Under the leadership of Chair Ken Galloway and Vice Chair Mary Vlahakis, Columbus Rotary’s Promotion Committee is set to advance the public image of the club this year, as we celebrate our centennial. In support of President Diane’s vision for this year, “Learn, Share, Inspire,” the committee will issue press releases, public relations, and other promotions to develop Columbus Rotary’s brand and image in central Ohio.
Their f
irst priority for this year is to support the Centennial Project, in partnership with the Columbus City Schools and Hands On Central Ohio. As the project enters its next phase, the committee will work to be sure news of this program is shared with local press and the community. 
The committee's s
econd priority will be to feature Columbus Rotary speakers to the local media on a regular basis. The Program Committee has been working to put together an excellent list of interesting and engaging speakers for meetings in the coming months. 
Finally, the committee will be working with leadership and the club executive director to support the new website and social media tools including the Club’s Facebook page as it grows and expands. They will explore the use of short videos and its use as it becomes more frequently visited by both members and is used to share more information about Columbus Rotary with the community at large.
Chair Ken Galloway’s goals for this year are to make sure the committee continues to be “the face of Columbus Rotary” sharing the news of our good work in the community and around the world.
Interested in joining? The Promotions Committee welcomes your participation. Please contact Ken at
kengalloway@columbus.rr.com or attend the next committee meeting on Sept 19.