Oct 03, 2022
ZOOM ONLY - Seth Sattler
Using Crypto Currency for doing good works

Seth Sattler is the Chief Compliance Officer at DigitalMint, a cryptocurrency point-of-sale operator and ransomware liquidity provider. He received his Anti-Money Laundering Specialist Certification in 2016. Prior to joining DigitalMint, he worked as an AML Investigator at Huntington National Bank for its AML Model Optimization Team. Seth co-founded the Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative, a collaborative association that advocates for universally accepted compliance standards within the cash-to-cryptocurrency industry. The organization brings industry experts together to assist in developing AML, anti-fraud, and anti-terrorist financing controls for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Seth is a member of the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiatives Cryptocurrency Consortium, where he assists with developing its red flag typology guide. He also serves on multiple committees and international working groups related to elder abuse, child exploitation, ransomware intelligence, and fraud victimization.