Special Announcement

Student Service Above Self Program 
Especially during these unprecedented, challenging times it is important for SSASP to reinforce these priorities:
Appreciate myriad challenges students are experiencing and support student and family health and well being.
Support students and faculty in making as much academic progress as possible in the virtual environment.

Structurally this website reflects the pre-Covid model of SSASP. For example, in-person Middle and High School Fairs.

I left that structure in place so visitors can see what we will return to when safety and health permit.

Please Note

*** Within each page are revisions reflecting current realities and support for the priorities above.***


The Student Service Above Self Program is inherently impacted by COVID-19 and anti-racism activities in our 
community, state, and nation.

Successfully navigating today and the future  absolutely includes young people.  They are witnessing the importance of leadership and service when faced with issues of physical health, economic health, and social justice here and around the world.
SSASP will continue providing opportunities for students to act on what they are experiencing, feeling, learning, fearing and hoping. SSASP remains a vehicle for our future leaders to engage their minds, hearts, energy, and voice in "making the world a better place for everyone."


I welcome your comments and/or inquiries about how to support SSASP.

Rick Studer, SSASP Coordinator. 

rickstuder@columbusrotary.org  614-915-8149