Posted by John Mariotti
Rotary Hosts Honda Executive Speakers Historic 2-week Event
Columbus Rotary members and guests will hear from two senior Honda of America executives—one retired COO and the current COO. In a rare sequence of two consecutive Monday meetings, April 23 and 30, Rotarians will learn never before heard insights into Honda’s 35-year growth from a small Japanese motorcycle maker to one of the US and the world’s leading automakers.
The first historic speech will be by Shige Yoshida, retired Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer of Honda of America Manufacturing, at the April 23 Rotary meeting. Yoshida will describe, for the first time in a public speech, Honda’s plans and its path in the late 1970’s, leading to auto production in 1982, a decade of successful growth, until his retirement.  Enabled by Honda’s unique, and environmentally friendly CVCC engine, first the Civic and later the Accord became successful cars in the USA.
The second speech, on April 30, will feature Tom Shoupe, the current Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer of Honda of America Manufacturing, who will pick up the story after Yoshida’s retirement. Shoup will describe the past twenty years of the Honda success story in Ohio, and a preview of Honda’s future plans and direction.
Yoshida was instrumental in the selection and development of the Honda Marysville plant, the second auto plant in East Liberty and the Honda engine plant in Anna, the largest auto engine manufacturing plant of its kind. The Honda story provides timely lessons about bringing flexible manufacturing to the USA, using world-class technology and American workers to build highly regarded vehicles. The 2018 Honda Accord was named Car of the Year. Yoshida has been described as “the most influential automaker executive of the past 50 years.
These two distinguished speakers, will describe how a small Japanese company came to the USA (without big financial incentives), and built a successful cross-cultural relationship with American workers, as part of a strategy to be a “self-reliant” North American motor vehicle company” manufacturing in the market where products would be sold.
Honda has grown to employs well over 10,000 Americans in its Ohio manufacturing plants. Many suppliers employ American workers, make world-class automobile parts and surround the Honda facilities. A remarkable success story, Honda provides lessons about how their growth led to development of auto manufacturing in the USA.
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