Rotary is not all about Monday's, it's about relationships and service.  I realize that we put an emphasis on 100% Attendance once a year, but even those awardees do not come to every Monday meeting.  

So what do I mean.  Yes, a number of us are drawn to Monday's and the great speakers we have.  However, many more are drawn to Rotary because of the relationships that they have made.  Some of these are business relationships and many more are personal relationships.  Recently I have heard of members stopping by Jim Brown's room while he is rehabing at the Forum on Knightsbridge.  Others have been seen on the golf course together.  And there are more stories of gatherings at weekend retreats, tailgates and over cards.

Many of these relationships were built through service to our community.  Handing out dictionaries, helping Santa, painting, cleaning and serving food have all been a basis for building relationships.  Serving on committees, helping at events and attending other Rotary functions are all a part of the Rotary experience.