Posted by Dana Vogelmeier

Fellow Rotarians bringing guests:
Rotary clubs everywhere are having a retention problem. We lose 1/3 of our new members in the first year and another 1/3 in the second year. We believe that if we dedicate some time and attention to these folks we won't lose them. We think part of it is the welcoming and on-boarding they experience when they come to Rotary. We are tackling different components of this in different ways.
We would like to ask that when you bring a guest to Rotary if you could do these couple of things, we believe it will help us when we reach out to ask them if they want to join:
  • Introduce them to a few folks that would be great for them to connect with.
  • Send them a follow up email or call them after the meeting to invite them to come again as a guest. 
  • Ask them if they are interested in joining.
We appreciate all you do for Rotary and we welcome ideas and committee members!
Thank you,
The Membership Committee