Dana Charlton was named the Columbus Rotary Rotarian of the Year for 2016.  Dana has been highly involved in the club since she joined in 2008.  President Jack's comments are included and can be read by clicking "more"
It is my pleasure to tell you about the 2016 Columbus Rotary, Rotarian of the Year.  During their tenure in our club, our to-be-crowned Rotarian of the Year has served in various leadership positions in our Club and has also been an active member on a number of our Club's committees.  This member has shown a true commitment to Rotary. 

A few words used by fellow members to describe this Rotarian are helpful, organized, pleasant, committed, a “go-to” person, fun, hard-worker, well-prepared, patient and calm.  This Rotarian has joined others in fishing, playing euchre, attending events, socials and trainings as well as working on committees.
“We were blessed to have this Rotarian as our Board Liaison” said one committee chair.  “In the beginning they didn’t know anything about our projects but this Rotarian dug right in, researched our projects and was well-prepared and asked knowledgeable questions in our meetings.”   
Another member stated, “The amount of Club service and leadership this person has provided truly is immeasurable.  They are a great resource who keeps us current on changes affecting us all”. 

On the District level, our awardee has elevated the status of our club, being a person who is easy and pleasant to work with.  They have attended District Conference as a presenter earning us respect throughout the district as well.
This person is an all-around good Rotarian; committed, helpful, thorough.  Yet another Rotarian said that “This year’s winner was her life-saver” in that our winner assumed crucial Rotary duties when our commentator was assuming a new job and other life challenges.
She’s organized, and a good team builder. (That’s right – I’ve now significantly whittled down the recipient list!)  She gets a lot of people involved in any project she has a role in.  Our Rotarian is always organized and keeps a pleasant and calm attitude despite the avalanche that may be coming down on her. She took her committee’s through their assignments in an efficient manner.  Without her administration the process could easily have turned into marathon meetings with lesser outcomes. 

Outside of Rotary she is helpful to others.  Thoughtful and caring when needed; fun all of the time.  She has been a part of our “Wild Women of Rotary” group, where they meet at each other’s homes, or have an outing at an art gallery, which helps bring other Women into Rotary.
Our Rotarian spent countless hours on the Free to Smile project.  She championed District Grants through the approval process.   In one case, a past Governor first turned down a Grant request and she set the stage for a reversal.  There are 40 children in Colombia who would not have had surgery and about 100 orphans in the same town who would not have had dental work if not for her persistence. 
Our Rotarian of the Year has long been associated with the Annual Derby Day Soiree, raising money for our Foundation and fostering good will and fellowship within our club.  No one can deny that the Derby Day hits all points of the Four Way Test.  Derby Day builds GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS within our club and the community and is certainly BENEFICIAL to all concerned. 
Two Derby Day Committee members say that she has been instrumental in this hugely successful fund-raising event.  “She has so much patience, no matter how hair-raising; she is so calm, and her attitude is always the best.“ 
She is great to work with, is prompt, has all her notes, does her homework.  
It is a big event, and she brings it all together… she does everything from securing donations, selling tickets, coordinating food, etc. EVERYTHING! There is a lot of “behind the scenes detail” work, which no one knows about.  
“I feel she embodies the 4-way test - which makes her a very deserving candidate for the Rotarian of the Year Award”, says yet another nominator.  “Anyone who works with her can see that she is passionate about what she does for Rotary; and her “twinkling” personality makes it a delight to be around her.”
As you may or may not know, this nominee also has a passion for dancing and when she joined Rotary, another Rotarian of the Year, Tom Carlisi, got her involved in a Health & Fitness Committee Campaign associated with the Arnold Classic. Her dancing and general health background made her the perfect candidate for this project!
When the Club lost their weekly piano player, Judy (our long time Club assistant) asked her if she would play the Star Spangled Banner each week as her membership application had indicated that she played piano. Willing as always, she said yes! 

If you have not figured out our honoree by now, I am proud to present Dana Charlton with Columbus Rotary’s 2016 Rotarian of the Year Award.