Contact: Nancy Trux
New Salem Baptist Church
2956 Cleveland Ave,
Columbus , OH 43224
United States of America


Columbus Rotary’s 3rd annual Forum to Action Peace Event will be held on Saturday March 28th.  This year, not only New Salem, but also the United Way, the Neighborhood Leadership Academy and the YMCA are collaborating with us to create a program that is geared towards facilitating constructive relationships and activities by local neighborhood leaders of Near East, Linden, Southside & Hilltop.


During the three (3) hour program, leaders will learn about successful youth initiatives, which have potential to be replicated.  The desired outcomes are: 1) connections with other neighborhood leaders, 2) gathering of resources, 3) creating next steps of action and 4) long run, collaboration with other leaders, whether in their home neighborhood or not.  Leaders will be able to attend up to two sessions outlining these programs. In addition, people will attend a gathering of local neighborhood representatives in order to establish next steps of action.  At the end of the day, leaders and representatives will share their personal and neighborhood action steps.


Rotarians will serve as moderators, note takers & timekeepers.