It's a simple question.  Think about it?  How much time do you spend promoting your business or organization to others?  And how much of that promotion includes the fact that you are a Rotarian?

Think outside of Columbus and Monday lunch.  You are a member of a worldwide organization of 1.2 million people that has virtually wiped Polio from the face of the earth.  You are a member of the oldest service organization in the United States.   Rotary started Easter Seals in Ohio and brought Junior Achievement to town.  Our Camp Enterprise/Enterprise Academy program went worldwide as the model for other clubs.  Yes, it started here too.  We've also worked with the handicapped population of Columbus City Schools for over 90 years. 

With all of this humanitarian good, why aren't you using it in promotions?  It's time to turn the light on Columbus Rotary and stop hiding our actions under the proverbial bushel basket.

There are several ways to indicate to others that you are a Rotarian.
1) Wear your Rotary pin every day.
2) Add a line to your email signature stating that you are a Rotarian or a link to our website.
3) Place a sign at your business.  (available from the Club office)

These are just a few examples and I'm sure we can think of more.  So let's spread the word.