I am very happy to update you all on the Rotary Homeless Outreach Program. We had assembly night this past Friday and I am overjoyed to announce that we reached our goal of 100 care packages, with a total of 103. We had a great assembly line going and were able to build all the care packages within an hour!
We have collected $334.00 towards this service opportunity, which will go towards the purchase of extra gloves, hand warmers, and documentation services from James Cline Studios; who will be riding along with us this week. Thank you to all of those who have donated, we could not have this without you.
As a reminder, distribution is coming this Thursday beginning at 3:30 pm and going until 8:00 pm. Each distribution stop is about a half hour long, and you can choose to assist at as many or as few stops as you like. Lists of the distribution sites are available at the Rotary Office or by contacting Alexis Evans.
A note on safety: this can be a volatile group of individuals, so for those of you who will be distributing make sure not to bring any cash, and keep all physical contact to passing out the care packages and handshakes only.
If anyone has any last minute questions or donations, please contact Alexis Evans at 614-446-0784.