane Lease
    CARE Ministries - Vinton County Diane Lease 0

    International Festival

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Lastly, we will again be co-hosting the Columbus Rotary booth at the Columbus International Festival with the International Committee. The International Committee has paid a $1,000 sponsorship fee to the festival, which entitles the club to a booth and other advertising acknowledgments. We, as in past years, take on the responsibility of setting up, manning and breaking down the booth.

    I will set-up the booth and break it down, but we need volunteers to take 2 hour shifts during the festival. Being a volunteer entitles you to 2 complimentary tickets to the festival, so bring a friend. Rotaract is prepared to participate as volunteers, but you guys get first dibs on time-slots. It would be very nice if Helga and Julija could participate as well.

    What I currently need to fill is as follows:

    Time Sat., Nov. 3rd Sunday, Nov. 4th

    10am-noon open for 2 open for 2

    Noon-2pm open for 2 open for 2

    2pm-4pm open for 2 open for 2

    4pm-6pm open for 2 open for 2

    6pm-closing Travis Casper (9pm) Paul Blevins (breakdown)

    That's a total of 17 volunteers needed. Please let me know your interest ASAP. I will be forwarding the remaining time slots to the Rotaract Committee on Monday.
    International Festival Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Remember - Bob Bowers will be auctioning off a piece from Bryan Noton's estate on September 17, 2012.

    The item in question is a Waterford Crystal replica of the 2002 College Football National Championship Trophy.  It is a limited edition piece that is about 4.5 inches in length. 


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Rotary is not all about Monday's, it's about relationships and service.  I realize that we put an emphasis on 100% Attendance once a year, but even those awardees do not come to every Monday meeting.  

    So what do I mean.  Yes, a number of us are drawn to Monday's and the great speakers we have.  However, many more are drawn to Rotary because of the relationships that they have made.  Some of these are business relationships and many more are personal relationships.  Recently I have heard of members stopping by Jim Brown's room while he is rehabing at the Forum on Knightsbridge.  Others have been seen on the golf course together.  And there are more stories of gatherings at weekend retreats, tailgates and over cards.

    Many of these relationships were built through service to our community.  Handing out dictionaries, helping Santa, painting, cleaning and serving food have all been a basis for building relationships.  Serving on committees, helping at events and attending other Rotary functions are all a part of the Rotary experience.   


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Steve Weiler is heading up this year's project to hand deliver dictionaries to every third grader in the Columbus City Schools.  Thanks to the efforts of Steve, Steve Heiser, Bob Covert, Tim Maghie, Luke McCormick, Intern Brock DeLong and Scott Brown the 4000 dictionaries are sorted and ready for pick up at Buckeye Boxes; 610 N. Hague Ave.  

    If you are signed up you should be hearing from Steve Weiler.  Let's get these great books into the hands of the students!


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Today's meeting is brought to you by...

    Would you like your name and company logo to appear here and at a Monday Rotary meeting?  Perhaps you have a client or associate that would like to promote themselves.  If you are interested, contact Scott Brown at 221-3127 or scott@columbusrotary.org for more information. 

    Thanks to Rich Ramsey for lining up Abercrombie & Fitch as a sponsor on September 17, 2012. 


    Posted by Scott Brown
    For those of you unfamiliar with it, Orientation Weekend is the first and the biggest weekend event for Youth Exchange in our Rotary district and our club is the sponsor.  It is at Camp Mary Orton starting September 8 at 2pm and finishing the next morning at 8:30am.

    We have over 50 students confirmed as coming, including 15 newly arrived inbounds, 15 rebounds and 20 plus prospects for next year.  Let Paul Blevins know (614.583.2480) if you can comImagee at some point during the weekend.  You would enjoy meeting the kids and we could use some help.

    First Friday's networking lunch

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Back after its summer hiatus, our next First Friday networking lunch will be on Friday, September 7, 2012, from 12:00 to 1:00p.m, at the Athletic Club of Columbus (ACC).  Columbus Rotary and the ACC sponsor this Rotary/ACC networking event. This event is limited to the first 40 persons who register. The luncheon will be held in the Tally Ho Room on the first floor of the ACC.

    Any Rotarian from any Rotary Club (and any guest they might bring) is invited as is any ACC member. You must bring a business card with you (hopefully more than one) to gain entrance to the luncheon. The luncheon will be a buffet and will cost each person $12 (this includes beverage and a gratuity).

    There is no agenda, no program, just networking. A member of Columbus Rotary’s Vocational Service Committee will probably take a minute to welcome everybody, but that will be all. The idea is for persons to network, and if any ACC members who are not Rotarians decide they wish to learn more about Rotary, so much the better. 

    To RSVP, please contact the Front Desk at the ACC at 614-221-3344 or e-mail Marte Dobosh at mdobosh@accolumbus.com. If you do not reserve a place ahead of time, please come anyways, as we always seem to have enough room for last minute guests.
    First Friday's networking lunch Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Join us on Friday, September 14 for some fun, fellowship and trout fishing.  ImageDwight Hurd has graciously offered to host Rotarians and guests at the Briarwood Sporting Club.  The Club is located in Bellefontaine, Ohio near the Mad River Ski resort at 625 Township Road 184, Bellefontaine, OH.

    If you have not joined us before, please consider it this time.  Not only do we enjoy the company of other Rotarians, but we enjoy teaching others to fly fish.  You won't be wading in streams or hiking miles through the woods to find a place to fish.  You'll fish from a bank a short walk from your car.

    Seen here, Doug Frazier shows off his handy work earlier this year.    

    We will gather around noon for a brown bag lunch and then start fishing.  The day will end around 5:00 PM.  Costs include buying your own lunch/snacks/beverages, gas and cleaning of fish you decide to keep.  This is a catch and release facility.   

    We hope you can join us.  Let Scott Brown (221-3127) know if you plan to attend. 

    "A Night to Remember" ROTARACT RECAP

    Posted by Scott Brown
    "A Night to Remember" – Casino Night Benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association raised more than $7,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association – Central Ohio Chapter. There were 65 people in attendance at Rotaract’s fourth annual signature event, setting a record for donating more to Alzheimer’s than ever before! Those who attended enjoyed casino games, and many guests won fantastic prizes. Pictures of the night’s festivities can be found at http://www.facebook.com/groups/columbusrotaract.
    "A Night to Remember" ROTARACT RECAP Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Please feel free to share your Rotary event pictures or other picture featuring Rotarians with the office, like these.

    Image  ImageImage
    These images were captured by John Koetz at the Youth Exchange Orientation Weekend on September 8 at Camp Mary Orton.
    SHARE YOUR PICTURES! Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Every Columbus Rotary committee has a new tool to help them that is available at our website.  Known as the "My Committee's" module, committees can now store and share documents as well as email committee members directly from our website.  A list of members is maintained for you there, so no more looking for previous emails to "reply to all".  

    Scott will have a FAQ sheet availble at the meetings for those that want to start working with this module.   


    Posted by Scott Brown
    It's a simple question.  Think about it?  How much time do you spend promoting your business or organization to others?  And how much of that promotion includes the fact that you are a Rotarian?

    Think outside of Columbus and Monday lunch.  You are a member of a worldwide organization of 1.2 million people that has virtually wiped Polio from the face of the earth.  You are a member of the oldest service organization in the United States.   Rotary started Easter Seals in Ohio and brought Junior Achievement to town.  Our Camp Enterprise/Enterprise Academy program went worldwide as the model for other clubs.  Yes, it started here too.  We've also worked with the handicapped population of Columbus City Schools for over 90 years. 

    With all of this humanitarian good, why aren't you using it in promotions?  It's time to turn the light on Columbus Rotary and stop hiding our actions under the proverbial bushel basket.

    There are several ways to indicate to others that you are a Rotarian.
    1) Wear your Rotary pin every day.
    2) Add a line to your email signature stating that you are a Rotarian or a link to our website.
    3) Place a sign at your business.  (available from the Club office)

    These are just a few examples and I'm sure we can think of more.  So let's spread the word.     

    Columbus Rotarian Brian Noton Bequeaths $250,000 to Rotary International

    Posted by Scott Brown

    Columbus Rotary announced this week that the estate of one of its members, Imagethe late Bran Noton, has made provisions for a $250,000 donation to the Rotary International Foundation. 

    Noton, a world-renowned aeronautical engineer, lost a 25-year battle with prostate cancer on May 3, 2012 – just 11 days before his 84th birthday.  He first joined the Stockholm-Farsta Rotary Club of Sweden, in 1961.  He subsequently was a member of the Rotary Clubs of Monrovia, CA, Spring Valley, CA and Clayton, MO before joining Columbus Rotary in 2001. 

    With this donation, Noton was inducted posthumously into the Arch C. Klumph Society.  The society, named after the founder of the Rotary Foundation, honors all benefactors that support the Rotary Foundation with a gift of $250,000 or more (cumulatively or as a single gift).  The society supports all of Rotary International’s key initiatives including creating a polio-free world, helping children and families through the Humanitarian Grants Program, promoting educational and cultural exchange programs and enabling tomorrow’s leaders to live and study together as Rotary World Peace Fellows – like Zachary Grainger, the District 6690 World Peace Fellow, who will begin his studies in Japan this fall. 

    Noton’s gift will not only support these international projects – but local and district level activities as well.  Half of all donations to the Rotary Foundation are returned to the district level to support local programs.  So, in three years, District 6690 of Central and Southern Ohio will receive $125,000 directly linked to this generous donation.

    In addition to the $250,000 donated to Rotary International, Noton’s estate further provided a $25,000 donation to the Columbus Rotary Foundation to fund a Phoenix Scholarship to be awarded annually in Noton’s honor. 

    As a member of the Arch Klumph Society, Noton’s photo, along with an interactive biography, will be installed in the Arch C. Klumph Society Gallery located on the 17th floor of One Rotary Center in Evanston, IL.  Noton was the fifth Ohioan to join the Arch C. Klumph Society, and the first Columbus Rotarian to earn this distinction.

    Columbus Rotarian Brian Noton Bequeaths $250,000 to Rotary International Scott Brown 0

    Committee Focus

    Posted by Scott Brown
    At this time every year Club Committees are planning, discussing and starting up their activities.  They are also looking for committee members.  Many Rotarians will tell you that their most rewarding experiences are from this committee involvement.

    The Club has 15 various committees that you can get involved in.  They span from your typical Community Service and International Service Committees to Promotions as well as Woods & Water Committees.  Everyone's help is welcome and encouraged. 

    If you don't know how to get involved in a committee there are several ways to start. 
    1)  Pick up a Committee Flyer at lunch on Monday.
    2)  Call or email the Committee Chair to attend their meetings.
    3)  Just show up at their meetings that are listed each week in the Newsletter.
    4)  Call the office.

    Committee Focus Scott Brown 0

    Membership Minute

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Now is the time to be thinking about inviting your friends and colleagues to join us in Rotary.  The Club has a new venue, new food and it's free to park!  If you haven't recruited a new member before, just call/email Executive Director Scott Brown who will assist you in your endeavor.  Membership drives our projects, activities and fundraising.   

    Did you know that our club has to recruit, on average, enough new members each year to start an entirely new Club?  Due to business pressures, relocations and other matters we lose the membership of a small club each year and we need everyone's help to replace those lost members.  I've mentioned before the need to "replace yourself"; to find that younger version of you to bring into the Club.  Now is the time.     
    Membership Minute Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    I appreciate everyone's suggestions as we become more comfortable with our new meeting location.  We continue to iron out the wrinkles after our 30 years at the Hyatt.  
    A FEW CHANGES Scott Brown 0

    2012-13 Committee Budgets Approved

    Posted by Scott Brown
    On July 5, 2012 the Club Board gathered to discuss the committee budgets that were submitted for the 2012-13 Rotary Year. 
    I am pleased to say that we were able to approve all of the budgets.  We did not discuss specific projects, or make line item decisions.  The Board's intent was to provide each committee with funding and let them determine the best use for those funds.  Every committee was cut in some fashion, as budgets were submitted for $18,500 more than was available this year. 

    We would like to thank all of the committee chairs and members that worked through their budgets and submitted them to the Board in a timely manner. 

    So let's get to work on all of our projects.  Make sure First VP Steve Heiser knows if you have an event coming up or need volunteers.
    2012-13 Committee Budgets Approved Scott Brown 0

    Dr. Houshang Manni - In Memorium

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Dr. Houshang Maani, age 87, of Upper Arlington, died Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at his home with his children and Image
    grandchildren by his side. Dr. Maani was born in Ishquabad, Russia on June 3, 1925. He attended Shah Reza High
    School and graduated from the University of Tehran Medical School in 1951. He married his wife Soraya Faizi Maani and they moved to Indonesia where he worked as a physician for 11 years before moving to Ipswich, England for 7 years then to Columbus, Ohio where he has resided and practiced medicine since 1972.

    Preceded in death by his wife Soraya (Faizi) Maani. Dr. Maani is survived by his daughter, Leva Maani, Scottsdale, Arizona; two sons and their spouses, Louis (Lynn) Maani of Bexley, Ohio, Sahba (Nasim) Maani of Tucson, Arizona; eight grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. He was an active member of the Baha'i Community of Upper Arlington, the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio, Rotary Club, and Red Cross. He will be dearly missed. In lieu of flowers, please send contributions to the Columbus ROtary Foundation, Columbus, OH 43215. Condolences to family may be sent to www.rutherfordfuneralhome.com.
    Dr. Houshang Manni - In Memorium Scott Brown 0

    Email Newsletter Challenges

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Recently we have been experiencing challenges delivering the newsletter and emails electronically to all of our members.  This has resulted in sending out the newsletter in two different formats, from separate providers, in an effort to assure that most of our members are receiving Club information.  We apologize if this has doubled your Rotary email.  (Please read at least one, if you are receiving two.) 

    Our website provider is working to address the challenges and will be updating their system this week to address delivery issues with gmail and roadrunner email addresses.  Our email is being stopped in the servers of these companies and not even being delivered in most cases.  

    Until our provider provides a complete solution, we will continue to use the two separate delivery systems.    
    Email Newsletter Challenges Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    ImageOn June 25, 2012 Jim Maniace was installed as the President of Columbus Rotary.  We were fortunate to be joined by 22 Past Presidents as well as members of the Club Board.  Jim began his remarks by presenting George Arnold, Jerry Converse and his wife, Jana, with Paul Harris Fellowships.   He also recognized his father in law and daughter from the podium; thanking his family for supporting him.

    Jim explained that he had not grown up in a family where community service was emphasized.  It was some time later, after he had moved to Columbus, that he learned about community service and Rotary through business partners and friends.

    "With Columbus Rotary you can achieve anything." is our theme for the year.  Jim reminded us all to dream big and think outside the box.  As you might imagine, as Jim's term drew closer, many members approached him with ideas, observations and criticisms.    Charles F. Kettering said, "If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong."  There is a common thread. There is a silent majority in this Club which is willing and ready to see us change and evolve, to try new strategies, and to confront sacred cows. Kettering also said, "The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress."
    Many people have asked Jim what they can do to help this year.  If there is any favor the President could ask of all of you it would be this.  Allow us to experiment.  Let us try some new things.  As we experiment with trying a different approach occasionally, allow us to make mistakes.  We can promise you we will fail on some of these experiments. When we fail, we will try and try again. Charles Kettering had a perspective on failure.  “One fails forward to success.” “It is not a disgrace to fail, failing is one of the greatest arts in the world.”  You might think of President Jim as an artist by the end of the year!


    Posted by Scott Brown
    If you would like to participate in this year's Community Service Committee, they now meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 5:00 PM.  The meetings will be held at Colombini's Sports Diner, 894 W Broad, across the street from the Florentine Restaurant.  All are welcome, see you there. 


    Posted by Scott Brown
    ImageOn July 23 Ohio Chancellor Jim Petro and his wife Nancy will be speaking to the Club about their book,  "False Justice: Eight Myths that Convict the Innocent."  It's about alarming blind spots in our justice system.  This book will be available to purchase after our July 23 meeting, and signed by the authors, for $25.  A portion of the proceeds from the sales will be directed toward our Club and Foundation.   
    BOOK AVAILABLE Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Shutterbugs find a picture-perfect way to develop skills and friendships

    The fellowship, which was recognized by the RI Board of Directors in January, counts amateur and professional photographers among its members, as well as those who have an appreciation for photography.

    “Our group is open to anyone at any skill level, from point-and-shoot beginners to longtime professionals,” says Layne Marshal, a member of the Rotary Club of Campbell River Daybreak, British Columbia, Canada, who chairs the fellowship. “We have 65 members on our membership list in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia, and India, but that list is probably incomplete.”

    Marshal, an amateur photographer, was interested in joining a fellowship where he could meet other Rotarians and sharpen his skills, but found that there wasn’t such a group. After learning that others had attempted to form a photography fellowship, he worked with them to file the appropriate paperwork with RI.

    “I certainly did not develop this all on my own,” he stresses.

    As a newer group, the fellowship is still developing activities, but it has an online forum for members to share advice, ask and answer questions, or otherwise discuss photography. It is also building a website for members to display their work, receive or offer critiques, and take part in competitions.

    “I enjoy the challenges and rewards of capturing a good photograph, which I feel is too often more luck than skill in my case,” Marshal says. “I know there are lots of people out there who are interested in photography and would join an effort to share and learn.”

    The photography fellowship, and the Rotarian Jazz Fellowship which became official in September, are among 62 recognized by RI. Fellowships bring Rotarians, their spouses, and Rotaractors together to share common interests, explore new opportunities to serve, have fun, and promote vocational development through friendship. Each June, they are celebrated during Rotary Fellowships Month.

    A sampling of other Rotarian fellowships and their upcoming events:

    • The International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians is participating in a jamboree in Denmark, 21-29 July. It will be the largest scout and guide event ever held in Denmark, with about 35,000 participants expected.
    • The International Tennis Fellowship of Rotarians is holding its eighth annual world championship in Guarapari, Brazil, on 29 August. Last year’s event in Bol, Croatia, drew more than 100 players.
    • The Fellowship Cycling to Serve will hold its annual championship cycling event 7-8 September in La Rochelle, France. The group of cycling enthusiasts also organize and participate in a four-day touring event and several other cycling events every year.
    • Members of the International Marathon Fellowship of Rotarians will be running in a marathon in Graz, Austria, on 14 October. The group organizes a marathon event in a different city each year.

    View a complete list of Rotary Fellowships.



    Posted by Scott Brown
    The office will be closed July 2 through 4 in honor of Independence Day! 
    ImageStaff will return to assist you on July 5.


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Announcing the Dr. Terry and Barbara Davis Golf Tournament to benefit the Rafiki Aids Ministry.  On Saturday, July 14 at Fox Fire Golf Club, duffers will be gathering to raise money for Rafiki.   Sign up sheets are available b y the badge boxes each week.  Teams of four are $400; $100 per golfer.  
    Proceeds from the day will benefit the Education Fund for the kids.  This fund helps pay for Rafiki children attending colleges and universities as well as elementary and high school.  This includes books, school fees, classroom construction and teacher salaries at the Rafiki Academy.  Entry forms will be available at our weekly meetings. 

    Marafiki Global AIDS Ministry is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide food, clothing, accommodations, education, medical care, a safe christian environment, and loving support to children worldwide who are affected by HIV/AIDS, and specifically to the Rafiki Children's Center in Kikuyu town, Kenya, Africa.


    Posted by Scott Brown

    In today’s newsletter you will see that we are listing the dates of when members started in Columbus Rotary.   You will see that we have fairly new members and others that have been with the club for more than 40 years.

    This made me think.  How many of us look at replacing ourselves in Rotary.  Yes, we joined to serve, to get our hands dirty, and attend a multitude of lunches and meetings, but have we asked others to join as well.  Individually, we have all profited from Rotary, but have we shared that wealth?

    As you grow in Rotary, it is expected that your job duties and responsibilities increase also.  In this day and age of doing more with less, we all find it difficult to attend events and functions.  This is also true with Rotary.  So have you replaced yourself? 

    Do you have an up and comer in your business that would benefit through Rotary.  Perhaps it’s a client or customer.  The joining process is easy and painless.  All you have to do is contact the office like Terry Davis, Jack Graf and Bill Lane have done recently and we’ll work you through the steps. 

    Think about it.  In the end you benefit from inviting someone to join Rotary, That person benefits through their membership as you have and the Club benefits from both of you.

    REPLACE YOURSELF Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Pat Nelson
    Owner & Partner,  Dennis & Nelson Insurance Group
    Proposed by Tim Norris
    Classification: Financial Services Services / Property & Casualty

    If there are any comments, concerns or questions about the proposed members they need to be sent in writing to Scott Brown, Executive Director, by July 10, 2012.   


    Posted by Scott Brown

    Emily Cannon
    works for Robert W. Baird & Co, Inc. where she is Assistant Vice President of Public Finance.  She was Image
    proposed by Hugo Trux.  Her focus in this role includes municipal bond finance, financial communications, municipal credit rating analysis and preparation, levy modeling and planning, tax-base analysis and projections and debt restructuring. She has a Bachelors degree from the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati and a Master of Business Administration from Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio. Emily lives in Reynoldsburg with her husband James who is an entomologist with the US Army and their three children, James, Nicholas, and Victoria. Any free time Emily finds is enjoyed by reading, bicycling, or playing board games with her children.

    John Hall, SIOR is continually recognized as one of Central Ohio's top commercial office brokers at CBRE. He was proposed by David Alspach.  Armed with an outstanding knowledge of the local market, a strong commitment to client satisfaction, and level headed negotiating techniques, John has a proven record of finding, securing and closing favorable lease terms and investments for his clients. John's sophisticated analytical skills and his deep understanding of all aspects of commercial real estate ensure that his clients receive the best possible representation no matter how complicated the assignment.Image

    During his 25 year career in commercial real estate, John has leased or sold over 14 million square feet of suburban and downtown office space. John consistently receives accolades from clients and earns numerous corporate and industry awards for customer satisfaction and outstanding achievement in the industry. To date, John's leasing and sales volume exceeds $1 billion dollars and averages over 50 transactions each year. John has received the CBRE's Top Producer award nine of the last 11 years (including 2009 & 2010).




    Posted by Scott Brown
    On May 14 President Diane had the honor to introduce and induct two new members to the Club; Nancy Smith and Jennifer Fountain.  Each was presented a membership packet, Rotary pin, new style name badge and Rotary coin. 
    Nancy Smith works for Huntington Bank in the Technology division, where she is Vice President and Program Manager for IT Governance.  In this role she has responsibility for working with IT and executive leadership to oversee the portfolio of technology projects that support all business segments of the Bank.  Prior to joining Huntington she was Manager of Systems Development at Florida Power Corporation in St Petersburg, Florida.  She has a Bachelors degree from Denison University and a Masters degree from Union College in Schenectady, NY.  

    Nancy lives in German Village with her husband Mark, who is a retired college Dean and Professor.  Their son Woody is the lead artist for Zynga, an animation company that makes online games on Facebook.  He lives in Dallas with his wife and their five little girls.    In addition to visiting her grandchildren, Nancy enjoys collecting antiques, early Disney, original Star Wars toys, and vintage jewelry.  Nancy was proposed for membership by Scott Whitlock.Image

    Jennifer Fountain works for the OhioHealth Foundation as a major gifts development officer.  Prior to working at OhioHealth Jennifer worked for several years in Washington D.C. as a development officer and grant officer.  She is a seasoned development professional with more than 15 years of experience in the field of philanthropy, with a unique background in relationship management, fundraising and grantmaking for notable national and local nonprofit organizations. She graduated from Michigan State University wiht a degree in Public Resource Management.  Jennifer lives in Upper Arlington with her husband.  She was proposed for membership by Mike Schoedinger. 




    Posted by Scott Brown
    Our next Vocational Raffle will be held on May 14.  Jim Wasserstrom and his son will present information about their business.  You may recall that President Elect Jim recently find The Wasserstrom Group fro an article in Business First.  An undisclosed gift certificate and bottle of wine are on tap as Jim's raffle prizes.  We'll try to sweeten the pot with some other "swag" to use some current terminology.  


    Posted by Scott Brown

    ImageBryan R. Noton, 83, died May 3, 2012 at Kobacker House, in Columbus, OH. Born on May 14, 1928, in Bath, England.  He is survived by son, Stephen; daughter, Karin; brother, Christopher; sister, Audrey Whiteley, three grandchildren and a nephew all of whom reside in England.

    An internationally recognized authority in the application of advanced materials, especially composites, to innovative structures such as aircraft, spacecraft and ships, Noton was a research engineer at the Aeronautical Research Institute of Sweden from 1951-1958 and technical assistant to its Director-General from 1958-1963. In 1963, he became a visiting professor of aerospace engineering at the University of Virginia. From 1965-67, he was technical director (advanced developmentnew products) with the Whittaker Corporation in California. In 1967, he returned to university life as Visiting Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Stanford University until moving to Washington University, St. Louis MO, as Professor, Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering in 1970. Noton began a 20-year career at Battelle in Columbus in 1973 to lead its activities in composite materials and later headed a unit involving the interaction of design and manufacturing. He was the lead developer of Battelle's Manufacturing Cost/Design Guide that was successfully applied to complex engineering and development programs including Boeing aircraft, the U.S. Space Shuttle, MX missile and B-1 bomber.

    The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics presented him a U.S. flag and AIAA's banner that flew in the Space Shuttle Challenger, Feb. 1984, in recognition of his leadership in the Institute. He received numerous other awards and recognitions for his outstanding work including being elected a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, U.K., and of the Royal Aeronautical Society, U.K. Noton became a U.S. citizen in 1970. He belonged to numerous national and international professional organizations related to his work and was an active member in Columbus Rotary since 2001, after first becoming a Rotarian in 1962. Burial arrangements in Bath, England, are being handled by SOUTHWICK-GOOD & FORTKAMP FUNERAL CHAPEL, 3100 North High Street, Columbus OH 43202.

    Memorial contributions may be made in his name to the Columbus Rotary Foundation, 1225 Dublin Road, Columbus, OH 43215.

    IN MEMORIUM - BRYAN R. NOTON Scott Brown 0

    A personal Invitation from Gov. Brent

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Dear Columbus Rotarians -
        I want to extend a special invitation to all of you to the District 6690 Conference, May 18-19, right here in Columbus. You won’t want to miss this great event!  We have a fun and interesting program, with several events specially designed to be of interest to members of the Rotary Club of Columbus.  In addition to a session on the 100 year history of your club on Friday morning, you won't want to miss the birthday celebration we will have for you at the Friday evening dinner. We would especially like to have all past presidents on the stage as we sing Happy Birthday to the club and share in a birthday cake (the more people, the easier it will be to blow out all the candles!).
        We will also have special sessions on our District's Marafiki Orphanage projects. John Nganga, the Director of the orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya, will be the keynote speaker at Friday's luncheon, sharing the growth that has been possible due to the support of Rotary Clubs throughout District 6690. Your club, thanks to Dr. Terry Davis and many great Rotarians, has been the leader in this amazing project, so please be there to support and congratulate John and Terry.
        The best part of any District event is Rotary fellowship and we are making plenty of opportunity for that during the Conference. Did I mention we would have a “hospitality” area open for most of the event? It will be a great place to meet up with old friends and make new ones while sharing snacks and beverages.
        So plan now to be there to join with your friends, make new ones and celebrate Rotary and the accomplishments of your club. You can register online today at
    www.district6690.org. We are looking forward to seeing all of you there!

    All the best,
    A personal Invitation from Gov. Brent Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    At the first meeting of the Rotary year President Jim Maniace announced that the Club Board had voted to move our weekly meetings to the River Club at Confluence Park.  Noting the relationships that have been made in 31 years at the Hyatt, President Jim acknowledged the move would be difficult for some, however, he had high hopes for our new location, new format and the opportunity to bring new friends to Rotary.

    The facility has now changed its name to THE BOAT HOUSE at CONFLUENCE PARK.  New name, same staff and facility. 

    The Boat House at Confluence Park is located at 679 West Spring Street.  The entrance is accessible off of Souder Avenue, just west of the Rt. 315 underpass. .


    Posted by Scott Brown
    The Exemplary Service Award committee has recommended 5 individuals to be honored by our club on June 18.  Come and see the 2012 honorees.

    Exemplary Service Awards are granted to Columbus Rotarians who have gone above and beyond in following our motto of “Service Above Self.”  Prior selection for an Award does not preclude an individual’s selection again.  Exemplary Service Award winners receive a special pin and framed certificate.  A $250 donation will also be made to the Columbus Rotary Foundation Cap Ingalls Endowment Fund in their name.  The Cap Ingalls Fund is a permanent endowment fund established in 1974 under the direction of Past President Chuck Nitschke and named for our organizing secretary Cap Ingalls.


    Posted by Scott Brown
    The Rotaract OSU Club needs some assistance collecting items for their Chocolate Tasting and Auction.  They have a number of gift certificates at this point.  If you are able to donate a framed print, afghan, basket of goods, etc. it would certainly help the Rotaract Club.  Feel free to bring them to lunch or drop them at the office. 
    SUPPORT NEEDED Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown


    The Club was recently contacted by the Hyatt to discuss our Monday lunches.  Due to the rising costs associated with the food industry, the Hyatt proposed increases for each meal.  After discussions with the Club Board and negotiations with the Hyatt a change will be instituted immediately.

    In order to keep members costs at a reasonable level and understanding that there was a recent dues increase (that did not cover meals) the Board selected to remove the salad from the lunch tables.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and understand a number of “Coffee Only” members are used to partaking of salad on Monday.  The price per plate to continue this option would have increased our meal cost by over 50% which was deemed unaffordable. 

    MEAL CHANGE Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Recently we resurected a club tradition of celebrating the birth of grandchildren and children.  If you are so blessed, get your pen out and tell us about the occassion.  We'll read it at an upcoming meeting.  With a large club, we don't always have the opportunity to keep abreast of everyones' good news, but we want to.  Please help us, help you celebrate.  

    If you don't have new additions to the family, you can get in on the act as well.  Send Scott or the President a letter about your good news and we'll see it makes its way to a lunch meeting.

    Recent additions have been added to the following families.
    Brian Dean - daughter
    Mark Clotts - daughter
    Diane Lease - great neice
    Mike Kehoe - grand daughter
    Dick Sims - great grand child
    GOT GRANDKIDS, KIDS? Scott Brown 0

    Rotary Retreat Update

    Posted by Scott Brown

    On April 7, twenty five Rotarians and nine Rotaractors met to talk about plans for next year and other matters of the Club at our Annual Retreat.  Meeting at the Grange Audubon Center, the group discussed club realities, recent focus group outcomes and President Elect Jim Maniace’s vision for the upcoming year.  The Leadership Development & Vocational Committee of Christie Vargo, Bill Shelby, Jim Maniace, Steve Heiser, Khisha Fallon, Charlie Boltwood and Lea Blackburn planned the event.


    Several service projects were also tackled by the Rotaractors and Rotarians to help the Center prepare for Earth Day.  In true Rotary fashion the group was surrounded by food from Panera, provided by Lea Blackburn, and City Barbeque.  Leftovers were taken by President Diane to the YWCA Family Center and helped to supplement their Easter meal.  

    Rotary Retreat Update Scott Brown 0

    Club Runner mobile App now available

    Posted by Scott Brown

    We're very excited to announce that the ClubRunner Mobile App is now available for download!  The ClubRunner Mobile App is your key to connect to your ClubRunner website on the go! It is completely, free to download and use. Password protected just like your website, the ClubRunner Mobile app is comprised of 3 main modules. You now will have the ability to view your member directory, view the articles posted to your website and locate the nearest club right from your iPhone or iPod, bringing you even closer to being able to connect, collaborate and communicate!

    To download the app from the Apple App Store, simply type in 'ClubRunner' in the search bar. Our mobile app is compatible with all versions of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch sets that have iOS 3.1 or later.

    Club Runner mobile App now available Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    Tom Carlisi and Bob Muetzel have recently taken a Leave of Absence from the Club.  Tom for business reasons and Bob for personal matters.  We look forward to seeing them back soon.

    The following have recently resigned from Columbus Rotary membership;
    Mike Jokerst, Dick Maslyck, Bob Mone, Tim Muszinski and Pete Roche. 

    Members that have resigned and can be reinstated at any time by starting to pay dues and lunch fees.


    Seven committees signed up, how about yours?

    Posted by Scott Brown

    REGISTER NOW for the Columbus Rotary Committee Fair.  The event will be held June 4, 2012 at our weekly meeting.  This is an opportunity for all committees to showcase their activities and projects to our members and visitors.  It also is an opportunity to recruit new committee members.  

    There will be no formal program that day.  This is an opportunity for everyone to mingle and learn about our committees.  Sandwiches and chips will be available so you can eat and browse committee booths at the same time.


    Seven committees signed up, how about yours? Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    Violet Meeks called from the OSU Medical Center to say she had been hospitalized with pancreatitis.  She was in good spirits, but disappointed to be missing some Rotary service opportunities. 

    Please let the office know if there is a member that we should mention here. 

    IN OUR THOUGHTS Scott Brown 0
    CENTENNIAL GALA Pictures Katherine Gatterdam 0


    Posted by William Matthews
    ImageThe ninth annual Columbus Rotary High School “Service Above Self” Fair is Monday, April 30, and all of the 22 Columbus City high schools will participate. There will be about 66 projects exhibited in the Hyatt Regency Ballroom beginning at 11:00am and there will be presentations of a few exemplary projects during the luncheon meeting in the same room.


    To identify the "Most Exemplary Project" in each school, teams of 3-5 Rotarians
    will visit the schools for an hour sometime between April 18 and April 27 to review
    two to four projects per school. This is a great opportunity to meet the students,
    see the schools, and serve with fellow Rotarians. Please consider signing up to
    visit one or more schools.  Please contact Bill Matthews,
    for the schedule, with any questions, and to sign up.
    YOU BE THE JUDGE ... BETWEEN APRIL 18 AND April 27 William Matthews 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    Cocoa For Kids 
    Benefitting Kids 'n Kamp

    $15 adult ticket
    $10 student ticket
    5 years and under enter free

    May 18th, 2012
    7:00pm – 10:00pm

    Held at the
    Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center
    2201 Fred Taylor Dr, Columbus, OH

    The Rotaract Club of The Ohio State University, sponsored by Columbus Rotary, will be holding our first‐ever chocolate tasting and silent auction event, Cocoa For Kids, to benefit Kids ‘n Kamp.

    Kids ‘n Kamp is an outstanding organization which provides tutoring programs, social activities, and scholarships for children diagnosed with cancer as well as activities for their families. The cost per child and their family is nearly $1,400 per year. Kids ‘n Kamp works with over 400 families and is truly a “lifeline of support” for these families.

    Given Kids ‘n Kamp’s noble cause and creative mission, the Rotaract Club of The Ohio State University has elected to hold this event to benefit such an exemplary organization. Through our wine tasting event The Glass Half Full, we were able to raise $5,000 for Kids ‘n Kamp last year. By hosting Cocoa For Kids, we hope not only to match last year’s fundraising goal, but also to bring visibility to the mission of Kids ‘n Kamp. With your assistance, we hope to help Kids ‘n Kamp continue to be a lifeline for families in need.

    COCOA FOR KIDS Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Robert Kaynes
    Bob Kaynes provided this photo and update of the 2012 Middle School Service Above Self Fair.  Over 125 students were in attendance along with their middle school project advisors.  These are the leaders of tomorrow…all doing good!  This Columbus Rtary project generated over 1,000 hours of community service by students at all 24 Columbus City Middle Schools?
    Four Rotarians were on hand at Fort Hayes on March 31 for the fair Bob Kaynes, Tom Carlisi,Tom Dillard and Gene Harris.  A number of other Rotarians participated in the judging prior to the Fair. 


    Posted by Scott Brown

    Vicky Pirt, whom some of you have worked with as the Club's Bookkeeper, has taken on the administrative duties for the club office.   Vicky joined us in January 2011 and has been a tremendous help on the fiscal front.  We look forward to her increasing role with the club. 

    Vicky's part time schedule varies, but she can generally be found in the office all day on Tuesday's and Friday's and part days on Wednesday and Thursday.  She can be reached at the Club Office at 221-3127 or by email at office@columbusrotary.org

    If you need to stop by the office or reach the staff please call (leave a message) or email to confirm that someone will be on hand to assist you. 



    Posted by Michael Carroll

    The Health and Fitness Subcommittee (of the Community Services Committee) is teaming up with the Hyatt Regency and the American Red Cross to host our 7th blood drive as follows:
    April 23 (Monday)
    Hyatt Regency; Garfield Room

    The Columbus Rotary and Hyatt Regency have teamed up for another successful blood drive! On 4/23, 11 Rotarians and 12 Hyatt Regency rolled up their sleeves to help ensure that our neighbors who need transfusions to live won't have to worry whether blood will be available when they need it. We know that many club members donate at the workplace or in their community and appreciate these donations and well.


    New Member Prospect

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Nancy Smith has been proposed for membership by Scott Whitlock.  She is VP, Program Manager (IT Governance) at Huntington National Bank.
    Her classification is Banking / Administration.

    Anyone wishing to comment on the proposed should call Executive Director Scott Brown at 221-3127 by March 23. 
    New Member Prospect Scott Brown 0
    Mt. Everest Report Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    Thanks to Past President Keith DeVoe for providing these pictures of our luncheon last week.  More can be found on our website in the photo albums section or on our FaceBook page.

    Image  Image

    Image  Image




    Posted by Scott Brown

    Did you hear Rotary International President Nominee Ron Burton at our Centennial Lunch?  One of his main tenets was that we all need to become more engaged with our club.  He referred that like the PolioPlus “We’re this close.” Campaign, we all need to do “this much more” for our club.  Here is an opportunity.

    With Lena’s retirement on March 5, we are looking for volunteers to staff the check-in table each Monday.  A group of revolving members, much like our invocations and greeters, is what we are trying to create.  Duties include taking lunch money, handing out tickets and checking off members.  We even have a form that makes this job easier. 

    Although we have had several volunteers, we need a bigger pool.  Do you have some free time on Monday’s before the meetings?  We’ll need you around 11:30.  If you can help, call Scott at 221-3127.

    WE STILL NEED YOU! Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Dwight Hurd
    Lake Erie Walleye Trip – Tim Norris and Carl Faehnle “Walleye Czar”  has us set up a trip with Captain Pete Scheid of Capt. Hook Charters on Fri., June 29.  If you can make it, please plan to arrive Thursday (June 28) for drinks, lying and cards at “The Ponds”  condos.    The captains will once again put together their Thursday evening steak and walleye cook out under the shelter house at The Ponds.   Please reserve your spot with Carl Faehnle or Tim Norris.  We have one full boat and are looking for additional friends to join us in another boat. 


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Please plan to attend the District Conference hosted by District Governor Brent Rosenthal.  The event will be held on May 18 and 19 at the NorthPointe Conference Center in Lewis Center, Ohio.  There will be a session Friday morning that will detail the Club's history.  At dinner Friday there will be a special ceremony, including a cake and the singing of happy birthday.


    Posted by Danny Pierce
    The Columbus Rotaract, along with the Columbus Rotary, would like to invite you to participate in a service event on Wed., Feb. 29, 2012.
    Columbus Rotaract and Columbus Rotary will be hosting a dinner for the residents of the YWCA and we need your help! The YWCA Family Center provides emergency shelter and supportive services for up to 50 families every day by offering resources and support to stabilize families who are experiencing a housing crisis. The nationally recognized program strives to make the children and parents who stay with them comfortable during a highly stressful time. One powerful way they help is by offering families three meals every day.
    In hosting a dinner, Columbus Rotaract and the Columbus Rotary have pledged to provide food for the evening’s dinner as well as volunteers to serve, clean-up and assist in any other services needed that evening. In order to make this event a success, we will need 10-15 volunteers to help for the evening. We ask that each volunteer bring $10 to help cover the cost of the food for the evening. Please plan to arrive between 5:00 pm & 5:30pm.
    The evening’s event will last approximately 3 hours. Please RSVP to Darlene Scheid  by Mon., Feb. 27 at
    scheid@edcouncil.org.  Columbus Rotaract has participated in hosting dinner at the YWCA in the past, and members have expressed how much they enjoyed the evening of service and friendship! We hope to see you there!

    Every Rotarian Every Year

    Posted by Scott Brown

    Make a difference. Make a contribution.

    The Rotary International Annual Fund makes it possible for Rotary clubs to transform lives worldwide. Your generous support funds local and international projects that advance The Rotary Foundation’s mission. All contributions to the fund are spent on quality Rotary projects. Help support these projects. Make a contribution today.

    The Every Rotarian, Every Year (EREY) initiative encourages all Rotary club members to help us reach our goal to support The Rotary Foundation financially each year. Our 2011-12: Worldwide EREY fundraising goal (Annual Fund goal) is US$104 million.

    Every Rotarian Every Year Scott Brown 0

    Committee Looking for New Members

    Posted by Scott Brown

    The Leadership Development/Vocational Service Committee is looking for a few new members. If you are looking to renew your committee activity, the committee would love to have you join them.

    What does the committee do on behalf of the club is each year? This year’s work includes developing an internal leadership program, planning the annual retreat hosted by incoming president Jim Maniace and coordinating First Fridays at the Athletic Club of Columbus. In addition, the committee has planned the regular Spotlight Raffles at weekly meetings and plans to feature several member businesses at the door once a month at the Monday meeting. Through these programs Co-Chairs Charlie Boltwood and Bill Shelby, Board Liaison Steve Heiser and the committee support goals of President Diane’s “Learn. Share. Inspire.” theme for this year’s Columbus Rotary mission. Committee members are Christie Vargo, Jerry Converse, Lea Blackburn, Linda Page, Linda Reese, Luke McCormick, and Sandy Knoesel.

    According to co-chair Charlie Boltwood, "We're involved in projects that the committee hopes will help members get to know each other better, get members even more involved and help the club grow."

    Sound like projects in which you can participate? Please join them on the 4th Monday, as they gear up for an exciting round of activity in the coming months. Please email co-chairs Charlie Boltwood at cboltwoo@cscc.edu or Bill Shelby at wshelby@ColumbusAirports.com to get started today.
    ImageCharlie, ImageBill

    Committee Looking for New Members Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    Hosted by the Granville Rotary Club

    Who:      High School Sophomores and Juniors
    When:    Wednesday, March 21, 2012 / 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
    Where:   Ohio State University – Newark Campus / Reese Center / Ballroom
                    1209 University Drive, Newark, OH  43055 / 740-364-9572 
    (For directions:  www.thereesecenter.com)
    Why:      One of the hallmarks of Rotary is to encourage and foster high ethical standards in business and professions.  Unfortunately, frequent disregard for ethical behavior still exists in today’s fast-paced and turbulent world.  Rotarians promote an ethical guide called The Four-Way Test as a way to practice ethics in daily life and make a difference with tolerance, fairness, respect, compassion and hope.  Adopted by Rotary in 1943, The Four-Way Test is still relevant today and transcends generations and national boundaries.  Not based on culture or religion, The Four-Way Test has been translated into more than 100 languages, and asks the following essential questions of the things we think, say or do: 

    1.      Is it the truth? 
    2.      Is it fair to all concerned?
    3.      Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
    4.      Will it be helpful to all concerned?

    Program:        The Four-Way Test has captured the imaginations of generations of Rotarians as a simple checklist to help ensure that we are applying this positive and powerful code to how we try to live our lives and serve others.  An outstanding line-up of speakers—most of them Rotarians—will share their unique perspectives on the importance of high ethical values in decision-making for their professions and lives.



    Posted by Lena Lyons

    When you need to miss a meeting, there are several ways to make up for the absence.  Below are just a few suggestions:

    Attend a club function

    Club socials

    Committee meetings

    Salvation Army Bell Ringing

    Colerain Gift Wrapping & Party


    Kids ‘n Kamp Holiday Party

    Dictionary project

    Board meetings

    Fishing excursions

    Youth Exchange parties


    Attend another Rotary Club Meeting

    Check with the club bulletin or Rotary online to find a club near you. Be sure to bring back some kind of proof of attendance. Most clubs have a make-up card. You can also bring one of their bulletins back to the Columbus club secretary.


    Attend a District Rotary Function

    Any Rotary District function counts as a make-up

    District Conference

    District Planning Sessions

    PETs Training Sessions

    Rotaract meetings or functions (University of Oklahoma)

    Rotary Youth Exchange Student planning sessions or functions

    GSE team functions

    Rotary Zone meetings


    Online Makeup

    You can go online at http://www.rotaryeclubone.org/ to do a makeup.

    When you finish the exercise you choose, be sure to enter your e-mail address two times in the blanks provided. In the third blank, enter your club secretary’s e-mail address (scott@columbusrotary.org)  Also print out a copy of the e-make up in case something happens and it does not get sent to the club secretary.


    Report Make-ups to Your Club Secretary!!!!!!!!

    Anytime you have participated in a Rotary function and need it recorded as a make-up, please contact your club secretary. Here is what the secretary will need to know:

    • Function Name

    • Function location

    • Function date

    • What missed meeting you would like to apply the make-up.


    Be sure to follow up with you club secretary to make sure they have received and recorded them.



    Posted by Lena Lyons
    Member Birthdays  
    Name Date
    Houk, James Feb 01
    Garner, Carol Feb 02
    Johnson, G. Bradford Feb 02
    Easton, C. John Feb 10
    Ackerman, Kenneth Feb 12
    Gray, John Feb 14
    Heller, Gail Feb 14
    Muscaro, Clair Feb 14
    Morrison, Karen Feb 15
    Krieger, George Feb 19
    Mauck, Robert Feb 21
    Davis, Sarah Feb 22
    Zid, David Feb 22
    Knoesel, Andrew Feb 23
    Stewart, John Feb 23
    Kelly-Bartley, Kim Feb 24
    Schoedinger, Michael Feb 24
    Smith, Robert Feb 24
    Esch, William Feb 25
    Sleeper, F. Randolph Feb 25
    DeVoe, Keith Feb 26
    Galloway, Kenneth Feb 26
    Miller, Joan Feb 26
    Masterson, Thomas Feb 28
    Vieira, David Feb 28

    Rotary celebrates INDIA'S first POLIO-FREE year

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Rotary club members worldwide are cautiously celebrating a major milestone in the global effort to eradicate polio. India, until recently an epicenter of the wild poliovirus, has gone one year without recording a new case of the crippling, sometimes fatal, disease.
    India’s last reported case was a two-year-old girl in West Bengal State on 13 January 2011. The country recorded 42 cases in 2010, and 741 in 2009.
    A chief factor in India’s success has been the widespread use of the bivalent oral polio vaccine, which is effective against both remaining types of the poliovirus. Another has been rigorous monitoring, which has helped reduce the number of children missed by health workers during National Immunization Days to less than 1 percent, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
    Rotary has been a spearheading partner in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative since 1988, along with WHO, UNICEF, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is also a key supporter of the initiative. 
     “With the support of their Rotary brothers and sisters around the world, Indian Rotarians have worked diligently month after month, year after year, to help organize and carry out the National Immunization Days that reach millions of children with the oral polio vaccine,” says RI President Kalyan Banerjee, of the Rotary Club of Vapi, Gujarat.
    If all ongoing testing for polio cases recorded through 13 January continues to yield negative results, WHO will declare that India has interrupted transmission of indigenous wild poliovirus, laying the groundwork for its removal from the polio-endemic countries list, which also includes Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria. However, because non-endemic countries remain at risk for cases imported from endemic countries, immunizations in India and other endemic and at-risk countries must continue. Neighboring Pakistan, which has reported 189 cases so far for 2011, is a major threat to India’s continued polio-free status. Last year, an outbreak in China, which had been polio-free for a decade, was traced genetically to Pakistan.
    “As an Indian, I am immensely proud of what Rotary has accomplished,” Banerjee says. “However, we know this is not the end of our work. Rotary and our partners must continue to immunize children in India and in other countries until the goal of a polio-free world is finally achieved.” Image
    Rotary celebrates INDIA'S first POLIO-FREE year Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Rotary International celebrates its 107 birthday on February 23.  Little did our founders know the impact that their group would have on the world. 


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Thanks to Rick Vincent and his assistant Renee Gifford for leading the charge to place this street sign at the corner of Spring and High.  
    THAT'S A GREAT SIGN! Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    April 21, 2012
    Brookside Country Club
    Reception - 5:30 PM
    Dinner - 7:00 PM
    Cocktail Attire
    $125 per couple or $75 per person

    May 18, 2012
    NorthPointe Conference Center
    9243 Columbus Pike
    Lewis Center, Ohio
    Dinner - 7:00 PM
    SAVE THE DATE Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Service Above Self Scholarship Chair Ron Kyser recently received the following message from 2011 "Make A Difference" Scholarship recipient, Nikki Aniagolu.  Nikki's words do - once again - reinforce the vision of Mary Beth and Luke McCormick, and the mission of Columbus Rotary through its scholarship committee to, "Make a Difference in the Lives of Others - One Scholarship at a Time!"
    Dear Mr. Kyser: 
    With the onset of a New Year, and as I embark on the second semester of college at Emory University, I think back to my journey and those who have helped to get me to where I am today. I am now that much closer to the realization of my dreams, and even though there are many years of hardwork in my future, I am determined to make them happen, for there are people, such as the Rotary Club of Columbus who have believed in me enough to invest in my success and my future. I would once again like to thank you, for a scholarship that not only helped fund my way to the college of my dreams, but that has helped to instill the confidence within myself that there are people out there that believe in me and my success. I hope and I promise to make you proud! Have a Happy New Year!
    Nikki Aniagolu


    Posted by Scott Brown
    After much consideration your ColumbusRotary Board of Directors has voted to increase annual dues and luncheon costs beginning on January 1, 2012 — the only such increase since 2006.  Dues will now be $380 per year, or $31.65 per month with $85 of annual dues going to District and Rotary International. The cost of lunch at the door will now be $15 rather than $13. Coffee costs will remain $6. Members who prepay for lunch will pay $13 and save $70 per year.  Invoices were mailed in December and will be considered past due on January 9, 2012.   

    If you have changed your lunch option with the payment of your recent invoice, please assist the staff by asking for the correct meal card.


    Posted by Scott Brown
    A recent Rotary Leader article described how we as Rotarians are our best PR resource.  Members are our best way to tell Columbus Rotary's story.  Yes, we can rely on the media or PR professionals to do so for us, but the stories are much more personal and moving if told by one who got their hands dirty, so to speak.
    We are less than 100 days away from our Club’s Centennial Anniversary on March 5, 2012.  This is exactly 100 years to the day from when we received our official charter from Rotary International, signed by our sponsor Paul Harris.  This is a significant milestone since we were only the 38th club chartered.  Rotary International now has more than 34,000 clubs worldwide.

    As we quietly go about our daily business, interspersed with Rotary meetings and activities, it is easy to forget all we have done for Columbus and other areas around the world.  As we approach our Centennial, we hope to remind everyone of a number of these accomplishments.  In turn, we hope that you will spread the word about Columbus Rotary, our accomplishments and our Centennial.  Image 

    Two examples of our accomplishments:

    • Enterprise Academy   (Camp Enterprise) is a national model after it was started by our club and trumpeted around the country by Past President Nelson French.  The program was also recognized twice by the Freedom Foundation.  
    • Easter Seals  was started through a partnership with other Ohio Rotary clubs in 1919.  Known as the Ohio Society for Crippled Children, our club was very active getting this new "society" off the ground and supporting it in its  early years. 

    ColumbusRotary, Ensuring Our Viability and Future

    Posted by Scott Brown
    As 2011 has come to a close, the ColumbusRotary Club Board has taken a hard look at how the economy and resulting business culture is impacting our club. We see that membership is down about 25 percent since 2006, resulting in fewer attendees at weekly luncheons. Club committees are working on strategies to ensure that we attract and involve members in ways that best meet our mission. The good news is that we have a strong core group of 330+ members who are vital, engaged and participating. Our club will remain a leader for those who desire meaningful opportunities to network, exchange ideas and give back to our community
    However, we also realize that dues from this smaller base are not enough to run the club and present meaningful weekly luncheons as when we had 500 members. Club staff continues to reduce administrative and operational expenses as much as possible yet the raw costs of those items continue to increase. In 2010, the Club had to tap its reserves to meet its obligations.
    We do not anticipate economic trends will soon improve. Yet, we must make sure we continue to responsibly run our club and hold meaningful luncheons. Annual Campaign monies are reserved only for community service projects and annual dues and luncheon fees are the primary sources of income for running our club and presenting weekly luncheons.
    Club leadership compared our club with other large clubs and learned that we charge the lowest dues and luncheon fees. In some cases, our dues are less than half!
    ColumbusRotary, Ensuring Our Viability and Future Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    It’s every Rotarian’s responsibility to boost club membership and ensure the future of Rotary. No member takes this duty more seriously than RI President Kalyan Banerjee.  “The more members we have, the more Rotary can do,” Banerjee says. “Rotarians must refer new members. Our current annual growth is 5 percent, but if every two years each Rotarian brought in a new member, our membership would grow by 50 percent.”

    Despite a busy schedule, Banerjee continues to find potential members during his travels as RI president. “Today you can recruit anybody, anywhere,” he says. “I might meet someone on a flight to Los Angeles or Bangkok who would make a good member, and if I do, I refer that person.”  Follow Banerjee’s example today by referring a family member, friend, or business associate.

    Not sure of the steps to take?  The Membership Development Committee will work with the candidate you recommend to bring them on board.  If you want to recommend someone for membership in your our club, contact Scott at 221-3127 to get a new member packet or talk to the membership committee

    Make it easy for potential members to find your club by
    embedding Club Locator and “Share Your Passion for Rotary” ads in your website or newsletter.



    Posted by Lena Lyons
    Celebrate the Holidays with your fellow Rotarians on Wed., Dec. 21, 2011 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the River Club at Confluence Park, 679 W. Spring St., Columbus.  A cash bar and hors d’oeuvres will be served and free parking is available on the premises.  (There is a $15 suggested contribution to attend this event.)  Guests are welcome.
    Anyone who attended last year’s Holiday social can attest to the relaxing atmosphere and fellowship enjoyed by all.  Call or email the office with any questions.


    Posted by Lena Lyons
    The Barons of Business Luncheon is a professional development event with Junior Achievement and the Columbus Rotaract Club.  Rotarians and guests are invited to learn about key business principles and career advancement from three outstanding business/community leaders on Mon., Jan. 23, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Ballroom, 350 N. High Street, Columbus, Ohio. 

    11:00 a.m.


    Meet the Barons of Business

    12:00 noon


    Presentation, Panel Discussion, Questions

    1:00 p.m.



    This professional Development event is targeted for young professionals, as well as business leaders and supervisors. This is a great opportunity to identify the young professional "rising stars" in your organization and invite them to a special reception and luncheon. 
    Guests and Rotarians will get a chance to ask the panelists questions about career tips and strategies for success. 
    Cost is $25 per person or corporate table of 8 at $200. Reserve tickets right away, deadline is January 17.   TO REGISTER ONLINE: Visit www.columbusrotary.org


    Posted by Scott Brown

    On December 5, 2011 Columbus Rotary named its 2011 Rotarian of the Year; Jerry Converse.  Jerry’s wife and children were on hand to celebrate with him.  As follows tradition the trophy was passed among 14 previous winners.  One nominator said, “When you want something done well or if you have a critical situation that needs effective and immediate action, call Jerry.”

    In the area of Vocational Service Jerry has hosted club Vocational lunches and tours of his business.  He has also served as a mentor of the Bridge the Gap program and spoken to students in the Columbus City Schools. 

    Jerry’s Community Service record takes him one step further in deserving this award.  He has provided numerous direct service and technical support hours to our many service projects over the years.  In kind contributions are also a part of what makes Jerry a Rotarian of note.  Additionally, the Service Above Self Fair projects have benefited by having Jerry serve as a judge for a number of years. Image

    Mostly Jerry Converse excels in the area of Club Service by leading by example.  He frequently visits Columbus Rotarians who are ill or hospitalized.  He was the recipient of the 2008 Exemplary Service Award for Club Service.  He is the initiator of our Vocational Spotlights providing additional funds for the Club and highlighting other members’ vocations.  He serves on the Foundation Board and is a past chair of the Annual Campaign.  He instituted and partially funded sending birthday cards to all club members as the Chair of the Participation and Retention Committee. 

    Furthermore he is known for holding one of the best tailgate parties at OSU football games and for making the best spiced cider at our After Hours social events.  Finally, his service to Rotary does not end with our club as he is an honorary and very active member of the Clearwater Beach Rotary Club.  Congratulations to a most deserving Rotarian of the Year! 

    2011 ROTARIAN OF THE YEAR Scott Brown 0


    Are you looking for a way to celebrate the holidays with Rotary?  There are two opportunities to join your fellow Rotarians for the holidays this year. 

    Christine's Christmas Concert featuring Mark King on the Piano
    Sat., Dec. 10, 2011
    Capital Theater at the Riffe Center
    77 South High Street, Downtown Columbus
    VIP Reception and Silent Auction @ 7:00 p.m.
    Christmas Concert @ 8:00 p.m.
    Lavish Dessert & Coffee Bar @ 9:30 p.m.
    To purchase tickets at the discounted Rotary Member Rate
    $50 adult tickets
    $25 child/student tickets
    Please contact:
    Alyson.Doyle@NationwideChildrens.org or RossWebb427@gmail.com
    *cash bar Attire: cocktail or holiday

    Holiday Rotary After Hours
    Dec. 21 at 6:00 p.m.
    The River Club at Confluence Park
    679 W. Spring Street
    Columbus, OH 43215
    Hors D'oeuvres and Confections
    Cash bar
    $15 per person
    Everyone welcome!



    For the second year Columbus Rotary is sponsoring Santa’s Workshop at the Kids ‘N Kamp Holiday Party.  The event will be held on Dec. 4th, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. at the Eastland Career Center, 4465 S. Hamilton Rd., Groveport (exit at Ricart Ford on Hamilton Rd. and turn right.  Eastland is about 1/2 mile on the right).
    Rotary volunteers will be assigned as a group to Santa’s Workshop and the gift wrapping area.  Rotarians will greet a child and take him or her around to various tables to shop for their family members.  The tables will be marked by family member, such as boy, girl, mother, father, grandparents, etc.  Each item will cost $1.  Your role is to help them make a selections for each family member. Generally if the child is close in total gift costs the KNK cashiers will accept the money they have been given. 
    This event is open to Rotarians, their family and friends. Sign-up for this event by contacting John Martin at jmartin@optimumcompanies.com.  



    Santa is warming up the sleigh and we need elves to help pass out gifts.  Join us for the 91st year as Columbus Rotarians celebrate Christmas and the holidays with our friends from the Columbus City Schools.  Colerain Elementary School integrates students with orthopedic disabilities and health impairments with the general education population.  We need Rotarians are on hand to help unwrap and assemble gifts provided for every student at the school.

    This event is open to Rotarians, their friends and family. Sign-ups are happening each MONDAY for the Colerain Christmas Party on Dec. 20, at 8:30 a.m.  You may also call or send an email the office to get involved.



    Office Report
    As we observe the holidays the Club office will 
    be closed on Dec. 26 and Jan. 2 and operate a reduced schedule at other times.  We look forward to seeing you again at our Jan. 9 meeting.   


    Fellowship Event this Thursday at Franklin Park Conservatory

    Posted by Lena Lyons

    Join your fellow Rotarians in a night of fellowship at one of Columbus’ true gems and enjoy live entertainment featuring Angela Perley, specialty cocktails (as well as full bar offerings), a small plate menu and weekly giveaways at Cocktails at the Conservatory, this Thursday from 5:30 - 8:00 p.m. on the Rooftop Gardens. 

    The Conservatory is located at 1777 E. Broad St., Columbus 43203.  Admission is $11 per person and in return each guest is given $10 in tokens that can be used for the purchase of food and beverage.  There is an indoor rain location in case of inclement weather.  Free Parking Available.  21 and over.  We will see you there!

    Fellowship Event this Thursday at Franklin Park Conservatory Lena Lyons 0


    Have you made your pledge or contribution to “The Next 100” annual campaign?  Many Rotarians have.  To date 153 Rotarians have contributed over $50,000 toward the effort.  Pledges exceed $55,000.  Contributions to our annual campaign are tax deductible! 
    Payments can be made onlinie on our website, at Monday's lunch or by mailing your contribution to the office.   
    This year your contribution of
       $   365 would pay for the Easter Seals Graduation,
       $   500 would maintain Maps painted on school playgrounds,
       $1,000 would pay for 1 disaster relief Shelterbox, 
       $1,500 would pay for the Colerain Christmas party and other activities and,
       $3,000 would pay for food at CARE Outreach in Vinton County.
    Although we generally do not direct your funds to specific projects, this does give you an idea of how your contribution helps.  In order to continue these programs, as well as many of our other charitable efforts, it is essential that the annual campaign is successful.


    The following Rotarians were elected at our Dec. 5, 2011 meeting to seats on the CLub Board of Directors.  Their three year term begins July 1, 2012.  Congratulations and thank you to the nominees. 



    We would like to recognize Rotarians JoAnne Schorsten, Mark Schieber, Tom Masterson, Mike Kehoe, Ray Essex, Steve Heiser, Rob Erney, Cherylyn Rushton, John Easton, Tom Dillard, Mary Vlahakis, Peg Carmany, husband and wife team Jack and Kay Graf, John O'Meara, Scott Brown, and John Deal and his daughter Wendy for  volunteering for the Salvation Army's Red Kettle bell ringing campaign. 


    56th Annual Columbus International Festival

    Posted by Paul Blevins

    For many years, Columbus Rotary has been a participant in the Columbus International Festival.  This year, we have increased our involvement with the festival to be a full sponsor of this exciting event.  As a sponsor we have a number of tickets for our members to attend and enjoy the festival.  It runs this weekend on Saturday and Sunday at Veterans Memorial Hall, 300 W. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio.  We have a number of complimentary tickets for members who would like to attend.  Contact the office to make arrangements to pick up tickets -- first come, first served.

    56th Annual Columbus International Festival Paul Blevins 0

    The Rotary Club of Columbus Spotlights the Program Committee

    Posted by Khisha Fallon

    Have you enjoyed the recent speakers at Columbus Rotary? The Columbus Rotary Program Committee has worked with President Diane Lease and Executive Director Scott Brown to make certain the club has engaging, high quality speakers for our premier membership activity – weekly luncheon meetings. Their mission is simple, but critical - to identify, select and coordinate the scheduling of weekly speakers that appeal to the broad interests of our membership and prospective members.

    The committee meets quarterly and the remainder of their work is done electronically and by phone. They work to stay a few months ahead, and provide speakers that include industry and business leaders, subject matter experts and special topics that members might not normally be able to hear. From the initial suggestion, to committee review of potential topics, to scheduling; the members like to be personally involved.

    New committee Chair Brian Dean cites the outstanding work of the entire team for putting together the schedule, and thanks previous Chair Chip Chapman for his leadership, as well as the committee who contribute many hours to ensure a full and engaging schedule.

    Interested in attending a meeting or making a suggestion? E-mail Program Committee Chair Brian Dean at bdean@messer.com.

    The Rotary Club of Columbus Spotlights the Program Committee Khisha Fallon 0

    First V. P. Jim Maniace on Foundation

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Vice President Jim delivered an excellent Annual Campaign address to the Club at its meeting on Oct. 10.   Funds raised this year will be distributed for projects, programs and scholarships during his tenure as Club President.  Jim reminded the audience “that although our Foundation has a healthy $1.5 million endowment, when we subtract its many restrictions and commitments like PolioPlus, our Centennial funding, personal scholarship endowments and the like, we end up with $66,781 in unrestricted funds.” 

    Jim went on to say, “That should put to bed some myths we occasionally hear like, our Foundation is rolling in money, the Annual Campaign is not necessary and we don’t even spend the money we raise.” 
    He urged members that want to see the actual numbers to contact Foundation President Dwight Hurd or the Club office to get a copy of Dwight’s Oct. 3, 2011 PowerPoint presentation to the Club. 

    There is a direct correlation with our declining membership numbers and the reduction in dollars raised during our Annual Campaign.  Six years ago we were raising approximately $115,000 during our campaign.  The last two years we have raised approximately $80,000.  This reduction in funds affects the number of committee projects that we are able to work with. 

    Jim continued, “What makes a successful Annual Campaign?  First your participation.  You would be surprised at the number of Rotarians who do not donate any money to the Foundation, not ten dollars, five dollars, one dollar.  Is there anybody in this club so impoverished he or she can’t give five dollars?  Let’s get to 100% participation this year." 

    "Lena has my check (today) and you don’t have to wait to receive a letter to contribute.”  A number of fellow Rotarians answered Jim Maniace's call and provided checks to Lena on their way out of the meeting.    
    First V. P. Jim Maniace on Foundation Scott Brown 0

    Welcome new Rotarian Christopher Shulby to the Club

    Posted by Scott Brown

    Christopher has a long history with Rotary. His father Ronald Shulby served as president of his home club. Christopher began his involvement with Rotary as a young teenager and in High School served as an exchange student to Germany. As a college student Christopher became a founding member and two term president of the Ohio State Rotaract Club. Under his leadership the club grew from two members to more than 70 active members. Several years later the Rotaract club is still growing in the same fashion. He worked to foster local partnerships and annual events. He also led the club in a service trip to Peru where the club donated and delivered water purification systems to poor coastal communities and planned the now built playground for a special school which serves mentally handicapped children. As a graduate student he served as assistant to the District 6690 Rotaract Chair and Columbus Rotarian Tom Carlisi to strengthen and build Rotaract clubs around the district. He is now a German teacher and serves on the Rotaract and Public Relations committees. Christopher is also newly married with his wife Marina since December of last year.  His classification is Education/Elementary/Secondary, Public Schools.

    Welcome new Rotarian Christopher Shulby to the Club Scott Brown 0

    Annual Campaign kicks off

    Posted by Scott Brown
    At our weekly meeting on Mon., Oct. 3, 2011 Foundation Chair Dwight Hurd kicked off this year’s Columbus Rotary Foundation Annual Campaign.  He presented members with our theme, "The Next 100" and logo.

    Dwight walked us through a PowerPoint presentation that explained the various restricted and unrestricted sources of funding for use on our club programs.  The end result is that less than $90,000 is currently available for unrestricted giving to many of our projects within our community and abroad. 
    We all know our club does good work, and we all contribute countless hours and time to support more than 30 programs and committees. But, we also need your annual campaign support. Member gifts are the primary source of funding our community programs. You know the economy has been tough. Did you also know that membership roles and giving levels are down in recent years? So, we need your support now more than ever. Without it, we cannot continue all of our vital community programming.
    Contributions can be made to the Columbus Rotary Foundation and mailed to 1225 Dublin Road, Columbus, Ohio 43215 or dropped off on Mondays.
    Annual Campaign kicks off Scott Brown 0
    Our Corporate Membership Partners 0

    Tailgate Extravaganza - This Weekend!

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Ohio State vs. Michigan State Pregame Tailgate
    Sat., Oct. 1 @ 10:00 AM until game time starts at 3:30 PM
    Where: The N.E. parking lot adjacent to the Stadium.  See the attachment entitled, Ohio Stadium.jpeg, and look for the red arrow for an approximation of where we will be.
    What to bring: Nothing but yourselves, we will have typical tailgate food and drinks.
    Who is invited: Everyone!  Bring your family and friends. 
    Any further questions: Call the Rotary office 614-221-3127 

    Columbus Crew vs. DC United Pregame Tailgate
    When: Sun., Oct. 2 @ 1:00 PM until game starts at 4:00 PM
    Where: Southeast of the stadium, south of Black & Gold Blvd. and east of Lamar Hunt Ave. The last row of the paved area, Row no. 6 to be exact, and backs up to a grassy area with two large Poplar trees.     
    What to bring: Nothing but yourselves, we will have typical tailgate food and drinks.
    Who is invited: Everyone!  Bring your family and friends. 
    Any further questions: Call the Rotary Office 614-221-3127
    Tailgate Extravaganza - This Weekend! Scott Brown 0

    Youth Exchange Roundtable

    Posted by Scott Brown
    The Youth Exchange Committee wishes to invite you to this Monday’s “Roundtable” welcoming back Bess Schieber, our long-term exchange student to Poland in 2009-2010.  The “Roundtable” is a regular part of the exchange program which allows our students the opportunity to share their experiences with Rotarians. Bess will present pictures and stories of her exciting time in Poland and eastern Europe.  In particular, Bess will be able to provide a unique view on the events of April 10, 2010, when a plane crash in Russia killed nearly 100 Polish government officials, including the president.  Grief, fear and paranoia overwhelmed a country that had only thrown off Soviet domination in the 90s. We will also hear from Bess’s father, our very own Mark Schieber, on how the experience has broadened Bess’s regular circle of friends and viewpoint to be global. The Roundtable, including lunch, will start at 11:30 a.m. in the Harding Room on the 1st floor.  After our program at approximately 12:30 p.m., we will join the full club meeting. Email the office at office@columbusrotary.org to reserve your spot at the Roundtable luncheon.
    Youth Exchange Roundtable Scott Brown 0

    Columbus Rotaract Club hosts "A Night to Remember"

    Posted by Scott Brown

    The Columbus Rotaract Club hosted its first annual “A Night to Remember” at the Worthington Hills Country Club on Friday, August 26th - a night filled with casino style games, music, food, entertainment and prizes. Benefitting the Alzheimer’s Association, the event raised awareness and financial support for this important organization. Highlights of the evening were the casino table games, video horse racing, and a range of wonderful prizes.

    The Columbus Rotaract Club used this social opportunity to further its mission, “Fellowship through friendship.” The Rotaract club and its goals of getting involved, growing professional skills, and making a difference are supported by Columbus Rotary.

    Event Chair Blake Russell would like to thank signature sponsors the Malish Corp., Crowe Horwath and Microweld Technologies as well as committee members Keith Copeland, Michael Horigan, Andrew Swartzel, Michaela Taylor, Kim Wingfield and Owen Wyss. “The sponsors, committee, and entire club were critical to the event’s success, and next year we plan to take the event to the next level,” said Russell.

    If you would like to be involved, please contact Blake at anight2remember@columbusrotaract.org or Dan Pierce at dapierce@promonet.com.

    Columbus Rotaract Club hosts "A Night to Remember" Scott Brown 0

    Blood Supply Critically Low. We Need Your Help!

    Posted by Scott Brown

    On Mon., Oct. 29 the Community Services Subcommittee on Health and Fitness is teaming up with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Boat House at Confluence Park.  We still have slots available in the afternoon on our schedule.

    To schedule an appointment, e-mail Sherry Zatezalo at zatezalos@usa.redcross.org or phone 253-2740, ext 2259.

    Blood Supply Critically Low. We Need Your Help! Scott Brown 0

    Social Committee - bits and pieces

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Tailgate with Rotary at the Ohio State – Michigan State game on October 1. 
    Proceed to the east lot and look for the Rotary flag.  This is the lot to the left as you look at the Rotunda (closed end) of the “Shoe”.  Please let Jerry Converse or Ross Webb know if you plan to attend.
    The first night back at the Euchre tables was a great success on September 13. There were many newcomers, and the Rotary Clubhouse proved to be a great place to hold our Euchre events. Top in points were: Bob Lash, Don Baur and Tim Maghie – and everyone had a great time.
    The next event is scheduled for Tuesday, October 11 at 6:00 PM – look for your Evite! RSVP’s are necessary to save your seat.  Spouses and friends welcome.
    Social Committee - bits and pieces Scott Brown 0


    As part of its PolioPlus Campaign and in tribute to our former District Governor Ram Gawande, Columbus Rotary presented Dances of India, performed by Nalanda School of Indian Dance on Sun., Nov. 13, 2011 in the Upper Arlington High School Auditorium.  The dancers  showcased various classical, folk and Bollywood style dance forms.  All proceeds from this event will be given to Rotary International's PolioPlus Campaign.
    Preliminary reports indicate that the event raised over $10,000 for PolioPlus.  Our gratitude is expressed to Indira Satyapriya who presented the idea to the club, trained all of the dancers and identified most of the event sponsors.  Nancy Trux headed the club committee hosting the event.  Thank you Nancy and the rest of the Rotary volunteers that made the afternoon a success.

    Dictionary Drive

    Posted by Scott Brown
    One of the club’s long standing community service efforts is our annual Dictionary Project.  With this project, Rotarians from our club, as well as a few other clubs in Columbus, hand deliver a dictionary to every third grader in the Columbus City Schools.  Volunteers contact the school, pick a delivery date, pick up their dictionaries and spend 5 to 10 minutes handing out the dictionaries to students while sharing the “Service Above Self” mantra. 
    The Dictionary Project began as an idea when former Columbus Rotarian Bill Kocher was visiting South Carolina.  He read a news article about every third grader in the state receiving a dictionary.  Upon his return he decided to provide dictionaries for our Adopt-A-School third graders at Kent Elementary School.  Past President Bill Matthews was his willing assistant. 
    At the 2005 Service Above Self awards for non-Rotarians Don Kelley heard about the program and was intrigued.  In honor of friend and business partner Bob Weiler, Don endowed what is known as the Dictionary Fund.  Its purpose is to provide a dictionary to every third grade student in the Columbus City School system.
    This year we will be passing out roughly 4,500 dictionaries and we need your help.  Club 2nd V.P. Steve Heiser is heading up the effort to identify volunteers and assign schools.  Please contact Steve if you want to get involved at heiser1950@gmail.com or 545-3998.
    Dictionary Drive Scott Brown 0

    Vocational Lunches

    Posted by Scott Brown
    On Monday, Oct. 17 Rotarians have the unique opportunity to visit one of several Rotarian's businesses.  The purpose is to learn more about that specific organization, the host Rotarian and network with other members.  You may eat lunch in a Board Room, loading dock or warehouse; it's all part of the fun.  Don't go to the Hyatt on October 17.  We won't be there. 
    Hosts for the day include The Grange Audubon Society, Hamilton Parker Company, Columbus Rotary, Ohio Department of Development, Ohio Auditor's Office, Chester, Wilcox & Saxbe, PSB Realty Advisors, SS&G Financial Services, Ohio Statewide Independent Living Council and Integrated Building Systems.
    SIGN UP at lunch Monday or by calling the club office @ 221-3127.
    Vocational Lunches Scott Brown 0

    New Member Prospects

    Posted by Scott Brown
    The following individuals have been proposed for membership in Columbus Rotary.  Please contact Scott Brown if you have any comments or concerns regarding these individuals by October 7, 2011.

    Amy Baumgardner
    State of Ohio Auditor's Office
    Proposer:  Hugo Trux, Steve Heiser
    Classification: Public Administration / State Government Administration
    Daphne Hawk
    Franklin County Recorder
    Proposer:  Jerry Converse, Mike Schoedinger
    Classification: Public Administration / County Government Administration
    Edward Pauline
    Director, Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program, OSU
    Proposer: Dan Heinlen
    Classification: Education / University Business Administration
    Kenny McDonald
    Chief Economic Officer, Columbus 2020
    Proposer: C.K. Satyapriya
    Classification:  Associations / Civic
    New Member Prospects Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Furnished bellow is a toast of gratitude passed by Rotary C lub Nagpur Fort at its regular meeting on 27th of August thanking Columbus Rotary.

    Friendship and Service are the revered canons of Rotary
    Friendship that spills from Nation to Nation and Continent to Continent
    Service that pervades whole of the earth
    Friendship and Service that promote Global Peace & Prosperity
    East or West, North or South
    Rotary glitters all over the World
    Rotary is the community where sun-set never ventures
    Rotary is the community, which cares beyond & serves above
    Nagpur Fort came across the needs of Khumari Villagers
    Ram Gawande extended the helping hand
    Columbus responded in Rotary Spirit
    There springs Ganga Khumari

    A Check Dam of 140 feet comes up
    A comprehensive Water System put in place
    Needs of 1800 Villagers cared for
    RCC Khumari reaps all smiles
    As we Reach within to Embrace Humanity
    Here is a Toast from Nagpur Fort
    Thanking Columbus
    Do accept this Toast for Global Peace & Prosperity
    27th August 2011
    Rotary Club of Nagpur Fort
    RI District 3030, India         
    Dr.Sreehari Chava
    Past President
    E mail: sreeharichava@yahoo.co.in
    GRATITUDE Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown

    Did you know that all new members of Columbus Rotary join the New Member Committee and attend 3 meetings to ensure a smooth entry into the Club? Under the leadership of Jim Salvino, the Committee works to quietly welcome and bring our new members into successful membership. Jim is joined by Co-chair Kathy Gatterdam and Board Liaison Teddy Damron.

    The New Member Committee exists to fulfill their mission, “Welcome and orient new members; provide information about the Club and the Foundation; motivate new members to participate on committees and activities; and provide new members the foundation for developing friendships.” Specifically, new members will attend required meetings on Committees and Committee Membership; Rotary Information and Traditions and the Columbus Rotary Foundation and the Foundation of Rotary International. The Committee is grateful to Rotarians who share their expertise for these meetings: Bill Mathews, Keith DeVoe, Bob Bowers, Carl Faehnle, Calloway Robertson, Dwight Hurd, P.T. Thompson and Jerry Converse.

    The Committee needs your help! In addition to the above, the Committee pairs new members with a mentor. With so many new members, there is always a need for experienced Columbus Rotarians. If you can meet with a new member at several Rotary lunches, this would be a wonderful opportunity to support President Diane’s mission of Learn.Share.Inspire. Chair Jim Salvino adds, “Learn about Rotary in general and Columbus Rotary in particular. Share your time, talents and treasures for the betterment of society. Inspire others to follow Rotary’s motto, Service Above Self.” Want to become a mentor? Email Chair Jim Salvino at jsalvino@columbus.rr.com. Short on time right now? Jim can also suggest new members to reach out to spend a few minutes with over coffee or lunch.


    How a Rotary Scholarship Changed the Life of a Poor Appalachian Girl

    Posted by Scott Brown
    District Governor Brent Rosenthal spoke to Columbus Rotary on Aug 8, 2011.  He talked about his vision for District 6690 and how our club is a part of that vision.  He closed with a letter that says more than any speech can about the effect Rotary has on others.  The Malta-McConnels-ville Rotary Club received the following letter while tracking former scholarship recipients. 

    Dear Mrs. Schubert,
    I was the fourth child born to Kenny and Peggy Shook, both age 23 and living outside of Chesterhill, Ohio.  I lived half of my childhood in a rented farmhouse which had an outhouse for a toilet and running water in the kitchen only.  We cleaned up via spit baths at the kitchen sink. 

    When I was in third grade, the ever-growing rat problem in our house came to a head:  I woke up one night to a rat chewing on my lip.  My screams and panic resulted in a 2:00 a.m. emergency room visit an hour's drive to Marietta and painful rabies shots.  This episode finally prompted my family to move to a mobile home on the other side of Chesterhill, with a pipe dream of eventually building a house to live in.
    How a Rotary Scholarship Changed the Life of a Poor Appalachian Girl Scott Brown 0

    Cards Anyone?

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Once again this year members of our club will embark on a purely mid-western past time by playing Euchre.  This four handed game is similar to bridge and played with 24 cards.  Card sharks and novices are urged to attend.  This group is more about fellowship than competition, though some may disagree. 
    The beneficiaries of the proceeds are Colerain School and the Young Hero’s Scholarship program.
    When:  September 13
    Where: Rotary Clubhouse, 1225 Dublin Road
    Cost:    $20
    Time:    6:00 PM

    Contact Ross Webb at rosswebb427@gmail.com to attend. 
    Cards Anyone? Scott Brown 0

    South High School "Service Above Self" Project

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Seven South High School students presented a project for the Service Above Self Fair called "Youth Advocates Against Peonage and Poverty."  The project presented included a documentary done by the students about the youth in the Mississippi Delta and of an organization called Gathering of Hearts which is led by Antoinette Harrell of Louisiana.
    Rotarians hearing the project, supported this and provided school supplies, book bags, personal care items, clothing and books.  Rotary also provided the transportation, lodging and meals for the students.  Funding for the trip was made available through the Columbus Rotary Foundation and the Annual Campaign.  

    Overall this service project was a life changing experience for the students and has inspired the South High Students to now gather blankets and coats for the Delta.   They are interested in starting an Interact club to continue their service to others.  They have fulfilled their initiatives set by the Columbus City Schools for community service.  
     Pictured here, in front of her home, is one of the children that received a book bag.
    South High School "Service Above Self" Project Scott Brown 0

    Rotary Social - Columbus Crew - PolioPlus Fundraiser, Tailgate Extravaganza

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Please join your fellow Rotarians from District 6690 to enjoy a great evening of Columbus Crew soccer, while also raising money towards our club’s pledge to PolioPlus.  On Sunday, Oct. 2, the eastern division leading Crew will take on D.C. United at 4:00 PM.  It is the last game of the season and will be key in determining who the Crew will be playing in the first round of the play-offs.  Don’t miss out.  Since this is Columbus, we will start the day off with a rousing tailgate with our fellow club and district members, as well as their families.  Tickets are $25 each for a reserved seat in the Upper Sideline.  That’s a $4 discount from the regular price, but more importantly, $11 of that $25 will be going to PolioPlus.  Order forms will be distributed in the next weeks.  Checks should be made payable to Columbus Rotary.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact the office or Paul Blevins, blevinsp@titlefirst.com.
    Rotary Social - Columbus Crew - PolioPlus Fundraiser, Tailgate Extravaganza Scott Brown 0

    District Foundation/Membership Seminar

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Membership Growth & Retention and support of the Rotary Foundation are two of the most important aspects for the success of all Rotary Clubs.  District 6690 is dedicated to helping our Clubs be successful!  The Foundation/Membership Seminar is a very important event in our District to assist Clubs in getting the information that they need.  All Rotarians are invited to attend and encouraged to come to this event to learn more about what they can do to help Rotary grow locally and around the world!

    Registration and event information can be found at the link provided here.  Seminar Registration or by going to www.district6690.org.

    When: Sat., Sept. 24, 2011
    Time: 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (registration begins at 8:00 a.m.)
    Where: Ohio University Lancaster
    1570 Granville Pike, Lancaster, Ohio 43130
    Cost: $10 per attendee (continental breakfast, snacks and box lunch provided)
    District Foundation/Membership Seminar Scott Brown 0

    Promotions Committee

    Posted by Scott Brown
    Under the leadership of Chair Ken Galloway and Vice Chair Mary Vlahakis, Columbus Rotary’s Promotion Committee is set to advance the public image of the club this year, as we celebrate our centennial. In support of President Diane’s vision for this year, “Learn, Share, Inspire,” the committee will issue press releases, public relations, and other promotions to develop Columbus Rotary’s brand and image in central Ohio.
    Their f
    irst priority for this year is to support the Centennial Project, in partnership with the Columbus City Schools and Hands On Central Ohio. As the project enters its next phase, the committee will work to be sure news of this program is shared with local press and the community. 
    The committee's s
    econd priority will be to feature Columbus Rotary speakers to the local media on a regular basis. The Program Committee has been working to put together an excellent list of interesting and engaging speakers for meetings in the coming months. 
    Finally, the committee will be working with leadership and the club executive director to support the new website and social media tools including the Club’s Facebook page as it grows and expands. They will explore the use of short videos and its use as it becomes more frequently visited by both members and is used to share more information about Columbus Rotary with the community at large.
    Chair Ken Galloway’s goals for this year are to make sure the committee continues to be “the face of Columbus Rotary” sharing the news of our good work in the community and around the world.
    Interested in joining? The Promotions Committee welcomes your participation. Please contact Ken at
    kengalloway@columbus.rr.com or attend the next committee meeting on Sept 19.
    Promotions Committee Scott Brown 0
    It’s Time for a Rotary Lake Erie Bass Fishing Trip! Scott Brown 0

    Calling all Rotarians

    Posted by Scott Brown
    We need your help.  The Centennial Committee is attempting to identify buildings in Central Ohio that have been named after Columbus Rotarians.  If you know of such a building, please forward the information to the office, Ray Bostic or Bill Blaine.
    Calling all Rotarians Scott Brown 0

    Roaming Rotarians

    Posted by Scott Brown
    These Rotarians have recently visited other Rotary Clubs and earned attendance credit by reporting to the club office.  Every member is welcome to attend any other Rotary club meeting worldwide.
    Jerry Converse - St. Petersburg Sunrise, FL
    Ron Harris - New York City, NY
    Bill Moberger - Bradenton, FL
    Dan Pickett - Pointe Verda Beach, FL
    Mike Rankin - Huron,OH and Lakewood/Rocky River, OH
    Roaming Rotarians Scott Brown 0

    Did you know...

    Posted by Scott Brown
    ...that on our website one can download/print your own photo directory?  After you login, click on the word "Admin".  Look in the "My Club Runner" section of the next page that comes up.  Click on View Printable Directory or Mailing Labels.  On the next screen, press the "Word" button below your name.  This will provide you with a Word document of the photo directory.  Print to your local printer and you have a current photo directory. 
    Did you know... Scott Brown 0

    Youth Exchange Party

    Posted by Scott Brown

    Our Club will be hosting the District Youth Exchange students on Sun Aug 21st at 3pm at the home of Columbus Rotarian, Jack Graff. There will be a cook out with Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and all the fixing’s as well as swimming, canoeing, tennis and other fun outdoor activities.  This is a celebration of all short and long term youth exchange students. It is also for current students on their summer exchanges. Jack and the rest of the Youth Exchange Committee welcome any Columbus Club member to come and join in the fun. Please let Jack know if you plan to attend; jgraf@grafsons.com.

    Youth Exchange Party Scott Brown 0

    Welcome Susie

    Posted by Scott Brown

         On August 1, new member Susie Parr introduced herself to the club.  Susie graduated from Union College with a Bachelors degree in Social work.  She then graduated from Ohio State University with a Masters in Social Work in 1982.  
         She has 3 children, 19, 24 and 25, three grandchildren including a new grandson who is 2 months old.   Susie claims that she started a little late in her career since she spent the first 10 years after getting her masters degree working part time in private practice while raising children, which she thinks is the most important job.
         For the past 11 years Susie has been with The Village Network…a child treatment center as the Director of the South Region.  They have 13 sites through out Ohio and provide treatment, foster care, residential and child and family counseling services for about 450 children a day. 
         Susie is looking forward to becoming involved in the Program Committee and truly believes “Service Above Self” is how we all need to live our life.

    Welcome Susie Scott Brown 0

    New Website & Bulletin

    Posted by Scott Brown
    President Diane announced on Monday, August 1 that the Club had changed website providers.  We have a new look, new tools and a new bulletin.  The address remains the same www.columbusrotary.org.  The website is still a work in progress as we continue to add functionality. 
    We can't move forward without taking a look back.  Dan Pierce and PromoNet Technologies have been hosting our website, email and database for a number of years.  We wouldn't be where we are without them.  Thanks Dan.
    Thanks also go to the team that spearheaded this transition; President Diane Lease, Foundation President Dwight Hurd, Kurt Hoeft, Tricia Strahler and Past President Sandy Knoesel.  Please take a look around.  Constructive criticism is appreciated.  Other than the website, the biggest change you will notice is in your weekly newsletter.  We hope you find it easier to read and more informative.  
    New Website & Bulletin Scott Brown 0

    CARE Outreach ROAD TRIP!

    Posted by Raymond Bostic
    Volunteers will again travel south on Sat., April 14 to assist the CARE Outreach Center. 
    Rotarians are meeting at the Rotary office at 7:45 AM, Saturday, April 14 to car pool down.
    Departure is slatted for 8:00AM.

    We intend to work until about 4:00 and lunch will again be provided. Work clothes are in order since we will be building shelving and rearranging stuff in CARE’s warehouse. Thanks for your help.
    CARE Outreach ROAD TRIP! Raymond Bostic 0

    Group Study Exchange - Recruits needed

    Posted by Scott Brown

    Group Study Exchange is one of the most valuable and rewarding Rotary programs, furthering our mission of building peace and understanding in the world.  It is also one of the very best ways to introduce Rotary to non-Rotarians, many of whom will eventually join Rotary.  During their one-month stay, team members will live with local Rotarians, tour their cities, visit their workplaces, experience their culture and cultural events, talk with them about the world and world affairs, and develop life-long friendships and associations.

    Columbus Rotarians Nelson French, Rod Stinehart and Jackie Cooper have led GSE teams and would be happy to talk with you about their experiences. 

    Group Study Exchange - Recruits needed Scott Brown 0


    Posted by Scott Brown
    Matt Muetzel is an owner and vice-president of the Muetzel Plumbing & Heating Company, a family owned and operated business that has served Columbus and Central Ohio since 1967.  He is a third generation, master plumber and holds state contractor licenses in plumbing, hydronics, HVAC and refrigeration.  Matt is the head estimator in the commercial construction division of the company, where he works with owners, developers and general contractors on design-build and plan & spec projects.
    Beyond work Matt spends most of his time with his wife and family in Pickerington.  He has four children.  Hunting, fishing and gardening are among the activities that he enjoys. 
    Matt was proposed by Jim Tornes.
    Learn Share Inspire Tricia Strahler 0