Thank You
As we take a moment to reflect at the end of the year, I wanted to thank you for your service to Columbus Rotary.  Your time and treasure are important to us regardless the amount or size.  
A fine clock has an intricate mechanism to maintain the clock's operation.  You see the face, the hands, and perhaps a day, date, sun or moon, but you don't see everything.  Like that clock, it takes many pieces to make an organization like ours move in the right direction.  Thank you for all that you have done to make that happen.  I look forward to working with you as we finish off the second half of our Rotary year together!
​Monday, January 11, 2016

"Mission Essential"
Scott Humphrys, Founder
Scott Humphrys is an entrepreneur and seasoned leader with a diverse background of military service, business start-up, and Fortune Top 50 experience.  Mr. Humphrys and his partners founded Mission Essential in Columbus in 2005.  Mission Essential delivers operational solutions for high consequence missions for the US Government worldwide.  He and his partners were awarded Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year for emerging businesses in 2006. 
Scott lives in Upper Arlington with his wife Kerstin, son Will, and daughter Katie.
Join Leaders - Exchange Ideas - Take Action
Join us Monday's at Noon at:
The Boat House at Confluence Park
679 W. Spring
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Committee Meetings, January 11, 2016

Development @ 1:15 PM
International Service @ 1:15 PM
Youth Exchange @ 1:15 PM

Please use another room/area of the Boat House for your committee meeting!
Do not meet in our luncheon room if at all possible.     

Make this Your Perfect Year!

This week we honored those Rotarians who achieved either Perfect Attendance and/or 52 Touchpoints in the Rotary Year 2014-15.  At the weekly meeting 23 members received their special Rotary lapel pin indicating the number of years they have achieved perfect attendance, while three members received certificates for earning at least 52 Touchpoints.  This included recognition for Bill Blaine who received his pin for 40 years of perfect attendance.
Although in recent years, attendance mandates have become a little more relaxed, honoring perfect attendance is still one of our most time-tested and significant awards.  Members achieving perfect attendance have truly engaged in the Club and have experienced the full measure of being a Columbus Rotarian.  Quoting Hugo Trux, who was honored for 25 years of perfect attendance, “it’s all in what you want to get out of your Rotary experience.” 
To encourage perfect attendance and engagement, President Tricia announced that for the remainder of this Rotary year, we will double credits for attendance and Touchpoints from January – June, 2016.
As a reminder, to achieve Perfect Attendance recognition, members either attend every Monday lunch or do make-ups by way of:
  • Attending another Rotary Club meeting and returning the make-up slip from that Club.
  • Attending a committee or board meeting outside the Monday lunch and letting the Office know by email.
  • Participating in a service project and letting the office know by email. 
Also as a reminder, the Touchpoints system was established to recognize those who, although they may not have achieved Perfect Attendance, have been highly engaged in the Club.  These honors are given for those who achieve annually 52 Touchpoints.  (For the remainder of this year, those points will be doubled as well.)  Touchpoints are earned when a member:
  • Attends a club or committee meeting
  • Attends a social event
  • Attends a make-up meeting at another Club
  • Participates in a service project
  • Chairs a committee
  • Contributes at least $250 to the Club or other Rotary International fund
  • Sponsor a new member
Touchpoints are self-reported by clicking in the upper right corner of the Club’s Web site at

 The following members and their families need your cares, concerns and prayers.

Scott Whitlock's wife, Marta, had an unplanned surgery recently.  Everything was successful, but Scott has been on nursing duty and will miss some Rotary meetings. 

The wife of PP & PDG Nelson FrenchEmagean (Emmy) French died December 25 at Kobacker House Hospice.  A Service of Memory will be held on January 30, 2016 at the Schoedinger Northwest Chapel.

NEWARK - The Newark Rotary Club's President Erin Kennedy was battling cancer for the first time and going through a chemotherapy treatment.

One of the patients nearby was having a port put in to start treatment and was terrified, remembered Erin's husband, Scott Kennedy.  "She went and talked to that patient, she showed them how easy it was and that it didn't hurt," Scott said. "The way she used to do things with such a smile and a positive outlook, you couldn’t help but listen to her and believe what she said."

That situation symbolized Erin's compassionate spirit, her husband said. Even when she was fighting for her life, she went out of her way to show kindness to others.  "She cared deeply about people. She loved being around people," he said. "She was very kind-hearted and wanted to help."

Erin died Saturday at age 55 after battling cancer for the second time.


Join us for Food, Fellowship, and Service on Thursday, February 11th at 6:00pm as The Columbus Rotary puts together care packages for Columbus homeless adults. Our evening will begin with assembly at 6PM, followed by dinner at the Columbus Ale House. Donations of small dry goods, winter clothing, and travel hygiene products are needed more than ever! Drop your donations off at each Monday Meeting beside the check-in table and make sure to sign up on the volunteer sheet. We’re going to have a great time serving a great cause.
At their December 16, 2015 Columbus Rotary Board of Directors meeting Calloway Robertson was elected to serve as the Club's Vice President (formerly 2nd VP) starting July 1, 2016.  Calloway will serve as Club President in 2018-2019.  Congratulations!
Andrew Fitzgerald
Schorsten LLC
​Classification: Real estate / Residential
Corporate member
Proposed by JoAnne Schorsten

Susan Swepston
Schorsten LLC
​Classification: Real estate / Residential
Corporate member
Proposed by JoAnne Schorsten

Jeremey Quinn
David Zid Healthworks
​Classification: Healthcare / Wellness
e member
Proposed by Tricia Strahler
Congratulations to the following Rotarians for being elected to a three year term on the Club Board of Directors starting July, 1, 2016.
Jim Bishop, Nancy Trux, and Scott Whitlock

Jan 11, 2016
Jan 18, 2016
Jan 25, 2016
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Feb 08, 2016
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Feb 29, 2016
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