Recently 2nd VP Steve Heiser and I returned from the Large Club Conference in Tulsa, OK where we met with more than 70 of our peers from across the country.  Two questions rose to the top of the membership discussions.  1) How do we treat our visitors? and 2) Do members see it as their responsibility to recruit new members?

Focusing on the first question, I'd like to see everyone go out of their way to welcome visitors to club meetings.  They can be identified by their round stick on name tag.  Make them feel welcome and talk to them.  Don't ask them if they want to join, chances are several people already have and this may make us come off as pushy.  Be as friendly and warm as you are with each other.  

Second, do you think it is your responsibility to recruit new members?  If your answer is yes, you are correct.  If you are not sure how to recruit someone the Membership Development Committee is here to help you and make the job easier.  Let me put it this way.  How long have you been in the club?  Do you know an up and coming professional in your line of work?  Have you asked anyone to come to lunch, a service project or fellowship event.  This is how you start the process of asking someone to join. 

In the words of RI President Banerjee, "Rotarians are our best public relations tool."  Use this to your advantage and talk to people about our club.    
The Membership Development Committee looks forward to hearing from you.