Let's be honest.  In any organization our size it is easily assumed that someone else will handle the membership recruitment and retention efforts.   What if everyone thinks that way?  Soon through attrition and inattention our Club is something less than it could be.  Like our country, we are approaching a "cliff" of our own.

We need everyone's help to bolster our recruitment efforts.  Our membership is teetering around 300.  When is the last time you invited a friend, former member, client, business associate or family member to join you for lunch on Monday?  Just because we "built it" we shouldn't expect people to come if we don't ask them to.  We have some great speakers booked.  Just look at the left column of this newsletter to see who will be speaking to us. 

We have had a number of guests and former members show interest in the club lately.  Thank you to everyone that invited them to attend and made them feel welcome at lunch.  Most of these people have left with a blue membership folder; available at the guest sign in. Trust me, I don't mind making more folders. 

If you have any questions about the membership process, please call me (Scott) at the Club House today at 221-3127.  The Membership Committee is developing a number of pieces and initiatives to revitalize our recruitment and retention efforts, but they will need your help when all of it rolls out. 

Our membership is a direct reflection of what and how much we can accomplish in Columbus.  Let's build upon what we have already done!