Speaker Date Topic
Congressman Steve Stivers Jun 01, 2020
Bring your Grad to Rotary Day
Dr Randhir Sharma, MD GP OhioHealth Jun 08, 2020
Covid 19
Group Vice President Guhan Venkatu Jun 15, 2020
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Club Assemby Jun 22, 2020

The Board of Directors will host a club assembly for the adoption of new Club By-Laws and rolling out a strategic plan.   

Chip Chapman Jun 29, 2020
Changing of the Guard
No Meeting Jul 06, 2020
Independence Day holiday recognition
Pete Crozier Jul 13, 2020
Fifty for Father

Pete Crozier, Junior Achievement's Vice President of Capstone Programs and Worthington resident, had a big, crazy dream. 

No, really, it was crazy
Crozier will be talking about his 20-year desire to stage an event in honor of his father. He'll discuss the process of transforming his bucket list idea into a reality, the two-steps-forward-one-step-back path on which he traveled, and the ultimate personal, professional and philanthropic result of his journey. Attendees will leave the presentation informed, but even more importantly, inspired to live their best life, on behalf of others.