Speaker Date Topic
Mick Yinger, Executive Director Jan 25, 2021
First Responders Bridge

As retiring Detroit Firefighter David Parnell famously said, “I wish my head could forget what my eyes have seen.”

After the tragic deaths of Westerville (OH) Police Officers Tony Morelli and Eric Joering, retired Westerville Police Officer Mike Pavolino and Retired Columbus Officer Mick Yinger realized that we do such a great job supporting the families and community when a First Responder dies in the line of duty, as we should and will continue to do. First Responders' Bridge identified a need to extend this support to the First Responder that experiences a single traumatic event or the one that has built up years of stress. As First Responders stress and traumatic events become a regular part of what we do, which leads to problems in our personal and our professional lives.

First Responders' Bridge, Corp. is a non-profit made up of First Responders who have experienced traumatic events first hand, clinicians who have counseled numerous First Responders and business and community leaders who have a heart for helping our First Responder heroes and their families.

John Schuster Feb 01, 2021
Civil Discourse in a Polarized Environment: our citizen imperative
Civil Discourse in a Polarized Environment: our citizen imperative

“Our solutions are not under a dome…” we all need to step up.

This session will look at how we can weave the fabric of civil political discourse back together. The fabric has been fraying for a long time and was seen in tragic form on Jan 6 at the Capital. Braver Angels is an organization with thousands of hours behind it in weaving the fabric through workshops and one on one conversations. Learn a bit about what they do and what you might do better as a citizen.

 One outcome at Braver Angels is this: Participants rarely change their views of issues, but they do consistently change their views of each other, and many find the experience so hopeful and reassuring that they want to continue to meet and work together in the future.

Andrea Watkins, author Feb 08, 2021
Not without my Father

Featured in January 2017’s Rotarian Magazine, New York Times best-selling author Andra Watkins chose a crazy way to launch her debut novel. She's one of the only living persons to walk the 444-mile Natchez Trace as the pioneers did, and she did it with an unconventional wing-man, her 80-year-old father. Her life-changing adventure inspired her New York Times best-selling memoir Not Without My Father, which chronicles their experience. Andra is also the author of four other successful books, and is an active and celebrated Rotarian, having served in a number of leadership positions at Eastern South Carolina area clubs.

No Meeting Feb 15, 2021
President's Day holiday
Justice Pat DeWine, Ohio Supreme Court Feb 22, 2021
Inside the Ohio Supreme Court

Justice DeWine will present a behind the scenes view of how the Ohio Supreme Court works.  We all know about the United States Supreme Court, but where does the Ohio Supreme Court fit in and what does it really do?  Justice DeWine will provide some answers, as well as discuss current issues before the in court in a fun and informative presentation.

Aimee Bucher, CEO & Founder of Harrison Latham Mar 08, 2021
What Actually Happens When Companies Focus on Employee Happiness

Aimee Bucher is the CEO & Founder of Harrison Latham. Harrison Latham is a group of world-class coaches and consultants focused on creating happier workplaces. Aimee is an international best-selling author, professional speaker, and an ICF-certified coach. She holds degrees from Miami University and The Ohio State University. She is certified in Emotional Intelligence, Predictive Index, Performance Gap Indicator, and Energy Leadership. She has worked with a wide range of organizations from single-person startups to established Fortune 500 companies as well educational institutions and non-profits. Aimee is a classically trained pianist, mother of four amazing kids ages 12-21, professional actress, and founder of the improv group: #SorryNotSorry. Connect with Aimee on LinkedIn

Quincy Howard, President Mar 15, 2021
About COMTO: 50 Years of Moving the Nation

COMTO stands for Conference of Minority Transportation Officials

John Barker, CEO Mar 22, 2021
Ohio Resturant Association
Dan Cloran, Executive Associate Athletic Director Apr 12, 2021
OSU Athletics

Dan Cloran is currently in his 4th year as Executive Associate Athletic Director for Development and 6th year overall at The Ohio State University. Mr. Cloran provides overall leadership and oversight of the Major Gifts, Buckeye Club, Stewardship, Donor Relations and Gift Processing offices for the Department of Athletics. He has been responsible for securing close to $300 million in donations for OSU which includes more than $200 million for The Department of Athletics.