Sep 21, 2020
Jim Bruner, The PAST Foundation
Why Mentorship Is The Next Horizon is Education: How mentorship and learning can be used help people

With the unexpected and literally world-changing impact COVID19 has had nations, states, communities, school, educators, learners and even business and industry have had to scramble to figure out "The New Normal". What if the new normal isn't so novel after all? What if we reframe the problem from traditional school and pedagogy and the supply and demand nature of traditional classroom-based education and training to the value and efficacy of mentorship? Peer to peer, near peer, and traditional mentorship, knowledge and new ways of reaching out, connecting and growing. I know a thing or two about this. Please allow me to mentor you on the complexities of this new paradigm shift and what I have learned over 20 years of mentoring in Applied STEM.