THANKS for the hard work to those that helped on October 12 to get the ImageObstacle Course ready for it's grand opening.  Now we need your help for the fun stuff.

We will need your help Saturday, October 26 in showing our support for this significant project, to run the course, and to time the event as well as reset the course for the next runners. Call John O'Meara (895-6202) or Scott Brown ASAP to volunteer (221-3127).

It would also help if you posted something about this event on Facebook and other social media.  You can share the link from the Club's Facebook page to make it easier. 

Though it seems the Course has come together pretty quickly, the original idea started during our Centennial Year, 2012.   Many hands have come together to pull this all together and we need to thank them all.  October 26 is our day to do just that.