As 2011 has come to a close, the ColumbusRotary Club Board has taken a hard look at how the economy and resulting business culture is impacting our club. We see that membership is down about 25 percent since 2006, resulting in fewer attendees at weekly luncheons. Club committees are working on strategies to ensure that we attract and involve members in ways that best meet our mission. The good news is that we have a strong core group of 330+ members who are vital, engaged and participating. Our club will remain a leader for those who desire meaningful opportunities to network, exchange ideas and give back to our community
However, we also realize that dues from this smaller base are not enough to run the club and present meaningful weekly luncheons as when we had 500 members. Club staff continues to reduce administrative and operational expenses as much as possible yet the raw costs of those items continue to increase. In 2010, the Club had to tap its reserves to meet its obligations.
We do not anticipate economic trends will soon improve. Yet, we must make sure we continue to responsibly run our club and hold meaningful luncheons. Annual Campaign monies are reserved only for community service projects and annual dues and luncheon fees are the primary sources of income for running our club and presenting weekly luncheons.
Club leadership compared our club with other large clubs and learned that we charge the lowest dues and luncheon fees. In some cases, our dues are less than half!
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Annual Dues
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So, after much consideration your ColumbusRotary Board of Directors has voted to increase annual dues and luncheon costs beginning on January 1, 2012 — the only such increase since 2006. Dues will now be $380 per year, or $31.65 per month with $85 of annual dues going to District and Rotary International. The cost of lunch at the door will now be $15 rather than $13. Coffee costs will remain $6. Members who prepay for lunch will pay $13 and save $70 per year.
If you have questions about this increase, please contact anyone on your ColumbusRotary board.