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Congratulations to our 2017 Rotarian of the Year Teddy Damron.  
Upon accepting the award Teddy said, "I saw the previous winners and thought, if I am ever to win that award I need to do more for the Club."  The list of Teddy's contributions is hardly short, yet he wanted to do more.  There in lies one reason his name is now on a trophy.  

Teddy was more humbled that the Club gave wife Lori, and fellow Rotarian, a standing ovation for finishing her radiation treatments.      

Dear Fellow Columbus Rotarians,
First, Dave and I want to thank all Columbus Rotarians who have made their gift or communicated their pledge for our Annual Services Campaign.
In the new Rotarian magazine, January 2018:
"Fundraising is the highway that allows Rotary to help improve lives in the world.  Together we continue to eradicate polio and do other humanitarian works in our communities.  If not for fundraising, we never could have accomplished all of what we are proud of."
Secondly, we recognize and appreciate that all Columbus Rotarians lead busy lives and consider best how to deploy their time, talents and treasures.
Over the years and even at Monday's meeting, some say thank you to me for reminding them about the campaign.
If you have not as yet participated, please take a moment now...YOU Can Change Lives NOW...for Columbus Rotarians to join and participate in Columbus Rotary's Annual Services Campaign.
We ask that you join now: please pay by credit card on our website or mail your check now to Scott Brown,
Thank you for your gift/pledge, time and attention.
Yours in Rotary, 
Co-Chairs, Calloway Robertson and Dave Alspach
You should have received an electronic invoice for your Semi Annual dues from QuickBooks and the ROTARY CLUB OF COLUMBUS.

If the invoice is still sitting in your inbox awaiting your attention, it is over due.  Rotary International charges the CLub for every member on its roster as of January 1 (and July 1) each year.  The Club, in turn, pays the associated membership, insurance and magazine fees on your behalf.  Please remit payment to the Club ASAP.   

You will note that one's dues and meeting or lunch fees are broken apart.  We did this to help members better understand the costs associated with your annual membership.  On the food side we are not in the business to make money, so many of these costs are passed right on to The Boat House.  For those prepaying meals, the cost is actually beneficially as the price is set below our weekly per plate charge.  On the dues side one quarter of the annual fees are paid to our Rotary District and Rotary International.  
As has been the case, you can make a payment on our website, make a payment at a Rotary meeting and/or send a payment to the office at 950 Michigan Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43215.
JANUARY 8, 2018

Autonomous Vehicles are coming!

Jason Sudy, AICP
Rick Stein, AICP
Autonomous cars are coming. Once a futuristic concept often associated with technology enthusiasts, autonomous vehicle technology is not only certain, it is coming very soon to a roadway near you. Autonomous cars are a true “disruptive technology” and will fundamentally change much of what we know about personal transportation – changing our habits, our preferences, and our opportunities. Nothing will be more impacted by these changes than our cities.
For the past 70 years, much of our development and infrastructure investment has been dependent upon human-controlled and privately-owned automobiles. That model is about to change, and usher in a completely new understanding of the economics of land use, city development, and infrastructure needs. 
Join Leaders  Exchange Ideas  Take Action
Congratulations to the five Rotarians that recently were considered for nomination to the Club Board.  A tight election saw JoAnne Shorsten, Jim Bartha and Chip Chapman elected to three year terms on the Club Board starting in July 2018.
We would like to thank the following Rotarians for bringing a little bit of Christmas to a few families at CCFC this year.
Paul Blevins
John Hoppers
Galen Graham
Karen Lash
Halls Reunion
Kathleen Lacy
Chip Chapman
Millie Frosts
Jen Koma
JoAnne Schorsten
Keith Stimpert
John Hall
Mike Marx
John Martin met 4 of the six families when they picked up their presents at the CCFC offices. They were all very, very thankful for the help with having a better Christmas this year.  One dad has a 2 year old with cancer, a 3 year old, a 1 year old, and a newborn. I told him Jen Koma, with two young children shopped for 2 of his children. He smiled and said he hoped she was getting more sleep than he and his wife.

Do you like receiving The Rotarian?  Did you know that you can receive it electronically?  
If you'd like to change your receipt of this publication please send SCOTT BROWN a separate email before Dec. 31.  Your options include: 1) Receiving it electronically, 2) Choosing to NOT receive it.  

DO NOT CONTACT SCOTT IF YOU WANT TO MAINTAIN THE STATUS QUO.  During the holiday season messages like "Scott - I want to keep getting The Rotarian in the mail like I do now." will not spread holiday cheer!  Remember you are one of potentially 300 emails answering this one request.  

Active members          306
Honorary members        1
Corporate Member - Industrial Technology Solutions, LLP
     Executive: Brian Engle
     Active: Amanda Engle
Proposed by Paul Blevins


Are you interested in traveling to our International Service Project in Kenya with Rotarian Terry Davis.  A trip to the Rafiki orphanage is planned for 2018.  More details will be shared after our Dec 18 meeting.  
Dates of the 2018 Rafiki trip are: 
February 13 to February 23, 2018.

Anticipate under $4000/person double occupancy including safari.
You have a wonderful opportunity to submit yourself or find a qualified applicant in your community that would like to travel overseas in 2018. If selected, they will travel as a member of a Rotary NGSE team with expenses and travel paid by The Rotary District 6690 Coordinating Clubs. This will be a leadership, cultural, service and vocational experience of a lifetime. The selected team will also see how Rotary is fostering world peace and cultural understanding. Go find someone to share this opportunity with.
Interested parties should send a request to NGSE Coordinating Chair, 77 South Cassady Ave, Bexley Ohio 43209 or
Bobby Floyd at NOTES holiday party

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