Apr 27, 2021
Michael Wilkos, SVP Community Impact
Why the Place You Live Determines How you Live and How Structural Racism Plays A Part

Columbus is often a shorts lists of cities that are “up and coming.”  We are a standout in the Midwest with regards to population growth, job expansion and educational attainment. Many midwestern metropolises seek to be more like Columbus. However we have one of the lowest rates of income mobility and highest rates of economic segregation the country coupled with a rapid increase in housing costs, Columbus is facing serious issues around equity and justice. This presentation will cover the history of redlining in Columbus and how our neighborhoods in the city (and the suburbs) are still be impacted by what happened decades ago. The presentation will also cover gentrification and  displacement—where it is happening and where is it going, what the drivers are for Columbus’ housing affordability and where poverty is spreading and much more.