Make this Your Perfect Year!

This week we honored those Rotarians who achieved either Perfect Attendance and/or 52 Touchpoints in the Rotary Year 2014-15.  At the weekly meeting 23 members received their special Rotary lapel pin indicating the number of years they have achieved perfect attendance, while three members received certificates for earning at least 52 Touchpoints.  This included recognition for Bill Blaine who received his pin for 40 years of perfect attendance.
Although in recent years, attendance mandates have become a little more relaxed, honoring perfect attendance is still one of our most time-tested and significant awards.  Members achieving perfect attendance have truly engaged in the Club and have experienced the full measure of being a Columbus Rotarian.  Quoting Hugo Trux, who was honored for 25 years of perfect attendance, “it’s all in what you want to get out of your Rotary experience.” 
To encourage perfect attendance and engagement, President Tricia announced that for the remainder of this Rotary year, we will double credits for attendance and Touchpoints from January – June, 2016.
As a reminder, to achieve Perfect Attendance recognition, members either attend every Monday lunch or do make-ups by way of:
 - Attending another Rotary Club meeting and returning the make-up slip from that Club.
 - Attending a committee or board meeting outside the Monday lunch and letting the Office know by email.
 - Participating in a service project and letting the office know by email. 

Also as a reminder, the Touchpoints system was established to recognize those who, although they may not have achieved Perfect Attendance, have been highly engaged in the Club.  These honors are given for those who achieve annually 52 Touchpoints.  (For the remainder of this year, those points will be doubled as well.)  Touchpoints are earned when a member:
 - Attends a club or committee meeting
 - Attends a social event
 - Attends a make-up meeting at another Club
 - Participates in a service project
 - Chairs a committee
 - Contributes at least $250 to the Club or other Rotary International fund
 - Sponsor a new member

Touchpoints are self-reported by clicking in the upper right corner of the Club’s Web site at