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 May 29, 2017
Mayor Andrew Ginther
 Jun 05, 2017
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 Jun 10, 2017 – Jun 14, 2017

Between the Keystone Pipeline System and the Dakota Access Pipeline, pipeline infrastructure projects are a big part of the national energy dialogue.  Kinder Morgan’s Allen Fore will discuss the current challenges in infrastructure development across the US and in Ohio.  As Kinder Morgan’s Vice President of Public Affairs, Allen Fore manages corporate public affairs, government relations and community relations activities for existing company assets and major expansion projects throughout the United States.


Kinder Morgan, one of the nation’s largest energy infrastructure companies, owns and operates approximately 920 miles of existing pipeline and four terminals in Ohio.  Kinder Morgan is currently constructing the approximately 215-mile, $540 million Utopia project in Ohio. 

Allen Fore, Kinder Morgan
 Jun 12, 2017
Manny Guzman, CEO
 Jun 19, 2017
President Jack Graf, President Elect Paul Blevins
 Jun 26, 2017