Rotarians - we are all to be congratulated on our membership efforts of late.  As we move into May, I would like to remind you that our ImageRotary TEAM Membership Challenge will continue through June.  We started the year with 319 members and are gradually climbing back to that number, but we need everyone's efforts.  Our current total is 306

If you have proposed someone and they have yet to pay their dues, making them a full fledged member, we need your help.  It's now that we need to assure our friends and prospects of our excitement upon them joining Rotary.  We have a new process developed by the Membership Committee to make these first few months easier and to help orient new members. 

Remember that these new members have red ribbons on their name badges.  Please make it a point to introduce yourself. 

Keep up the good work.  I can honestly say that I'd like to see a Sea of Red Ribbons on July 1, 2013!