Recently, Keith and Nadine Pierce received this letter from the first recipient of the Columbus Rotary Foundation Keith and Nadine Pierce Scholarship.Image
Ann Barrett was presented with the award in May 2011.  The scholarship is directed toward a student in attending an Ohio college or university pursuing a degree in human nutrition and dietetics education. 

Mr. & Mrs. Pierce-

I just wanted to thank you again for your generosity in giving to the Columbus Rotary Phoenix scholarship. On June 11th, I graduated from OSU Magna Cum Laude with research distinction in Medical Dietetics. This accomplishment would have been far more difficult without your generous scholarship that allowed me to focus on my studies, dietetic internships, and have time to spend with my daughter. I have attached a picture of my daughter Audre and I from after my graduation, I know she was so proud to get to see me get my diploma in the Horseshoe, and it truly meant the world to me.

I also have been accepted to the OSU Integrated Biomedical Science graduate program, which is a PhD program! I started this week working in a cardiac muscle physiology lab and will be rotating here for 7 weeks during the summer. Ultimately I am hoping to get involved in nutrition-related research looking at ways to improve health and disease states. I hope all is well with you and that you have a great summer!

Thank you,
Ann Barrett