This new feature will provide answers to common questions important to everyone in the Club.

Membership is the lifeblood of our organization.

Who's in for some MADNESS?  After its highly successful inaugural season last year the Madness is back.  In the coming weeks you'll be hearing about our Membership Madness Challenge.  This Challenge pits teams from the Club against each other, each week, to see who can bring the most guests, the most new member applications and close the most deals.  Points are assigned for the previous items and more.  

We are rounding out the Team Captains currently.  Would you like to lead a group of fellow Rotarians in recruiting?  Have a competitive spirit? Yes? Contact Scott ASAP.

DISCLAIMER - Soon you'll be contacted by team captains who do there own recruiting.  Although there is a sanctioning body (President Jack & Scott) recruiting violations may and can occur.