During its April meeting, the Board of Directors voted on increases to lunch pricing which will take effect for our new Rotary year, July 1, 2016 and is reflected in your recent invoice. 
It has been five years since lunch prices were increased, and of course over that time, costs have gone up. Under our current contract with the Boat House, lunch fees increase 5% each year.  Since September of 2015, the Club has absorbed a slight loss on lunches, charging our members less per meal than what we are paying.  We are sure you understand this is not a sustainable policy.
Those of you who choose to pre-pay lunch, will see only a minor increase of $12.50 per half – or 50 cents a meal.  At that rate, the Club is still slightly subsidizing the per meal cost.  But we feel it is important to offer this incentive, as it provides us with fiscal predictability and stability, making it easier for us to project and manage operational expenses.  
The lunch upgrade fee at the door, for those choosing not to pre-pay, will increase to $12.00 starting with our July 11th meeting. 
There has been no increase in the meeting fee (formerly known as the coffee only), so those members in classifications not required to pre-pay the meeting fee (R85, Under 30, Rotar-e), and who don’t upgrade to lunch at the door, will still just pay the $6 fee when attending a meeting.   
The Board also affirmed an action taken by last year’s Board to set lunch fees for Guests at the door to $25.00.  This amount is in line with, or slightly under, the amount charged by other service, professional and association meetings for non-member attendees. We believe, given the caliber of our lunches, networking opportunities and speakers, this amount is still a value. 
It is important to note, this policy is not intended to discourage bringing potential members as guests to lunch.  Each year, the Board budgets a generous number of lunches to the Membership Development Committee to cover the guest lunches of bona fide prospective members.  All you need do to qualify for these complimentary lunches is alert me in advance of Monday meetings that you are bringing a guest, then make sure that guest signs in with all of his/her contact information at the registration table.
While these types of changes are never easy, please know that we have made every effort to keep these increases manageable, and still maintain the financial viability of the Club.  If you have any further questions about this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Executive Director or a Board Member.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.