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No Meeting Feb 17, 2020
President's Day
Scott Snodgrass Feb 24, 2020 12:05 PM
Sun Behavioral Health
Greg Schenk Mar 02, 2020
Cbus Commercial Real Estate Update
Eiric Burkland and Shawn Hendrix Mar 09, 2020
Ohio Manufacturing Association
Morgan Hughes Mar 23, 2020
Save The Crew
Andra Watkins, Author Mar 30, 2020
Not Without My Father

Featured in January 2017’s Rotarian Magazine, New York Times best-selling author Andra Watkins chose a crazy way to launch her debut novel. She's one of the only living persons to walk the 444-mile Natchez Trace as the pioneers did, and she did it with an unconventional wing-man, her 80-year-old father. Her life-changing adventure inspired her New York Times best-selling memoir Not Without My Father, which chronicles their experience. Andra is also the author of four other successful books, and is an active and celebrated Rotarian, having served in a number of leadership positions at Eastern South Carolina area clubs. 

No Meeting Apr 13, 2020
The impact of the SAS Fair Apr 20, 2020
Kenny McDonald May 04, 2020
One Columbus
High School Service ABove Self Fair May 11, 2020
Group Vice President Guhan Venkatu Jun 15, 2020
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Chip Chapman Jun 29, 2020
Changing of the Guard
No Meeting Jul 06, 2020
Independence Day holiday recognition
Pete Crozier Jul 13, 2020
Fifty for Father

Pete Crozier, Junior Achievement's Vice President of Capstone Programs and Worthington resident, had a big, crazy dream. 

No, really, it was crazy
Crozier will be talking about his 20-year desire to stage an event in honor of his father. He'll discuss the process of transforming his bucket list idea into a reality, the two-steps-forward-one-step-back path on which he traveled, and the ultimate personal, professional and philanthropic result of his journey. Attendees will leave the presentation informed, but even more importantly, inspired to live their best life, on behalf of others.