Dec 14, 2020
Shawnie Kelley
The life of a Travel writer

Columbus-based author, Shawnie Kelley is a travel and food writer who has published three books, including Discover Cape CodInsiders’ Guide to Columbus and It Happened on Cape Cod. She also is the Resident Chef, and oversees the culinary program for Sur La Table at Easton Town Center in Columbus. A passion for history, culture, and cuisine underlies all of her work. She is currently writing a femme-focused journey through France titled, The Woman’s Guide: France, due out in 2018. Shawnie is Owner and Travel Director of Wanderlust Tours, specializing in culinary and cultural travel. Her academic background is in Art History and while working for Historic Scotland and English Heritage, she developed an expertise in medieval architecture. Many articles about castles, cathedrals and sculpture have been published in English Heritage and Historic Scotland magazines and also in guidebooks sold at their historic sites.