November 20

Orie Kristel, Ph.D.
CEO Illuminology

Lara Kretler, VP


The Columbus Trust Study provides insights about what it takes for organizations to create trusted relationships with employees, customers and the community.
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For the second annual Columbus Trust Study, we dove deeper into Columbus’ trust landscape while analyzing perceptions of Central Ohio businesses through the three C’s of trust: Character, Competence and Connection. Findings highlight just how important trust and communications are to any business.

Orie Kritel completed his first market research project as a senior in college, when he collected and reported client satisfaction data for a medical care provider in the Philadelphia area. As a 20-year market research veteran who is ivory-tower trained and real-world experienced, he has successfully managed and led hundreds of market research projects. He appreciates and embraces every opportunity to design and deliver high-quality, usable research to his clients and partners.
Lara Kretler focuses on client service, content marketing and digital communications as VP at FrazierHeiby, a central Ohio leader in strategic communications.
Lara is passionate about strategic use of the social web for business. A public relations and digital communications professional with both agency and corporate experience spanning 25 years, Lara brings more than a decade of online community building and social media expertise to her public relations work. During her career, she has served global clients at award-winning firms in New York and Columbus, and also spent six years on the corporate side leading North American communications for The Iams Company/Procter & Gamble.