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Kyle Strickland Oct 26, 2020
Kirwin Institute
Kirwin Institute
Kyle Strickland is Sr. Legal Analyst at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race & Ethnicity. His research focuses on issues related to race and the criminal justice system, civic engagement, and education policy. In addition, Mr. Strickland leads the coordination of My Brother’s Keeper Ohio, a statewide network that helps provide educational and community opportunities for boys and young men of color.
Mr. Strickland earned his law degree from Harvard Law School where he served as Student Body President, and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from The Ohio State University.
Bryan Schreiber Nov 02, 2020
Rickenbacker and Air Cargo setting all time records
Veteran's Day Nov 09, 2020
Dr. Janet Porter Nov 16, 2020
Public Health

Janet is a nationally known and respected public health management and healthcare strategist.  I attach a biographical sketch.  She is:


·         A current Trustee of The Ohio State University

·         A current member of the OSU-Wexner Medical Center Board

·         A recent member of the AARP board, and its National Policy Council

·         A former Chief Operating Officer of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

·         A former vice president and then COO of Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Mickael Rouyer, Directeur Nov 23, 2020
Maison du Vin de Blaye - Bordeaux France
Janica Pierce Tucker, Taft Law Columbus Nov 30, 2020
Dean of OSU College of Engineering Dec 07, 2020
Dean David WIlliams
Shawnie Kelley Dec 14, 2020
The life of a Travel writer

Columbus-based author, Shawnie Kelley is a travel and food writer who has published three books, including Discover Cape CodInsiders’ Guide to Columbus and It Happened on Cape Cod. She also is the Resident Chef, and oversees the culinary program for Sur La Table at Easton Town Center in Columbus. A passion for history, culture, and cuisine underlies all of her work. She is currently writing a femme-focused journey through France titled, The Woman’s Guide: France, due out in 2018. Shawnie is Owner and Travel Director of Wanderlust Tours, specializing in culinary and cultural travel. Her academic background is in Art History and while working for Historic Scotland and English Heritage, she developed an expertise in medieval architecture. Many articles about castles, cathedrals and sculpture have been published in English Heritage and Historic Scotland magazines and also in guidebooks sold at their historic sites.

Kharlton Moore, Executive Director Dec 21, 2020
Office of Criminal Justice Services
Mick Yinger, Executive Director Jan 25, 2021
First Responders Bridge

As retiring Detroit Firefighter David Parnell famously said, “I wish my head could forget what my eyes have seen.”

After the tragic deaths of Westerville (OH) Police Officers Tony Morelli and Eric Joering, retired Westerville Police Officer Mike Pavolino and Retired Columbus Officer Mick Yinger realized that we do such a great job supporting the families and community when a First Responder dies in the line of duty, as we should and will continue to do. First Responders' Bridge identified a need to extend this support to the First Responder that experiences a single traumatic event or the one that has built up years of stress. As First Responders stress and traumatic events become a regular part of what we do, which leads to problems in our personal and our professional lives.

First Responders' Bridge, Corp. is a non-profit made up of First Responders who have experienced traumatic events first hand, clinicians who have counseled numerous First Responders and business and community leaders who have a heart for helping our First Responder heroes and their families.

Andrea Watkins, author Feb 08, 2021
Not without my Father

Featured in January 2017’s Rotarian Magazine, New York Times best-selling author Andra Watkins chose a crazy way to launch her debut novel. She's one of the only living persons to walk the 444-mile Natchez Trace as the pioneers did, and she did it with an unconventional wing-man, her 80-year-old father. Her life-changing adventure inspired her New York Times best-selling memoir Not Without My Father, which chronicles their experience. Andra is also the author of four other successful books, and is an active and celebrated Rotarian, having served in a number of leadership positions at Eastern South Carolina area clubs.