David Schoedinger provided the invocation at our June 6 Rotary meeting.  It was his 50th Anniversary with the Club.  He joined 06/06/1966 during the last month of Ray Mason, Jr’s Presidency.  George Snodgrass took over as President the next month.
David was proposed by his father John.  He is the 4th generation of his family in the club which started in 1912 with charter member F.O. Schoedinger, his Great, Great Uncle. 
At the time the Club met at the Deshler Hotel, moved to the Neil House, spent a few years at the Masonic Temple (Athenaeum) and then moved for 31 years to the Hyatt Regency, before our relocation to the Boat House. 

In the early years it was very difficult to make up a Rotary meeting.  Before the Westerville Club was formed, one had to drive to Chillicothe or Circleville to attend a meeting as a make up for missing Columbus Rotary.  It wasn’t until 1972 when the Whitehall Bexley and Upper Arlington Clubs were formed that keeping perfect attendance became a bit easier.  
Dave recalls one time in the 60’s at a conference in Miami trying to make up meeting.  He and several associates entered the Rotary room; rather small and only with a few tables.  After paying for lunch their group was asked to leave.  It seems that the club did not have enough tables for the group to stay, but was happy to take their fee and provide them with an attendance card. 

David served on the Board from 1971 to 1975.  His biggest challenge as a younger member was calling his fellow board members by their first name.  When greeting a fellow board member once, "Good evening Mr. Smith." David was answered with "DON'T call me Mr. Smith! Use my first name."
We don’t turn visitors away – thankfully – these days and are blessed with the legacy of of members such as David.