Community Development for All People is pleased to announce that they will serve as a sponsor site for the Children Defense Fund Freedom Schools Program®CDF Freedom Schools® is a National, literacy-enrichment summer and after school program.  As a CDF Freedom Schools® site for the summer of 2013, CD4AP will serve 75 students at Lincoln Park Elementary, entering grades 1-9, free of charge to their families.  The participating students will have the opportunity to participate in an awesome summer experience.  This experience will last a total of eight weeks, from June 17th-August 9th , and CD4AP makes a commitment to continue to serve the families beyond the culmination of the program as well.

One of the most uplifting components of the CDF Freedom Schools® program is Harambee!  Harambee! is a 30-minute morning celebration.   This time of informal sharing is used to energize and create a positive atmosphere at the beginning of each day at CDF Freedom Schools®.   The components of Harambee! are:

- Read-Aloud: community guests are invited to read their favorite children’s book.
- Motivational Song: “Something Inside So Strong”
- Cheers/Chants

- Recognition
- Moment of Silence
- Announcements

The word Harambee is a Kiswahili word, meaning “let’s pull together.”  Based on that definition, Children’s Defense Fund suggests, and CD4AP is committed, to not only bring the scholars and staff of the CDF Freedom Schools® site together during Harambee!, but to also involve the scholars’ parents and community members in the affirming celebration.

For these reasons, Community Development for All People invites you to experience Harambee! at the All People CDF Freedom Schools® program.  They would love to have you as a read-aloud guest this summer.  From June 17th- August 9th, Monday through Friday, Harambee! will take place at Lincoln Park Elementary from 8:30-9:00am.

Please take a look at your schedule, and let them know when you are available to read to their scholars and experience the CDF Freedom Schools® movement.

Please contact Dave Cofer at if you have any additional questions.