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February 3, 2021

Are you an established professional who wants to make positive changes in your community and the world? Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. 
We'd like you to join us.

Better Together!  
February 8, 2021 - VIRTUAL MEETING @ 12:00 PM

Andrea Watkins

"Not Without My Father"

Featured in January 2017’s Rotarian Magazine, New York Times best-selling author Andra Watkins chose a crazy way to launch her debut novel. She's one of the only living persons to walk the 444-mile Natchez Trace as the pioneers did, and she did it with an unconventional wing-man, her 80-year-old father. Her life-changing adventure inspired her New York Times best-selling memoir Not Without My Father, which chronicles their experience. Andra is also the author of four other successful books, and is an active and celebrated Rotarian, having served in a number of leadership positions at Eastern South Carolina area clubs.

To make for better Monday Zoom Meetings for our fellow Rotarians, guests, and visitors please keep in mind these two items.
1. Try to keep your questions for our speakers as just that; allowing others time for questions. Please limit personal narratives.
2. Politics in Rotary should educate their members on local political issues allowing individual members do with the information as they see fit. 


Recently, 6690 Rotarians should  have received an email detailing a PHF District 6690 matching points program.  There message; "We’re excited to announce that we are once again conducting a February Matching Points Campaign to increase your points towards your next Paul Harris Fellow recognition or to donate them to another individual.  The District will match your contributions to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund (SHARE) or Polio Fund through February 28th with up to 1,000 points (on a one-point-for-each-one-dollar basis). 

Here’s How it Works"

ClubRunner Team
As our renovation efforts continue, our mobile app infrastructure was next on the list for updates. This update to our mobile backend systems also required changes in how the mobile app communicates with ClubRunner.

    Teamwork - Columbus Rotary and the Windsor STEM Academy
    The Columbus Rotary club is engaged in helping students and families of the Windsor STEM Academy, a Columbus public school, in several areas - food for a school families' pantry/clothing donations; reading to students; and installing a washer and dryer in the school for use by student families. This article discusses just the food and clothing drive.  A later one will report on the other projects.

    Seen here - Geron Tate, Windsor STEM Academy Assistant Principal has been invaluable in coordinating the Rotary food donations
    Soon spring will be here, and fate willing, we can resume in-person meetings.  While Rotary is a service organization, let’s face it, we like each other’s company.

    Do YOU know a person who could benefit from the Rotary experience, the service, the networking, the comradery, the information?  Do YOU know of a person whose skills and talents would benefit our Club, our mission?  We bet you do!
    The Membership Committee is asking EACH member to give us one name (with company, contact info—phone/email) of someone YOU are willing to contact, and/or we contact mentioning your name. Members generally come through other members, and no one forgets the person who nominated/sponsored them.
    Let us ALL spring into action.  Your nominee with thank you!
    I got interested in Rotary in 1975 from my employer’s board member who came back from a meeting, excited after hearing a good speaker. I finally joined in 1990 after learning that Rotary started accepting women (in 87).When I dislike a product or service, I am very vocal about it; similarly, when I genuinely like an experience such as Rotary, I am equally excited to share it. Thus to-date I have recruited 49 people, to this or other Rotary clubs.

    WHY?  I love bringing people to Rotary and recruiting them for a variety of reasons
    • It’s a chance for me to see friends more often;
    • The speakers get me out of my professional cocoon, and expose me to other ideas, people, and fields;
    • I get to meet and interact with some truly inspiring people;
    • Rotary gives me a chance to pay back and serve the community which has been good to me;
    • The  people I nominate will be an asset to the club, and similarly, the club will enrich their lives too;
    • It’s fun and a great habit.


    Do you know a Phoenix?  A Phoenix Scholarship candidate is:
    • a high school graduate who is persevering in spite of life's challenges that have prevented them from taking a "typical" route to a degree or certification?
    • A person who is using education to reinvent themself.
    • Someone who is seeking a bachelor's or associate's degree or other post-high school certificate or license
    • A person who can demonstrate a commitment to education and the ability to succeed, as shown by their grades, work history, and plans for their future?
    The Phoenix Scholarship application deadline is fast approaching! If you know someone who is worthy of this scholarship who lives or works in Columbus, please send them this link and encourage them to apply. The application deadline is March1 at midnight. ColumbusRotary.org/page/the-phoenix-scholarship
    Please reach out to Ann Ralston with questions: ann@ralstonconsulting.com or 614-561-5273
    John Mariotti is recruiting participants for THREE VALUABLE Rotary Programs:
    1) VSMC: As continued and NEW mentors in our VSMC — Veteran Students Mentoring & Coaching with Ohio State Veteran Students (8th year)
    2) FGMC: First Generation Mentoring & Coaching with Ohio State—A small group of Rotarian Mentors to help with the Creation of a NEW mentoring effort with Ohio State...Helping students who are the First Generation in their family to attend college.
    3) “Connectors” to welcome and help engage new members — in the first 4-6 months as they join our club and get involved in MEMBERSHIP.
    Please Respond YES...to Johnmariotti@me.com
    Student Service Above Self Update
    The work of the Student Service Above Self Program (SSASP) Committee continues even though we all recognize the many challenges students, teachers and administrators face this school year. Student projects will come together later than pre-COVID times. We’ll hear more from the schools soon. It’s hard to say how many projects there will be and no doubt they will be smaller in scope but that won’t diminish the lessons learned about service and leadership.

    I DARE YOU 2021
    When President Chip took office in July 2020 he offered a DARE each week to members.  What's in store for 2021?  What will you do to meet his challenges.  We will  see when he next takes up the gavel!  If you'll recall he offered a Rotary Bingo to provide suggestions.  Need one sent to you?  Contact office@columbusrotary.org

    Thanks to JoAnne Schorsten, our Joke of the Day continued in fine fashion.    
    Punchline "Thanks Dad!" You'll have to ask her for the rest.  
    The Last Word
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