Posted by Ann Ralston

We had the biggest applicant pool for our 6 Phoenix scholarships EVER!  By adding a few changes to our process – paper brochures in Financial Aid offices and an online application form – we nearly tripled our applicant pool.  In total 58 students applied.   This list represented all the major colleges/universities in Franklin County (our target) and a more diverse list of academic pursuits. 


    The committee had a task to whittle down the 58 applicants to 20 candidates for interviews (all conducted by Zoom) The final six each receive a scholarship of $2500.
    Here are your 2020 Phoenix Scholarship recipients

    Neva Ryan                      Nursing                 Chamberlain Univ.

    Shaneece Green             Education              Ohio Dominican Univ.

    Toni Logsdon                  Nursing                 Chamberlain Univ.

    Diane Lang                     Public Relations    Franklin Univ.

    Meris Shuwager              Nursing                  Chamberlain Univ.

    Morgan Walkup              Nursing                  Chamberlain Univ.

    Since we could not meet these wonderful people, we’ve opted to share a few quotes and a couple of short videos, so that you can feel their appreciation and see the impact of your contributions.

    Video Links:

    Shaneece Green

    Diane Lang

    Meris Shuwager

    Toni Logsdon: 

    "I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Chamberlain University in nursing has always been a deep passion and dream of mine. So I'm beyond thankful to finally be able to pursue that for myself and for my family. And I just wanted to say thank you, honestly from the bottom of my heart, for the opportunity and ultimately for the scholarship that I've been awarded."


    Morgan Walkup:  

    "I am one of nine children, four boys, and five girls and on both sides of my ginormous family, I will be the first college graduate coming this December and I have worked two jobs since I was 13 to be able to afford to go to school and that money is very quickly run out so I'm very thankful that you have chosen me."


    Diane Lane

    "10 years ago, I was working as a lunch lady. And now I manage social media for one of the largest children's hospitals in the country. And I would never be able to tell my story or be where I am without having had opportunities and a lot of support from a lot of different people. So thank you to Columbus Rotary for being part of my story and believing in me. Thanks so much!"


    To our Rotarians, thank you! 

    • Mike Kehoe, jumped in to help in a very big way! 
    • Steve Sundre and the Scholarship Committee's unwavering support.
    • And our noble interview crew quickly adapted to interviewing in a Zoom Room!  Thank you, Tricia Strahler, Bob Bowers, Millie Droste, Bob Covert, John Mariotti, and Mike Kehoe!

    One final thank you to the endowments, and to Elaine & Mike Kehoe who contributed a Phoenix scholarship in 2020 to honor Mike's sister's nursing career. 

    • Bryan R. Noton Memorial Fund
    • Thomas C. Fitzpatrick Memorial Fund
    • J. Robinson McCormick Family Fund (2 scholarships)
    • Maureen Kehoe Memorial Scholarship
    • Richard L. Sims Memorial Fund