Once again, Columbus Rotary has made a significant impact with its 2017 scholarship program.  Although the Scholarship Committee’s selection and awards process was successfully completed this past May, the work continues to assure each scholarship recipient’s postsecondary institution receives and records funds designated for that individual.
It is not an easy task, and that task falls to our Executive Director Scott Brown.  This year, 38 collegiate scholarships were awarded, thanks to the generosity of our Club membership and the Club’s scholarship partners, the Osteopathic Heritage Foundation and the Arnold Sports Festival.  Thirty-eight is a BIG number, especially when you consider the need to coordinate each scholarship award with the financial aid offices of (up to) 38 institutions.  Executive Director Scott does this admirably and with little fanfare. 
And, oftentimes, individual recipients require individual care.  Some are late or forget to submit their processing paperwork.  In some cases, postsecondary institutions are delayed in posting scholarship awards to student accounts, and Scott fields the inquiries and initiates the follow-through.  And some just need a bit of “hand-holding” through the process of transitioning to a collegiate environment.  Scott is there every step of the way to help.
The success of our scholarship program is due, in many respects, to Scott’s tenacity in making sure every single scholarship recipient has the funds available at his/her postsecondary institution in a timely manner.  There is nothing more special than a Columbus Rotary Scholar arriving on campus knowing we Rotarians have lent our support to their education.  Scott makes it happen. 
Please take a moment, when you can, to thank Scott personally for all his efforts – each year – to assure the success of the Club’s scholarship program.  Scott – like the rest of us – is personally committed to “pay forward” and shows it with his commitment to our Club’s scholarship efforts.  Thank you, Scott, and thank you, Rotarians!
The Club’s scholarship program in 2017: 
  • 38 collegiate scholarships and 30 Columbus City Schools “Columbus Rotary Summer Scholars” were awarded in 2017 in 6 scholarship categories. 
  • 32 Columbus Rotarians were active members of the Scholarship Committee.
  • Interview and selection panels for the 6 scholarship categories were staffed by 62 Columbus Rotarians.
  • For every $1 the Club invested in scholarship $1.63 was generated from other sources.