2016-2017 Team Will Be Selected in September 2016

A team of Columbus high school students has been instrumental in creating, maintaining and improving this site.

2015-2016 Team:
April Bennett
I am a Senior at Columbus Downtown High School, my career program is Programming. I am currently interning for Columbus Rotary, helping update the service above section of the Columbus Rotary website, I decided to do this internship , because I believe it can make me a better  I.T professional.My post high school plans include going to Columbus State to take my undergrad classes , and then I am going to transfer to Devry so I can get a master degree in Programming.After I am done with college I plan to work in the I.T feild and pay off my
student loans.My intrests include playing video games,surfing the web,building video games ,crafting ,and drawing.
Kendra Mayberry
I am a junior at Columbus Downtown High School. I was informed about this internship by my I.T teacher and immediately thought that this was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss. After submitting my resume some fellow students and I had interviews with Rick Studer and luckily I was accepted for the internship. So far, this internship has already taught me so many things about the working world such as, meeting deadlines, working efficiently, and working as a team. After high school I plan on going to a four year college and majoring in Graphic Arts. I want to really explore the world during and after my college career as well as have a plethora of experiences with the professional working world.
Kamau Reed
My name is Kamau Reed. I am a junior I.T. student from Columbus Downtown High School and I am grateful to Mr. Studer and Mr. Mortland for presenting me with this internship that will be beneficial to me not only now but also in the future. This experience has given me further insight and knowledge into the vast world that is information technology and also business.  After high school I hope to go to college and pursue a future 






2015-2016 Graphic Design Team:



                                                                          Meki McCoy

Meki McCoy. A senior at Ft. Hayes Arts & Academic High School. I've enjoyed working with graphics for a long time. Now that I am in Graphics Design class, I am adding to my skills and applying them in a variety of settings. This is especially true with my service on the Rotary Design Team. After high school I plan to further my skills in college.


                                                                        Tyler Cuevas
Tyler Cuevas. A senior at Ft. Hayes Arts & Academic High School. I found out about this opportunity through my graphic design instructor Mr. Keith Morefield. I was then introduced to Rick Studer and offered a spot on the Columbus Rotary design team. I’ve never been involved with a club before this so this is a new experience for me which makes it a lot more exciting. This opportunity has made it possible for me to practice my skill in design in the real world and get experience with meeting deadlines and working with other people. After high school, I plan on attending classes to obtain my license in real estate and pursue my dream of being a successful realtor.



                                                                             Bria Adams
Bria Adams: A senior at Fort Hayes MEC as well as the Fort Hayes Career Center. A second year student in the Graphic Design Program. I was introduced to this wonderful internship by Mr. Morefield, the graphic design teacher. After interviews I was chosen as as one of three students to serve on the design team for the website and other materials. This is a great opportunity for me and will allow me to increase my social skills as well as graphic design skills.




2014-2015 Team:


 Ama Pobi


Sophomore: Columbus Alternative High School. I was introduced to this project through an internship with our school’s internship coordinator, Mrs. Samantha Smith. She then connected me with Mr. Rick Studer who invited me to help. Serving on the website team has given me the opportunity to develop my skills in film script writing, film production, and editing.  I have also learned how to help promote the values of community service. I am committed to attending college after high school and am currently exploring a variety of interests to study after graduating.


 Mohamed Ba 
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Junior: Columbus Alternative High School. Our internship coordinator, Mrs. Samantha Smith, told me about this project. I have had interest in service clubs and Rotary before this internship which makes working on this team extra special. My mentor, Rick Studer, has been guiding me through building the Student "Service Above Self" Project section of the Columbus Rotary website, organizing documents and files, and thinking about sharing this project with Rotary clubs across the nation. I have learned web development, business skills, and life lessons I will never forget. I currently plan on attending the University of Washington after high school and experience the world after graduating.