October 23

Christian Muslim Relations
Rev. Dr. Deborah Lindsay
Executive Minister
First Community Church

Deborah Lindsay is the chief administrator of the church along with providing care to people in crisis, couples preparing for marriage, and people facing all the challenges of life. She is passionate about interfaith work, particularly between Christians and Muslims. 
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At New York Theological Seminary, Deborah received the Excellence in Ministry award for her dissertation on bridge building between Christians and Muslims; the faculty noted her work “sent ripples around the globe.” She is also the recipient of the Community Transformation Award, presented by her alma mater.
Deborah is best known for a sermon she preached on Islamophobia in 2010.  She called on Christians and Muslims to recognize the values they share and to learn more about each other.  The sermon spread around the world via Facebook and YouTube and has been viewed by over a million people.
Prior to entering the ministry, Deborah was a respected television news journalist. She is the recipient of many honors, including two Emmy Awards and the Associated Press Award of Excellence.