Returning for a third year is our Spring Recruiting Event: March Membership Madness.  The Club had great success in our inaugural run for this event in 2016, recruiting 30 new members between March and June.  We need the same response this year.

Our event mirrors college basketball's March Madness, pitting teams against each other every two weeks until we name a CHAMPION!

Membership is the lifeblood of any Rotary organization.  Yes we are a service organization, but we are a membership organization first.  Members support projects, scholarships, activities and fundraisers. Without them our ability to serve the community falters drastically.  

Help us out!  Invite friends and associates to visit Rotary.  Once they are in the door, we will show them what a great organization this is.  Join a Team Captain!  Captains are working on building their teams and need your participation.  

The Program Committee has lined up a fantastic two months of programs featuring Bobby Hoying/BridgePark, Matt McCoy/iHeart Sports Director, Dr. Michael Drake/OSU, Lisa Courtice/United Way, Shige Yoshida and Tom Shoupe/Honda.  Add to that a chance to attend a Vocational Lunch on April 16 at a Rotarians place of employment and we have a great two months to show off our Club. 
Questions?  Call Scott Brown today!